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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Papa, Alamanda, MPH dan Wedding Marathon

May already and almost come to its end. May 2011 brought fun when I was able to attend my friends for the gateway to Sabah. I might have bragging about Sabah like a tons of times here in the blog, and it's because I miss SABAH and the moments with all the girls who went there as well.

Papa is my greatest boyfriend cum a great cook and chef and a wonderful daddy. Yesterday, I wanted to go shopping badly-it is a therapy when you have nervousness and it's a therapy when you become suddenly blurred with your live. Due to laziness, I couldn't have the energy to go to the nearest best mall by myself. Just hate to wait for buses and trains. Hence, I coaxed my papa to follow me and drive mom, sister and I to Alamanda. HAHAHAR.

Wait here's a thing; my papa was so busy yesterday. He had stuff to do at the surau nearby since he is among the committee members, then at noon one couple needed to be wedded off and he had to be at the surau too until 3 pm. I could see tiredness in his eyes, but as a demanding child I still wanna go shopping. :D

My dad would never nagged us for being picky or choosy or terhegeh-hegeh while shopping. That's the best part. My time in a shoe store is approximately an hour because I would have hard time to have shoes that suit me best. What to do if you have a gigantic feet like me. I can spend an entire day in a bookstore especially when it is MPH or POPULAR. My top list-must buy book would be Hospital Babylon; True Confession of  A Doctor. I saw it as quick as when I crossed the border line between the entrance and the first rack. It was there, ONLY ONE THERE. 

Sadly, it was expensive. Look for my mom who to borrow her plastic money, but she wasn't there. It's pathetic how you wanna buy a book so much but knowing you have not enough cash to grab it and make it yours! In the end, I bought another book called Isabella-an Islamic book but with heart full of sadness. But the boys behind me when I was paying the book ALREADY had the book in their hands. Perhaps they shared it. And when mom came, I wanna go back and take the book-and unfortunately, the boys at the counter already purchased it with a big smile. MELEPAS! not my rezeki probably.

So I spend about an hour again at MPH, dad was waiting like a log outside, but he never nagged except when it was almost maghrib. He texted a few times to notice me that it's time to pray. Once I got out, then mom stopped by at another shoe store-spent another 20 minutes. And dad was just patiently waiting. Hehehhe

Dad drove fast to reach home before 8pm. As soon as we arrived, he hurried back to the surau and there's a program for belia at the surau comprising of qiyamulai and activities for the kids who join it. He didn't even come back home that night and spend his night at the surau. And today, in the morning, after Subuh, papa joined gotong royong and once he returned, he wanna go to wedding ceremonies. My dad always advised me to follow him attending weddings because it's a sunnah to do so. Besides, I have craving for nasi minyak and thus mmg elok benar lah ikut dia. 

After attending two weddings, mom wanna go to Tesco-shopping for groceries. Papa was tired. His eyes were red and yawned several times. He even walked weirdly sebab sakit pinggang. Hahahaha. Once home, I told him to rest and sleep even though it's not appropriate to sleep after Asar. But he didn't manage to rest his body so he better do it now. And while I am writing this he is fast asleep as a baby- and he needs energy to drive to Shah Alam tomorrow morning. 

Terima kasih papa :) If only I could say this to his face. The best father has Allah gave me. Alhamdulillah, I could never ask for more :) 

Papa always smile when cooking- he had fun trying to teach me how to.
Papa always nagged when I drive too fast-but he never feels tired to guide me to press the brake
Papa would always sit outside of the stores when I am shopping-but he would smile seeing what I bought
Papa would always asked for coffee because he knew I am the best coffee maker. :P

I pray for his longevity and prosperity in life and after life. Ya ALLAH berkatilah beliau. Semoga beliau sihat walafiat....dan berilah daku kesempatan untuk menjaga beliau dan menjaga bonda pada hari tua mereka. Amin :)

>>>p/s: surely miss him for this one month journey to USA<<<

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Done and I am tired

UPU: I don't even know what it stands for, and blame me for ignorance. So basically UPU is an application conducted online for matriculations/foundation/STPM/SPM graduates to opt and choose for their next journey in the search of education, knowledge and where they gonna be spending their life as a University student.

Today is the last day for the UPU Phase II application for those who just finished Foundation/Matriculation. Been spending hard times to opt for the 7th and 8th spots. I am clueless of what to choose. Been changing quite a number of times for those two spots, seriously RAMBANG MATA.

It's basically not just the courses what we gonna do for the next 5 years, but it's the place where we gonna be living in for those years. Orang kata, zaman degree ni syok. Time to look forward to job opportunities once you almost complete the course and time to be super eager to race to get into Dean List and also time to ponder around among your friends for soulmates. EH? Well that's what people would usually look forward to during those years.

And yes, to my surprise there's a lot of rare Universities on the list. Some have never been heard of. Like UMK *Universiti Malaysia Kelantan*, UTeM ( IDK for what it stands for), UnisZA (U. Zainal Abidin) and some others kut, sorry lupa. hehehehe. But of course been listening to my mom's advice to not go for the rare ones. Then distance is the question. I am so worried to go far, because I don't have the guts. Yerla. been staying home for so long, never been away from home more than 2 years, is something I should think of. But then again, I still go for one University located far from home. A bit of overseas feeling....gulp:(

Come one friend who got a professor dad at UKM. She wanted to do Pharmacy but UKM's minimum requirement is 3.8 for that meanwhile she had a pointer of almost there, but not there yet. So she has to forget UKM and go for UiTM instead. I also chose Pharmacy but at one University in Kuala Lumpur, but she advised me that I am not eligible since my pointer didn't reach the requirements for that place. WAAA....SO TIRESOME.

