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Friday, 16 November 2007

HEROES before GUNS were Invented!!!!

DID i ever tell you that I love ancient heroes? NEVER right??? well yeah! i fond to get to know the ancient heroes especially those who fought since the BC TIME. and now, i'll be writing about THREE ancient heroes who are should be recognized and praised for their great effort in seizing for POWER throughout the region. (mind my grammatically errors pliz)
ok, what about him, that I eargerly want to talk about and write about here in my bloggy. Wait. I'll get the point. He was born in MACEDON. His father was Phillip who was said to be a great warrior that successfully conquered the neighbourhood of MACEDON, including all of ANCIENT GREEK. (great isnt it??)
ok continue.....
In ALex's teenage years, his tutor, named Aristotle gave him an epic poem called LLiad which revealed the story about the TROJAN WAR. From that moment on, Alexander had this great ambition within himself to be a fighter and a fantastic warrior. Not long after that, he grew up of coz, and he became a strong fighter (I mean very strong). By the time he was almost 33 years old, he had successfully conquered the Persian Empire, Egypt and also MESOPOTAMIA (which currently called by the name of IRAQ). This new MACEDONIAN empire streched widely from Greece to the PUnjab (wow!!!!!) For ur information, Aristotle and the other Greeks believed that non-Greeks should be treated as slaves.
When Alex appointed Persians and other foreigners to important positions, the Greeks got mad and they objected eargerly and fiercely. Well as a great warrior and a great leader, Alexander had no worry in handling his troops, but he was forced to go home before he really wanted to. Besides that, he had this high hopes and dreams of building an empire in his imaginary image and he also declaring that "There's nothing imposibble to him who will try" (cool huh?!) As immortal human, Alexander died. His life was so short. He caught a serious fever while travelling back to Macedon.
He died in Babylon a month before his 33rd birthday. (pity!!!) But he died without an empty hand, as he had conquered most of the world known to his people. His incredible 3 empires were split into 3 pieces, and the best is known as EGYPT, which went to his half-brother; ptolemy whose family reigned there until the death of CLEOPATRA VII.
hehehe...I'll stop till here.....
seize the world with POWER AND MIND!!!! LOVE DAYANA AZHAR

Thursday, 15 November 2007

sakitnya hati!!!!

WAAAAAAAA!!!!! ok hari ni aku tulis blog dlm BM lak, aku dah malas nak tulis dlm BI. aku bebetul sakit hati, and its abt Izzat Once again. maybe org yang baca post nie akan kata "alamak! budak ni tak habis2 pasal Izzat!" ok aku x kisah....dan tolonglaa percaya aku bebetul sakit HATI!

ok sebelum Izzat hadir, aku pernah sakit hati jugak dgn budak exclassmate aku, tak nak ckp laaa masa darjah berapa kiteorang satu kelas, tp die nie a GUY. ok die nie mmg dikatakan supergenius, masa skolah rendah ramai awek minat kat die, aku plak Xminat.

well, kiteorg mmG fight masa UPSR. sape yang terer laa! aku mmg gitu mmg slalu fight2 but not physically but with my brain. hahaha. :D contnue k? so masa time resuLt kluar, aku mmg gementar nak mmpus! cikgu semua sayang aku, hehehe, so dorang harap aku pon dpt result gempaq laaa....FUH! aku bersyukur nak mati keatas HADRAT ILLAhi. kerana aku dpt pon 5A!! nasib baik, kalau tidak malunyer mana laa nak letak muka nie. ish2.

ok, SI DIA yang tgh aku dok crita nie pon dapat rsult gempak mcm aku tp nama die paling last dlm senarai! hehehe aku ingat lagi doh. whateverlaa! ok, pastuh lps sume dpt result, kami pon kluar, SI DIA siap berjabat tgn lagi dgn aku and he said "CONGRAts!" mmg terharu aku pada masa tuh. (terharu???betul ke ayat ni)

ok dah lebih 3 thn berlalu, kami pon dah besar, SI DIA ni mmg has a great life lebih-lebih lagi dpt diterima ke sekolah yang paling mashyur DI malaysia. aku malas laa nak crita kat sini skolah apa tuh. satu hari ni, aku jumpa laa, profile fs die, aku bg comment tentang PMR and so on, korang nak tau apa SI DIA tuh balas?

scroll lagi

"hmmm, yelah, pmr mmglaa susah"

ish!! aku geram, aku bebuat baik kat die mcm minah gatal, die lak ckp mcm tu jer, mcm meng-offence aku. adoi!! sakitnya hati. aku hate him till death. tp azeem (councellor) aku ckp, tak baik sbb nnti die mati dosa kering. hahaha...goD!

and lps bbrapa hari lps tuh, i met IZZATIZZAIRIEFITRI. die lagi, diepon ada blog tp malas laa nak bg link kat cni, nnti bertambah berapi kemarahannya pada aku. Izzat ni aku ingatkan budak biasa, yang duduk kat UK. rupa-rupanya die nie big boss dlm YIPPO. ya aku admit mmg mula2 aku x brape percayalaa. tp hmm lps die dah crita memacam aku percaya. tp kini, nasi sudah menjadi bubur, atau dlm bI....(SPILLED MILK) he asked me to forget all about him. and he meant it!!!! aku sedih! hanya keluarga aku jer laa tau betapa aku menangis dgn tangisan one litre of tears!

