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Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Glitter Photos
[ - *Glitter Photos*]hmm, friends?? well, I'm a person who always appreciate friendship. and what is the definition of friendship? let me tell you one thing, friendship is like having this $100 million in your pocket and u wish not to spend any of them. some might say what quote is this?? but thats how i define friendship.

I'm gratefull to have YM, i mean yahoo messenger at home. damn i m addicted but not too addicted like I used to be. YM means so much to my life! WHY? coz I have so many freinds here. well most of them are malaysians. only a few foreigners and I have almost 300 buddies here!! but I don't speak to all of them. coz some of them just add me for fun....and should I say BORING!!

ok, first i wanna talk about Ahmad Azeem Anuarudin. He is my senior at school. We don't speak at school but we do meet online often. What can I say about this guy? Nice? Preppy? Whatever! The most important aspect that I have seen in him is that he is a gentleman. OH!he must be jumping if he sees this. and what else? he is a the best listener that I have ever met. hohoho...he is truly a great friend. Thanx God I have him here.

and second is about SULTANTHEWISE. he is actually Hazwan, he pictured himself as an INFP. he is a dreamer, love the way he puts all his words together. and he is very wise. and very religionist shoud i say? whateverlaa....he is the first person that I showed my designs to, eventhough I didn't get a nice comment. daaaaaaaa....

NOW its about Huda, huda, hmm often moody in the morning, and she sent me an ecard teling me that she is sorry for being moody, oh so nice! We played pool often and she often get the overall score, damn it. and she often hear to my lousy probs. LOVE HER. wish not to Loose her.

forth, its about aliya, aliya is azeem's adorable lil sis, she is 13 but she speaks like she is 18! GOD! she is cool, and she do likes reading, and writing. HAHAHA. I accomplished my mission in scarying her when i sent this frightening ghost story. hahaha. but the bad news when i chat with her is that, she she, she......often win a game of pool. GOD! I m not borned to be a winner after all. sad huh!

ok crap..i m tired already..its almost 12 in the midnite here. and i m on holiday. nothing nuch to do accept helping mom doing the housechores that wont lacking, and sitting in front of my slacky PC to do the surfing hahaha.

ok i ll continue tommorow. bye2

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