However, there's no more chance to choose. Been considering to be a dietician, a Biomedic Researcher and also Optometrist. But in the end I went for Pharmacy for the last spot. Can't decide, really. Thus, for those who are under scholarships whether it be locally or overseas, PLEASE AND PLEASE be grateful of what you already bound into. Look at us, who have hard time trying to be and act realistic even though we hurt by not being able to choose for our favourite course. Bila anda belajar kat Malaysia, 4 flat tu penting ye sayang:) 

Whoever who read this, sorry if I have been really annoying. Kenapa 4 flat tu penting? Because first, it would at least secure you at Harvard Malaysia. Second, you have no worries regarding the words 'Harap Maaf' and third you won't be feeling insecure going to school and make your teachers proud. Emmm T.T

Till then, just bersyukur and content. Allah sesungguhnya amat menyukai hamba-hambanya yang bersyukur dan bersabar.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I didn't send it

Confusion and shocking. Two words appeared to be what I am feeling right now. Here's what happened. I wanna apply for private medical school as a backup. Among many I chose UniKL, because it's under MARA. I passed the requirement to apply but they asked for an essay entitled 'What Motivates You To Become a Doctor?'

I took 3 weeks to draft one, because I felt weights on my fingers while trying to tell people what inside my mind onto the white blank papers. Finished drafting then I always bring along the notebook containing the drafted essay wherever I go. I want to type it down but then I kept procrastinating. The dateline was said to be on the 31st May so I thought I would have time to type the essay down after enjoying Sabah.

I was wrong. Even after almost 2 weeks returning from the trip, I haven't started to type the essay, in addition the notebook of the drafted essay went missing, searched for it about so many times but couldn't find it. Mana la poie nya menatang tu?

I wanna drafted it again but I felt so heavy and ada je 'blocking' sensation. But yesterday, I knew some kids who had applied, already been call to go for the interview. Of course they are the ones who have submitted the essay. But the interview is on the same day with the Premed registration. Hmmmph. Feeling sad by how I have become, and how I could miss these things. Stupid me.

Told my father that about the bad news, he scolded me for not writing the essay. If I told my mom, boleh kena terajang. Ahhhh....feel bad now. It can't resist, as if I missed one opportunity. Gulp.

>>>p/s: procrastination is very hazardous. don't make it a habit. but it will be a habit when you have Facebook on with twitter side by side. Gulp<<<

School and the memories

Last time I went to school with Chiam my greatest late friend whereby it was because of MAC (Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang). T.T And it was on March 2010.

It took me over a year to get back to school. I admit I have been longing to meet my former dearest teachers who already turned into my mothers at school. Besides being teachers' pet bring me to the highest level of comfort when I got the chance to see them again.

Huda a dear friend and the best world's driver was kind enough to drive me to school. She came all the way from Jalan Bukit which a bit far due to kajang highway. Two other friends got other things to do so only both of us could go to school. 

Reason was the simplest yet, to take my certificates, my SPM's, my LCCI and and the Cambridge's. Huda had taken hers but still willing to keep me company. Thanks huda darling, tak tau camne kalau u takde. Susah kalau takde lesen ni. Waduh...

Upon arrival, I met with the principal. Awal-awal lagi jumpa dia. It was a shock, but she looked as if she doesn't recognized me, but who cares about that right? She was with Datin Rukiah who takes care of the library and the form 5's Bahasa Melayu teacher. She was nice during my years at school, letting me to 'date' around in the library, and she's the one who will always be there when Chiam and I hanged around at the library. 

Thankfully, I met a lot of teachers whom I know at the office itself. Puan Eliza was stunning as always, and have been in love with her flawless complexion and hazel eyes for so long. She looked thrilled to see me being so round and healthy hehehe. But I didn't hug her and cuddle her as I wanted to because hands were full of stuff. And I am so sad didn't get to see her while I was at the Staff Room.

Then I met my most favorite teacher. The teacher who have been teaching me since form 1 and had the longest hours teaching us, Puan Fozida. She's the best math teacher to me la, funny and fun learning with her. Heading towards the staff room, met Ustazah Ameenah.

But something happened. I brought three tupperwared jellow to give to 3 teachers that I really fond with. I met ustazah, salam semua, and chat a bit, whereby she told me her daughter got asasi sains UiTM and she had just recently sent her daughter there. She seemed like having hard time to like the campus and the fact that her kid will be studying there. She said the place was blazing hot. Hahahaha.

She was rushing to go to class. I told her I had something with me to give to her. Asked for her cubicle, because the place inside there changed a lot since last time I stepped into it. She said her cubicle was at the very back of the room. So Huda and I walked all the way through, chatted with some other teachers, and at last reached the back. My accounting teacher who by hook and crook made me good in accounting, was there too. Both of her and my add math teacher were free, so they let me sat down, and chatted. Ah banyak pulak nak brag. Hehehhe.

So in the end, Huda seemed bored. She promised to go to lunch, but her dad called her to attend other things. While we headed towards the exit, I met my PJK teachers and prefect advisor, then lastly my Physics teacher, whose daughter recently got the chance to pursue medicine in Ireland. I congratulated her for that, and gave the jellow to her instead. I completely forgot the fact that I PROMISED ustazah to give that gift to her. 

And so I went back happily, because I got to see the teachers, and my agenda to get the certificates solved. But then, on Facebook, Puan Fozida thanked me for that jellow and said it was delicious, and told me Ustazah had asked her where was hers. OMG. I had done something wrong. It was meant for her, but I gave it to my physics teacher. Aigoo....

Also I am a bit frustrated not to have some memoirs with the teachers I have met. And there's a bit of sadness occurring at school. The thing I hate about meeting former teachers is the fact that they would be asking where we are studying ? what are we doing now? and when we answered like not up to their expectation they would go a bit s skeptical  and doing the faces which we don't like to see. I answered proudly that I am now an ex UiTM asasian student, finished foundation in science. Then they would asked what did I get for my exam. They would tell how my friend at matriculation surpassed me and yeah, common thing that the teacher would tell me. 