and hari ni aku add die dlm YM aku yg ketiga, mesti die ingat aku sesaje buat EMAIL br pastuh add die! HELLO! tolong ckit! itu email lama, tp aku mmg ade bnyk email! so aku chat ngan die, i thought he was ok, tp sebenarnya masih marah. die dah x nak trima aku. and he wont talk to me anymore. aku sedih. aku sedih. aku sedih. betapa kali sedih lorh!!! ye, aku mmg emotional. teramat emotional. hmm nak buat camne kan?

well, what to say! org dah x sudi nak jadi kawan aku apa aku nak buat, takkan nak naik flight pi mintak maaf sambil berlutut betul x. aku baru ingat kwn aku deq yam ckp "que sera sera" whatever happens has happened..and mcm dalam novel kesayangan aku "let bygones be gone". aku harus mulakan hidup baru. and lupakan izzat, yer mungkin susah, tp aku akan berikhtiar. aku nak fikirkan masa depan aku, kerjaya aku nanti. hmm....bye2

be me is hard, try it ull know...^__^

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

my song

hello listen to this!


Glitter Photos
[ - *Glitter Photos*]hmm, friends?? well, I'm a person who always appreciate friendship. and what is the definition of friendship? let me tell you one thing, friendship is like having this $100 million in your pocket and u wish not to spend any of them. some might say what quote is this?? but thats how i define friendship.

I'm gratefull to have YM, i mean yahoo messenger at home. damn i m addicted but not too addicted like I used to be. YM means so much to my life! WHY? coz I have so many freinds here. well most of them are malaysians. only a few foreigners and I have almost 300 buddies here!! but I don't speak to all of them. coz some of them just add me for fun....and should I say BORING!!

ok, first i wanna talk about Ahmad Azeem Anuarudin. He is my senior at school. We don't speak at school but we do meet online often. What can I say about this guy? Nice? Preppy? Whatever! The most important aspect that I have seen in him is that he is a gentleman. OH!he must be jumping if he sees this. and what else? he is a the best listener that I have ever met. hohoho...he is truly a great friend. Thanx God I have him here.

and second is about SULTANTHEWISE. he is actually Hazwan, he pictured himself as an INFP. he is a dreamer, love the way he puts all his words together. and he is very wise. and very religionist shoud i say? whateverlaa....he is the first person that I showed my designs to, eventhough I didn't get a nice comment. daaaaaaaa....

NOW its about Huda, huda, hmm often moody in the morning, and she sent me an ecard teling me that she is sorry for being moody, oh so nice! We played pool often and she often get the overall score, damn it. and she often hear to my lousy probs. LOVE HER. wish not to Loose her.

forth, its about aliya, aliya is azeem's adorable lil sis, she is 13 but she speaks like she is 18! GOD! she is cool, and she do likes reading, and writing. HAHAHA. I accomplished my mission in scarying her when i sent this frightening ghost story. hahaha. but the bad news when i chat with her is that, she she, she......often win a game of pool. GOD! I m not borned to be a winner after all. sad huh!

ok crap..i m tired already..its almost 12 in the midnite here. and i m on holiday. nothing nuch to do accept helping mom doing the housechores that wont lacking, and sitting in front of my slacky PC to do the surfing hahaha.

ok i ll continue tommorow. bye2

My Friends

Let me tell U all ABout my friends.

Ok what abt them? Ok, they re mostly like me. Well, my friends are all quite, passive, and Introverted. We hate OversoCIALED pEOPLE. and we do laugh a LOT!!!!!

I gained friends from school, like Those in TVS said "kenapa pi skolah?" and the anak2 murid or the pupils will answer "untuk dpt kawanlah"ok I am a very introverted person like a stone, and rarely talk to people, only people can talk to me first and then, I can start all my pranks.

Firstly, I ll talk about my lovely and cute teddy bear friend HUDA. Her name is NURUL HUDA ABD RAZAK. She is damn funny, everything she said is funny, and I laugh like a crazy woman every single time we hang out. Huda..hmmm wat else can i said about her. SHe is a very understanding girl or must I say buddy. she always understand me. and we have some common favorites. We like dull colours like black and brown, and we don't like crowds..not crows, but ramai laa kalau yg tak paham. did u see the small photo up there, thats huda. well, she dislikes being captured, so I can't get a full view of her face. Ok, let me tell u one thing, huda is borned to be a winner. I mean she always win in whatever games she plays. Damn I envy her for that. OH god! (x baik laa kalau cemburu2 nih)

