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Monday, 28 January 2008

First day without Maryam, my best buddy...

I just returned home from school. Today was alright I guess, the day was a bit fabulous, and class were quiet unlike before, when its so crowded and nosiy as a night market. Those who left for teknik are Maryam, Baqis, Yasmeen, Shakirah, Haziq, Azaim and also Hazman.
Now, there re only 26 students left. Perhaps it will become 24 as Nina and MARWAN will somehow go soon. Hate this situation, the best girl around is leaving too? This is miserable. Fine, without Maryam, I felt a toal lost. I have lost a buddy in the prefect's board. I do my duty by myself during assembly and its sad. I wanna quit as a prefect and be a regular kid, but anyhow, in my deep heart's core, it is kinda bad thing to do, as prefect really gives me marks to go to University and I dont wanna lose the marks.
During recess, well yeah I still have Huda, Alya and Chiam around, but still a bit solitary and sad without the presence of our walking Monalisa, Maryam. There's no one whom I can share the coconut pudding again. Just alone. I know tht if I leave huda will feel one time of lost again, but I just wanna leave, just that I want to be independent, and try a new environment.
I really am hate this kind of feelings. The feeling to be a solitary girl. The feeling to be lonely and no one can be with us, walk with us, and do all the same kind of things with us. Just that......

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