I hate the fact how they would seemed like disliking UiTM when I mentioned I would go there for medicine as my first choice. My former form 3 sejarah teacher asked why didn't I get to go to UM. I was like what?? Why on Earth they would asked me that? My rezeki was at UiTM. And InshaAllah it would be there too after this, what's so bad about being a part of UiTM? 

I admit I used to be having bad expectation for UiTM and almost reluctant to go there, and felt like I was forced to be there and almost cry out loud to have been there with the rest. But I now had mature a bit in terms of being content of what I had and what have I pursued. 

So teachers? What's so bad about UiTM that you didn't like? Please be happy of what your students are studying at and don't judge us badly through one eye. Like my dad says, do you know the previous Celcom boss was a UiTM graduate? Do you know that the dean of the UiTM Medical Faculty was the best from UKM?  

Stop Judging. That's all I want to end here. 

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Even though I knew I have Bronchitis before going to Sabah, I still had the gut to have the SLURPEE SMALL gulp of 7 Eleven. Pelik. As if in Peninsular there's no 7E around.

Ok the above was just to actually emphasized how I miss drinking cold beverages. Looks like all my juices in the fridges would go to my little sister. And guess what? Tomorrow I will have my last antibiotic. And will continue my pantang on icy drinks till my throat could endure the chill. I am craving on Fresh Blended Mango Juice.

But the GULP I want to tell you readers about is on the complexity of life and the nervousness I have. My pathway to live the dream to be a medical doctor almost-almost there. As if suddenly I saw the light which will bring me somewhat closer to it after the dimness. But I am so nervous. Seniors said, enjoy the premed and I admit why need to go so serious over this, it doesn't actually SECURE you for a place in the medical faculty but I feel so lucky to been selected. AlhamDulillah.

Only another week to watch Asmara, Marimar and Glee and doing the house chores. I wonder why I didn't go to driving lessons when I have time to do so. This is the major problem and bad habit I possessed, procrastination -.-', I thought I would have time to have my driving license. Sadly no, or maybe I am the one who too lazy to see the auntie who instruct me. Bad at planning and this is how everything turned out sucks.

So here I go, going to living in a hostel but still no license to drive my own car. Would be a super nuisance to my family to pick me up when I rant wishing to return home. Because home is the only place I feel at peace. And yeah I am a spoil brat. But hey Dayana, this year is the last year when you got to be a 'teen', next year, already 20 years old. Old enough to get married. Ok I must stop mentioning on marriage because it's sensitive. Lol.

I would count on train and KTM again . I miss taking rides on the train though but haven't had experience taking one from Shah Alam. Ok dah merepek. Time to do some laundry and reheating soup for dinner. Anyhow, I wish and hope and pray I can do good at the place I am gonna be. 

>>>p/s: avoiding my aunt before she asked me anything on driving. she really is mad if I tell her I haven't got my P yet. So lame la me :(<<<

Friday, 20 May 2011

Miscellaneous & Dilemma *again*

One day my sister asked me for some points that she could add into her essay entitled 'Why obesity must be prevented?'. I am almost like her teacher at home except for Bahasa Melayu because when she inquired me on Hukum DM, I failed to answer. Yang lain boleh aje nak tolong, but sorry for BM. Malu nak mengaku anak watan Malaysia macam ni. :(

I told her the simplest thing why obesity should be prohibited, like easily to get harmful diseases, short lifespan, low level of social activities and everything that I can relate to. And yes, I also added the fact that obesity will cause you hard time and more time to search for appropriate clothes to wear and will have hard time socializing (did I just said this?) ...and well that's what happen to me by the way.

Don't think I am underestimate myself but seriously after high school ended, I almost reach obesity. I stopped gaming sport even though I am not the kind who would go to the court or to the field every afternoon to sweat myself, but at least I did go out to get some stamina. Maybe most of you who 'follow and read' my posts would know how terrible the dismiss of Chiam, my closest friend bring an impact to me. She was the one who would always persuade me to play badminton every morning, and now it's all history. To go play alone is impossible, to ask other friends seem in a dream and thus, should I stop playing things around?

And then, came this great pembuka mata. One day I went shopping with mom, to buy new clothes but you know what happened? All the clothes of the recent sizes I wore, seemed unfit. It tears me down the hell. And don't label me as being and feeling insecure but it is bad when you are just 19 but your body looks like a mother of 3. T.T

I knew I must start working out to be in perfect shape again. Not that I was in perfect or ideal shape, but at least, I am not as 'large' as I am now. Obesity is hazardous and pathetic, but no one asks to have it. I admit that I have been bulge eating, eating without thinking, eating for fun and this is the repercussions to endure. Healthiness is a treasure for oneself. It brings you a deeper happiness and the feeling of confidence. To add up the dismay, it has been quite a long time since I ever feel confident, especially to speak or to confront the opposite gender.

I am afraid that with this insecure fitness, other sickly diseases will start to embark me. I have enough of Bronchitis already which has driven me crazy for the past 3 weeks. The 2nd doctor I sought out after told me to avoid eating chicken to prevent more infections, and that amazed me how chicken got to do with respiratory tract problem. Been consuming a lot of Antibiotics and hopefully this time it heals. What scares me off is the relation between having spare tires and diabetes. Ya ALLAH YA RABBI, avoid me from that deadly illness please. 

And if you think I am being over the top or over reacting, please note at this age, its NORMAL for a lady like me to be extra careful and super concern on her physique. After all, I am not only gonna merge as a WOMAN, but as a WIFE and a MOTHER too inshaAllah. Therefore, it's my compulsory and an emergence must for me to find a way to look good inside out so that I could be those PERSONS better. Ya ALLAH helps me please. 

So, if you are concern on your future, and want to change for the better, do confess. When you confess something like this, it will somehow bring an urge for you to start rather than keeping them by yourselves. First impressions are vital you know in whatever circumstances. Imagine, to dakwah itself, impression is highly seek upon to. That's why I must do the same.