secondly, Let me say about my second best friend ever. She is SITI MARYAM. Now, we call her CHIK YAM or DEQ YAM. Maryam, is veryyyy pretty. Hey, I m not bluffing overhere, I m telling u the the truth. She is a walking MONALISA (mcm azeem ckp). ok whateverlaa, I don't want to boast her beautyness overhere. WHY she became my friend? The answer to that is because we sat next to each other in class. yeah! from FORM 1 we sat next to each other. Well, we were from the same primary school, but back then she was to quiet, and she liked daydreaming all day long, so we never speak. but when we are in HIGH SCHOOL she is my most closest friend besides Huda (well huda kept truanting from school). Ok..continue.......Maryam loves Novels. She has a big basket full of novels. Thats why she kept daydreaming.hahahaha :D. and she loves comics too. let me tell u here if u see maryam reading a comic, please dont talk to her. WHY? coz she is totally stucked in her comics world. aiyaa....budak nih! and she loves eating as well. she eats a lot but still she can maintain a body like a miss world. damn it! her favorite band is SIMPLE PLAN n FORT MINOR. oh god, not like me! but whatever it is, I m proud 2 have her as a friend. did u see that photo, ok she is number 2 from ur right. pretty isnt she?

ok, my third friend, is SOFIAH NUR. sofiah...I miss her a lot. She is the most wonderful thing ever happen to me. She is like a mountain full of diamonds in my heart, the best friend ever! and no one can replace her. ok wanna see her face? look at my bunch of friends up there. Ok sofiah is the one with baju kurung (the yellow one). she is very nice, a very good listener ever. every juniors at school loves her. and every ustazah loves her too. well, among all my friends she is the most humble one. and she is the most simplest one. well, now she removed to MELAKA. and she will be there forever. and i cried for days! hahaha. (hey, why did i laugh) ok whatever.

ok, im tired here. continue later.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

designs akukah?

well, actually i m kinda feel a lil awkward to have my designs here, as they werent as good as Hatta, Zery's or even Fitri's. And I feel so sad abt my argument with IZZAT or should I call MIIF.

wateverlaaa!!! I kept apologizing and Today I felt such a relieve when he (IZZAT) forgave me, but what I m not satisfied is that he wanted me to forget abt him. what!!!! He wanted me to forget all abt him after what he has done. He made me believe that I too can be successful like him, and in a sudden he changed all the thing, man I felt so stunned and "spinning"

ok wait i put the designs here. ok dah , i have put it, well taklah lawa sangat or whatever so call vass!! but its okay I think. ok ada lagi wait, there some more, ok tu die kat atas post ni. hahahhahaha...i m not so good in drawing k? just for fun.
hmmm......i m kinda bored these days. and also devastating. Its feel like a nightmare in a flower garden. First I thought izzat was just kidding abt the cancelling thing, but then I realize it was true, and he hates me. arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I to me pls!

Monday, 12 November 2007

introducing myself to the bloggy

ok, what is my name exactly. I don't know, u tell me. Hahahahaha. Not funny? So, just SHUT UP!

ok, look focusly. I am dayana azhar. why? coz' I am born to be DAYANA AZHAR. I live is Malaysia, in Kajang, a very small city with nothing much to do here except bowling and going to see movies and shopping. Why did I mention about shopping? I hate shopping! Why? Coz' I'll lost all my money with that boring hobby.

well, what about my family? my family is average, small one only five members. I am the eldest child and often get caught of not doing the house chores. ARGHHHH!!! sometimes I feel like I am a maid from Manhattan, hahahahaha.

my dad he is MR Azhar Arshad. Currently he is doing a business with my uncle, I don't really understand about his business so I can't tell you anything about that. He often stay at home and he do the cooking while my mom is at work. Well, my dad is a homecareer man. He do his business via the Internet. Love him damn much and he is the most incredible dad ever!!

my mom? my mom is just like me. we are like twins but from different era. hahahha. she is somecall a lawyer? well, i dont really get what she is doing. she works at UKM, a local university which just been dropped from the Worlds Top University Ranking. hahahaha. She do housechores a lot. During the holidays, she likes shopping, to buy new shoes, well she just loves new shoes. she can be called a strict mom, oh yeah she is! I get scold if I cut the long beans wrongly of different length.

my sis, she is wonderful, pretty, cute and a baby. LOL. My mom still call her baby.hehehe:d
Let me tell u a thing, she almost bring back the MISS BABY CUTE title. I'll post the very most beautiful photo of her here. Ok. My sis. she is My second robotic diary. I told her all about my secrets. well not all just a few. and she is a very good listener. she likes to day dreaming. and often sings in front of the mirror. oooo...a sis she is! hmm...wats else? ok she loves shopping unlike me. and she often came up with silly ideas. hahaha. she is my family's diamond. whatever. she is just 11 now, nd i can't wait until she is 15. hehehe.

what abt my noisy brother? lil' brother he is! He likes gaming, gaming all day long, and I always quarell with him to get the computer seat. He can almost every type of games. Oh God! I envy him soooooo much. Plus, he is a good socialite. He has sooo many friends outside, and he is very intelligent. ALL my relatives love him! and I? I was being isolated. whatever?!