Unimas ke Unisza. For both I opted for Medicine. It has been my keenly first choice among trillions other options. UniMas has been established, had their own medical graduates meanwhile Unisza is still a baby. Even my mom told me to not choose Unisza. UniMas has its other drawback, the distance. Staying in Sarawak for years? Can I adapt that? But if the intention to study why not? Hendak Seribu Daya, Enggan Seribu Dalih... 

So in the end, with all my might (chewah), I opted for UniMAS. Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang. Mana tau boleh enjoy sana pulak, after Sabah that day kan? Hahaha.

And yeah, my mom told me UiTM served the best medicine studies because most of the best of UKM'S doctors migrated to UiTM, maybe due to internal problems. She didn't let me choose Unisza, InshaAllah this is the best decision. 

>>>p/s: emm on the 13th May, got a text message inviting me to Pre-Med course at UiTM Shah Alam. Will be conducted for 5 weeks. Registering this 30th May. Bye-bye home sweet home, I have enough of sitting like a king. Time for brain squeezing. But I did hope for some closest friends to get the same chance though, anyhow still bersyukur tidak terkira, ALHAMDULILLAH:)<<<

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tips To Travel and what to bring *ehem-ehem*

Hahaha. As if I travel a lot la kan? It actually has been like em 10 years ago whereby I took my first flight. I was around 8 years old when the whole family migrated to Tanzania, Africa because my dad worked there. But it lasted only 2 years, and yeah the journey of far travelling stopped up till now. Surely miss Tanzania and it's low level modernity, I miss the school there which is by far the best thing ever happened in my life-bayangkan dapat pi sekolah berkawan with kids of many races, many religions, many eye colors and many hair colors. :p

Yep, here I wanna brag that I just got back from the other side of Borneo, Land Below The Wind, Sabah. It was a plan early made whereby my friends and I were just like making things up and it didn't mean to become a reality. We are lucky enough to have Dina Syafiqah osman who would kindly enough to look up for travel agents, hotels and etc. And mostly our tours are planned by her, well I interfered a little and I wasn't that much of a help either. *coughs*

Here some tips from the amateur traveller-something I learnt while I was away from home and regret to not have packed them in my luggage. I admit I am a bad packer even during the time when I packed for college. So let's see what I have in mind to help you guys out there. *ehem*

1. Bring more clothes to wear if you are about to have wet activities while on your trip. My trip to Sabah was 5 days but I brought lesser clothes and some weren't appropriate. I don't have a swimsuit because the I have no money to buy one, but if you care buy one pair for yourselves. If you wear t-shirts to swim or to play with sea water, it would be a nuisance as they would get heavy when they're are soaked-wet.

2. Please and please wear sneakers or sport shoes to travel. Bring a pair if you don't wanna wear shoes on board. It would be hard to walk around especially when you would experience trekking the jungle, and lotsa shopping. 

3. Don't forget on extra underpants and undershirts and lingeries. Especially girls. 

4. Bring along moisturizer cream and sunblock if you are about to go to beaches.

5. Bring some snacks like biscuits, breads or nuts to alas perut, because you would tend to be super hungry when you have nothing to do inside the room

6. For those who wear head scarves, bring two or three shawls along. Recommended are pashminas which are easier, no need to iron and easy to wear.

7. It would be better if one has smart phones. T.T Well, I don't but when with friends, it would be easier if one of your friends has the apps to check out for kiblats, nearest ATM and etc. 

8. Don't be conned with photos in the net of your hotels room. My friends and I were extremely shocked to see how different the hotel we stayed in compared to what we saw in the Internet.

9. If it is a domestic flight, don't be carried away with the rules to should not bring along more than 100 ml liquid because it's false. The officers at the terminal would just let you in even though you bring gallons of drinking water or shampoo or lotions. T.T

10. Bring along a large plastic bag to pack in your wet clothes, swimsuits and smelly wears. I didn't bring any and it difficult. T.T

11. Before boarding, take some time to check your wallet/purse to ensure you have enough cash with you. Otherwise, you would always need to reach the ATM  everytime you are out of money 

12. Bring Vaseline to prevent your lips from drying out especially when you are going to tropical hot countries.

13. Bring along some hangers and clothes clips so that you could hang your clothes, tudung easier.

14. Bring extra thin towels which are easy and fast at drying.

15. Bring your camera and recharge first before going anywhere.

16. Don't forget your bagpack. Easier to travel.

17. Maggie cups in case you are lazy to look out for food venues.

18. Don't forget some kain batiks. They helped you to feel more comfy to sleep in.

19. Novels to read. One is enough. in case you are bored.

20. TOOTHBRUSH and TOOTHPASTE...but you can find nearby stores to buy some -.-'

21. Plastic Mug in case you're staying in a budget hotel. 

22. Praying mats and praying clothes as for ladies.

23. Cardigans and Jackets- if you are about to visit chill and cold places like Gunung Kinabalu or Kundasang. T.T



>>>p/s: My tips seem like you should bring the whole wardrobe with you kan? But trust me pack your things well to go for a holiday. Especially for a long one. Photos will be uploaded soon....InshaAllah<<<

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sabah Detour: almost like Going Overseas

Assalamualaikum people who are kind enough to open one tab to actually read what I post. Thanks a lot for not making my effort to blog a waste. Anyhow, I miss blogging wherever I go, and have been quite a long time since I last post anything.

AlhamduLiLLAH to Allah Almighty Lord for allowing me to join 4 other friends to detour Sabah. We planned early since our foundation at Puncak Alam, whereby Chrystine our Sabahan girlfriend was eagerly inviting us to visit her place in front of the math lecture hall at dear UiTM Puncak Alam. Firstly, Sara Salleh, Balqis Isa together with Azneeza Manan and Nurul Ashikin were about to tag along, but they cancelled on the bit of the last minute due to parents' objection and some due to the fact that they are now working. Therefore, only Azyan Amani, Dina Azureen, Eliza Amira, the group leader; Dina Syafiqah and I who managed to say YES for the adventure. Hehehe :D

Chronology of our Adventure

1. Woke up as early at 5 AM to get ready with things to bring along was a drench after a while of not doing so. Flight to Sabah was at 9 am but it is a must for everyone who are going on board to reach early to the airport in case of anything. Our take of was at LCCT as we took the airbus 3220 Air Asia to hoar like bird to the Land Below The Wind.  And my dad and I were the first among my friends to reach at LCCT so we headed to MCD for breakfast. As we finished, the others finally arrived with their respective dads and mom except for Eliza who came with Dina.

9 am we boarded into the plane whereby we only afford to pay for the economy seats, but still they were comfy. On the plane, there was a birthday surprise for a little girl named Nurin who turned 6. She got a buffet voucher at Residence Hotel KL. Then there was a game where we can get the same voucher, the question was how many seats are there on the plane. The clue was there are 31 rows and each row has 6 seats, so how many?? can you count? The answer is 180...:P How did it turned that way? Well, it's in the pamphlets.

Two hours of a boring flight, finally landed on at Terminal 2 Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA). We were escorted by our tour guide name Abang Yus which until now my friends tend to fond him. -.-'

We were astonished by the Sabah bluish clean beach and seawater. Reached Kota Kinabalu the capital and it looked rather 'tak membangun' compared to here in Semenanjung. We searched for our hotel to shelter ourselves from hot sun and wet rainy days. And I found it first! City Park Inn was the place where we stayed for 5 days 4 nights. It was definitely The amazing '5 star' budget hotel we afford to stay in.

Quiet shocked with the room we got. Superbly 'JUST NICE' for the 5 of us. A double decker and two queen beds. But then, the aircond started to turn lunatic and made us sweating all over during the second day after visiting the Islands. So they gave us another room which was a bit smaller T.T. Oh yeah that night we managed to get Chrystine to join in. She can drive superbly although with manual. I felt little T.T. She was kind enough to attend us and brought us to dine at a nice place which I forgot its name but it was somewhere at the Double Six thingy. Yeah blame me for the ignorance T.T. Oh yes, she also brought us to Tanjung Aru that night for some chill out. Yet no close pictures with her since I didn't bring my camera. What ler....-,-'

2. Day two we headed towards the Islands. Pulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan. Not that far from Kota Kinabalu, around 20 minutes by super fast boat. The journey was amazing. Rasanya yang paling syok kut. Pulau Sapi was spectacular, boleh snorkelling sampai lebam, since we were provided with yellow goggles and life jackets. Seriously we can see and touch the fishes ! But stingray and sharks are a No No. We can only pass the spots with green balls if I wasn't mistaken. The others are dangerous, tempat bot lalu.

Oh at Pulau Sapi we met with this Sabahan guy who happened to be a rescuer. He moved around with a kayak and invited us to follow him to the middle of the sea. Only one person was allowed to follow him at once, I was the last one. So yes, I followed him, he brought me in the middle of the sea where corals more clearly. He told me I better dipped in to touch the corals and see more fishes. I hesitated but then he said I need no worry since I had the life jacket on. So yes, I dipped in, but got troubles with my goggles whereby the salty water kept rushing into my nose. It bothered me to dip deeper. When I tried to get back into the kayak, the rescuer tried to pull me up but he fell too. Hahahaha! The kayak went upside down. It was terrifying. I supported my upper body to the kayak but my I tend to step onto one big-rough coral reef. I was  scared, my feet bleed, but I managed to get onto the kayak at last. He brought me back to the shore. My friends were scared when they saw what happened from far. They thought I drowned. Alhamdulillah everything was super alright. God gives me another life!

After a heavy lunch which contains lotsa seafood and meats, we went for a banana boat riding. I think the ride was a bit too much for rm 40 per person. Bila balik Selangor, my dad told me you can get the ride for rm5 at Port Dickson. But hey here's the difference. At Pulau Sapi we had the ride in the middle of the blue sea, if I were to do it at PD, it can only be done near to the shore. Tak best ler ye dak?

Next was Pulau Manukan, and here is where you can find Taman Tunku Abd Rahman. Basically the beach and the sea are of the same kind of Pulau Sapi. But here. there's some chalets to rent for those who intend to stay overnight, but not us.

3. Started early at 8 am for a trip to Gunung Kinabalu and Poring Hotspring. The journey was a bit harsh with roads happened to be so narrow and berbelit2. Make sure bring along a plastic bag to puke if you might have road drunk. Anyhow, it was fun shopping at the Kundasang shopping spot, the prices are lower than that at Phillipines Market. Sadly, when we reached there, had some money deficit. So can't buy whatever we wanted even though the prices are better.

Arrived at Poring Hotspring around 11 something in the morning. It's hot here. Hot tubs are everywhere but some are not functioning and dirty. Many tourists especially the Chinese and Koreans. The water from the spring happened to be milky like milk when you try to collect it in your hands. And yes, the water is super hot, good for skin. Berendam lama pun takpe asalkan bayar RM 3.

Bored with hot water, my friends then wanted to try the river and the waterfall. We trekked the narrow pathway of the jungle to the nearest one which located around 400 m from the hot tubs. And wearing only a flip flop slipper my feet became easily tired. Sore people! While other friends wore shoes T.T this what happened if you forgot to bring a pair of sneakers or sport shoes...

The journey was super tiring. My friends were excited because the waterfall as if it belongs to us alone. No one else was at the spot. So yeah, it was worth a walk. 

Done with solat and etc, we headed to a Chinese Restaurant for lunch. It was included in our package. The place was nice but doubtful whether they served HALAL or not. Mom advised me to be extra careful even though the workers seemed like muslims wearing veils on their heads. There's no halal logo except for a saying says 'No Pork Served'. T.T. The dishes came late and we were mocking hungry. The food was extremely sedap but the portion was too little until after 2 hours later we felt hungry again. T.T

It was raining quite heavily and add up to the cold weather, I was shivering. Not only that I forgot to bring along a pair of closed shoes but I also tend to leave my sweater at home. Thanks to the extra fat, it helped me to overcome the chill and Azyan told me to transfer some to Dinas who is damn thin. Hehehe. I told you being fat somehow beneficial.

Visited a market full with fruits and vegies. Couldn't buy any vegies because we can't cook in our hotel. Bought some cut fruits, sadly the fruits started to smell funny the next day and we realised how we lost RM 5 for the fruits. TSK TSK. Back home, mom advised, next time, buy fruits with their skins on and not the cut ones. I repent, mom. hehee.

Kabus menghalang pemandangan yang cantik. Well, my mom said the mountain looks nice in the morning midst. Unfortunately, we arrived at the spot in the mid day, thus the view jeopardized a bit. We went up till the veranda where the tourguide told us that it is actually a place where you would get your permit to climb up. And of course we didn't manage to climb up because it needs another RM 400 for that, plus we had no suitable attires on. No wonder the climbers stared at us strangely.

Took another 3 hours to reach Kota Kinabalu. It was nauseous along the journey. But before we went to sleep, we took our night out to the Night Market which located at the back block of our hotel. One more shopping spot, to find beads, more pearls and some GOLOK branded stuff. Not interesting though.

4. Paid another RM 170... TSK TSK...seriously too expensive...for what? For our one day experience to see the Monyet Belanda and fireflies. At first, the tour guide, Mr Yus, recommended us to go for rafting. I felt scared because the main reason I had no other clothes to wear since my wet attire went missing blew by the wind. But then, I didn't know by what chance that we ended up paying the same amount for the river cruise. 

We headed to a place called Sungai Kias if I wasn't mistaken, took a boat to a cruise in the middle of the river and spent the whole afternoon and half our evening on it. The cruise was okay....we did see the monyet belanda with the long red nose but we mostly saw their buttocks on the tall trees. Tried to captured it into photos, sadly, they became quite blurred since we viewed from far. At night, we had seafood and rice for dinner, which was delicious. Did see fireflies but not as blazingly lighten as what I saw in the TNB ad on TV ....tsk tsk. One thing that happened was that, my friend managed to catch one firefly and put it inside a bottle, plus there's one which followed us into the van to KK.

5. Last day of our vacation we had no good activities to mention. Spent longer time to sleep till brunch hours and packed our things up to return to Peninsular. We needed to check out at 1 pm but the tour guide would only pick us up to the terminal at 6 pm. We left our handful luggages at the receptionist, planned to walk around town but it rained heavily. Sat down at the lobby where thank GOD there's HBO. Watched Anaconda for a whole while waiting for the rain to stop. Then we had lunch at one mamak restaurant called Mohaidin something even though Eliza and Dina wanted to have KFC Cheesy Wedges. I insisted to go to mamak because I thought the price will be lower but I was wrong. The mamak taukey cheated and everyone's food cost RM6.50 even though some of us took lesser food than the other. Sorry guys!!

Fulled with nice lunch, we then took a walk to the wet market to find prawns for Dina. We were actually searching for the Sunday Market but ended up taking pictures by the sea. Gone for another last shopping spree at the Phillipines Market. Needed to quench our thirst, we went down the food bazaar next to the Phillipines' Market where you can get many grilled food and fresh coconut juices. Sat down for some drinks and then walked again to find the prawns but no prawns were found nearby the food stalls. Dina wanted to buy prawns at the first shop we stopped by but sadly the shop closed. She looked rather down so we continue the adventure for prawn seeking. At last, Alhamdulillah she found one shop nearby the KK Big Market and bought prawns with a big smile on the face. We were glad. 

At 5 pm, Mr Yus arrived to pick us up to the terminal. Before that, he was kind enough to bring us to the beach near Sutera Harbour and next time if you have more money, you can rent and stay at the five star hotels around Sutera Harbour, said myself to myself. Hahahah. Took our last memoir photos with MR Yus by the beach but we were a bit frustrated not to visit the Bajau Laut houses which floats on the sea water. Maybe next time...

Our flight boarded off to KL around 9 pm, with Air Asia. And we bid farewell to Sabah and its people. It has been awesome, especially with our friends along. I sat with Azyan Amani on the flight, but the others sat quite far at the back so the 2 hours flight seemed a bit boring without the other three girls. Hahaha.

Finally, we needed to go home fast since the parents were already waiting at the terminal. My dad and mom and sister were there since 9 pm so they nagged me for lateness. Couldn't hide the bad feeling had to leave my friends, the ever good friends I had. Hope to see them all again next time. Insha Allah.

>>>p/s: to be continued, tips for BETTER holidays. Something I learn myself from my mistakes, T.T<<<

Put Your Glass Down

Wherever you are, whether in schools, college, or in your office or cubicle, take some time to learn from this stories. Hope it can make a big change in you.

A Professor began his class by holding up
a glass with some water in it.

He held it up for all to see & asked the students

“How much do you think this glass weighs?”
'50g!' .... 
'100g!' .....  '125g' 
..the students answered.

“I really don't know unless I weigh it,” 
said the professor, 
“but, my question is: 
What would happen if I held it up like this 
for a few minutes?”
'Nothing' …..the students said.

'Ok what would happen if I held it up like this for an hour?' the professor asked.
'Your arm would begin to ache' said one of the student.
“You're right, now what would happen 
if I held it for a day?”
“Your arm could go numb, you might have severe muscle stress & paralysis & 
have to go to hospital for sure!”
… ventured another student 
& all the students laughed …
“Very good, But during all this, 
did the weight of the glass change?” 
asked the professor.
‘No’…. Was the answer.

“Then what caused the arm ache & 
the muscle stress?” 
The students were puzzled.
“What should I do now to come out of pain?” 
asked professor again.
‘Put the glass down!’ said one of the students.
“Exactly!” said the professor.
Life's problems are something like this.
Hold it for a few minutes in your head & 
they seem OK.
Think of them for a long time & 
they begin to ache. 
Hold it even longer & 
they begin to paralyze you. 
You will not be able to do anything.

It's important to think of the challenges or problems in your life, 
at the end of every day before 
You go to sleep.
That way, you are not stressed, 
you wake up every day fresh & 
strong & can handle any issue, 
any challenge that comes your way!

So, When you leave office or school or classes today, 
Remember my friend to …


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dinihari Pagi

Niat tu penting bak kata seorang motivator dalam program muqadimah di tv9. Apa-apa pun yang manusia buat di muka bumi ni perlu niat. Seperti juga berpuasa. Cuba kita renung-renungkan bersama. Masa bulan Ramadan, tatkala habisnya solat tarawih, Imam suruh sekalian jemaah membaca niat puasa pada keesokkan harinya. Kenapa? Saje-sajekah disuruh begitu? Jawapannya tidak. NIAT itu memberi suatu perangsang dan kekuatan rohani untuk memulakan sesuatu perkara atau pekerjaan atau ibadah. Dengan niat puasa yang kita selalu ucapkan tatkala habis tarawih atau sebelum bangun sahur itulah yang menjadi penguat semangat untuk menahan nafsu kelaparan dan nafsu yang lain-lain sewaktu bulan Ramadan.

Cuba kita tengok pula usaha yang kita selalu lakukan untuk berpuasa sunat atau ganti puasa. Apabila berpuasa pada bulan selain bulan Ramadan, jarang sekali kita akan berpuasa dengan berniat nawaitu kerana Allah Taala dulu sebab sudah jadi satu kebiasaan, maka apabila terbitnya fajar keesokkan harinya, maka mulalah kita terasa lapar dan dahaga walhal baru pukul 9 pagi. Perut dah mula berkeroncong lantas banyak kali puasa sunat atau ganti puasa itu terbatal kerana dek tak tahan lapar dan dahaga. Niat itu pada mulanya tiada sebab itu sukar untuk berpuasa.

Selain daripada Puasa, ada banyak lagi ibadah yang kita diharuskan untuk membuatnya, seperti sedekah. Tapi kebanyakkan manusia lebih suka publisiti daripada sedekah itu walaupun pada dasarnya dilakukan kerana keinginan atau niat dalam hati. Tapi niat yang suci muda dihitamkan dengan rasa ingin dikenali dan ingin dipuji. Ada satu kisah dimana terdapat sekumpulan rakan pergi ke foodcourt di sebuah tempat untuk mengalas perut. Dah menjadi kebiasaan di mana selalu sahaja ada peminta sedekah datang meminta bantuan dari satu pelanggan ke pelanggan yang lain di foodcourt. Seorang lelaki tua yang uzur datang kepada seorang lelaki dalam sekumpulan lelaki yang sedang makan tadi. Lelaki tua itu meminta dihulurkan sedikit wang kerana kelaparan. Lelaki yang sedang makan itupun marah-marah orang tua tersebut kerana mengganggu ketenteramannya yang sedang syok menjamu makanannya. Tapi dalam kemarahannya itu, dia sempat menghulurkan sehelai duit bernilai RM50!

Kawan-kawan lelaki tadi terkejut beruk melihat kawan mereka sorang tu. Mula-mula marah tapi bagi jugak duit, besar pulak tu nilainya. Selesai makan, seorang rakan kepada yang menghulurkan duit tadi bertanya, kenapa sheikh bagi duit tu kasar sekali? Kan elok kalau bagi dengan sopan...

Maka lelaki yang dipanggil sheikh itu pun menjawab....

'Aku saje je bagi duit tu macam tu kat orang tua itu. Sebabnya, kalau aku bagi duit tu elok-elok, nanti aku akan tenggelam dengan pujian. Aku tak mahu niat aku yang baik jadi buruk disebabkan pujian kawan-kawan yang lain. Tadi aku lega sebab dapat beri orang tua itu serba sedikit daripada rezeki Allah kepada aku'

Sebab mahu jaga diri daripada dibelenggu rasa bangga kerana dapat menghulurkan bantuan kepada lelaki tua tersebut, lelaki yang bernama sheikh itu sanggup berpura-pura kasar. Macam tu jugalah dengan kita, janganlah disebabkan niat yang baik kita berubah menjadi bangga atau riak. Dan niat itu datangnya daripada hati tapi malangnya selalu berubah menjadi titik hitam disebabkan sifat buruk mazmumah dan nafsu. 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Em..too precious to mention with words.

Words can't describe my mother because she's perfect and her imperfections make it even more perfect. Everyday is supposed to mothers' day. The woman who given birth to us, with all her might, fought between life and death. Happy Mother's Day.

But nothing special was made 'special' to celebrate the day maybe because I am bad at making surprises. My brother sent a wish for mother's day to my mom's Facebook Wall. Mom nagged why she can't access her profile to see what her only son sent to her. AND when she saw it, her face was full of smiles. Ridzuan said the simplest thing; Selamat Hari Ibu, Mama:) even the simplest words can make she smiles.

Found a quote:

Well not a quote but a status which I PLAGIARIZE from Blog Serius. Sorry obefiend, just found this one intriguing.

And then I found out celebrating mother's day is haram on some points, because it's actually in conjunction with the biarawati thingy, okay find, I forgot about it because my mind was pointless while reading it. Anyhow, everyday is a mother's day...

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Freeze it now or never

Assalamualaikum to dear readers and non-readers who happened to stumble upon my blog then quickly pressing the 'x' button to exit. Saturday the 7th May and what happened in May recently? May of 2011 just have started but yet Malaysia my dear country has once again coming up with a new agenda, a new plan for the sake of its people. What else than the shocking or even for some, an expected news, regarding the freeze of medical courses in any higher institutions fastened on the very 1st May 2011. Wow, Dr Pagal, your concern has finally answered.

I first saw the news in Facebook, where my fellow asasian friends who keen to do medicine, showed their fright upon the news. I even ignored a friend's chat just to share the news again with me. I saw it in then the next day it was in every newspapers you could find in town. Medicine is definitely the most popular choices among students and the rivalries are many. Even some juniors of mine are having their dreams to be one....but sadly, here comes the nightmare, it will be freeze for 5 years because the ministry claimed that the present number of students will sustain the need of the capita 1 doctor to 400 patients by the year 2020. 

Then came the explanation from one senior at UiTM, who said the news was meant for higher institutions which have not come up with a medical courses to NOT offering medicine for the time being. Meaning, any other institutions which already have that course could continue takings students in. But the worries are still there. Maybe for those who gained a flat 4 will feel rather secured but for those above 3.5 would be on the edge of a cliff. And for premedicine, I am leaving my luck to Allah AlMighty and should not put any high hope since it would be fired back. I am also tired replying to messages from some fellow unknown asasian who asked about the offer letter to the premeds. Only 137 students will be picked out and for now pray hard to get into those 137.

>>p/s: if medicine isn't my destiny, InsyaAllah, I have something else better to do. The world is wide and temporary. Keep Calm and move on<<

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Loser Like Me

Not everybody is born to be cool and cool is not that great. Imperfections that make us some sort of losers are what make us OURSELVES.

One more nothing

Clearly it has been almost two months 'enjoying' this holiday and turning on the notebook almost 24/7 because it's a center of both entertainment as well as communication at ease. Thanks DAD for installing the wireless connection (WiFi) which certainly makes our fat lives easier and the least to boredom.

Mom had been planning vulgarly on a vacation to Indonesia but then it's all cancelled because she said she wanna someone to settle the tickets and tours for her, and all she has to do is the paying. but too bad she's isn't the one who would search for that particular 'someone' to do that for her. And that's how the vacation turned into a dream and will be just that way for now and forever since my bathroom is under 'construction'. I should be lucky that my dad is the kind of a multitasking and almost-multi-talent man, so he is now trying to finish the bathroom with new tiling, flooring, plumbing and etc. I hope it will turn out well and nice.

May came smoothly and a bit rejoicing since some aunts and uncles from Utara Malaysia (Kedah and Perak) came for a visit. Basically, the last one was last year around September. And when they come mom will be terrified and all panic since she has to cook for so many guests and I can be considered as a helpless daughter. The least I can do is arranging the dishes on the table or wash the dishes after meals. Following my family to my uncle's for lunch on last Sunday was okay because the lunch was terrific except for the way it was served. I hate the fact that you have to sit down on the floor, bersila to eat. For me, it is a nuisance way of serving for a small house whereby you will have hard time to reach and get the dish you want. Why can't they just serve the food on the table, let people take what they like as in buffet style and then they could eat wherever they like. More convenience that way. (being all nagging and muttering)

I am a helpless entertainer and helper. While at my other uncle's house for brunch called Nasi Lemak Kopi O' event, they served chapati and all-time-favorite-Malaysian breakfast meal-the Nasi Lemak. First I was glad that those food were on the table. Then my aunt, asked me to help with the beverages. I wanted to be some kind of a helpful person so I tended to offer everyone a drink, TEA OR COFFEE, but then my dad said, just put it on the table, as people will take it later when they want to drink, on the contrast my aunt wanted me to serve them the drink. What a confusion. In the end, I stopped serving the guests and selfishly eat my part of brunch-alone.

Even though I like how family can reunited and be together under one roof, I certainly despise how alone I would feel on that occasion. I have no cousins to talk to and no one to really keep me company, maybe it's the way I look-the gloomy look that scared people away. And it is a fact that I am a lousy-chatter and would easily becoming bored listening to others talking about matters I couldn't relate to, and people would get into the same condition when I talk matters they can't get through. I must brush up this social skill somehow or rather if I don't want to be left behind with a tagline forever alone. T.T

Well, insya-Allah, I will be boarding off to Sabah next week with some friends from UiTM. I miss them a lot and they have been rather quiet somehow. Dinas, the leader of this vacation text me a couple of days before asking me to bank in the further dues. I will by tomorrow or the next day. One week away from this notebook will surely bring me to an enormous change.....ermm...a bit maybe. Hopefully I won't wake up late in the morning as I don't wanna miss my flight, Azyan promised to wake me up :D. At least, I have this vacation to refreshen this dull mind of obsessive and excessive thinking. Plus, I MUST NOT FORGET my camera and to set it up right or ending up with no good photos like what happened during Gala Dinner :(

Oh yeah, UiTM is in the collaboration with a Universiti in Makasar Indonesia, called UNHAS to offer a medical program for those with a CGPA of 3.00 above. And there will be a talk on this program on the 10th May at UiTM Shah Alam. I had given my name to Dr Rozana, for a seat for the talk. But I have a bad feeling of not going because my cousin who is also studying at the very university told me that do not go there. It is due to the promises made which left not granted by both Universities regarding the loans and the grading system is also bad. Plus, the place seems conducive-less. I just wish and hope the country will accept me in. 

>>>p/s: At least I have renewed my IC. Bad photo and looks super vulgar with broad fat face and ugly skin tone. But my dad said that's not what matters. What matters is that you have the identification card. ERGHH feel the very worse of myself with unknown reason. I guess I have the -low-self-esteem' syndrome.<<<