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Sunday, 22 May 2011


Even though I knew I have Bronchitis before going to Sabah, I still had the gut to have the SLURPEE SMALL gulp of 7 Eleven. Pelik. As if in Peninsular there's no 7E around.

Ok the above was just to actually emphasized how I miss drinking cold beverages. Looks like all my juices in the fridges would go to my little sister. And guess what? Tomorrow I will have my last antibiotic. And will continue my pantang on icy drinks till my throat could endure the chill. I am craving on Fresh Blended Mango Juice.

But the GULP I want to tell you readers about is on the complexity of life and the nervousness I have. My pathway to live the dream to be a medical doctor almost-almost there. As if suddenly I saw the light which will bring me somewhat closer to it after the dimness. But I am so nervous. Seniors said, enjoy the premed and I admit why need to go so serious over this, it doesn't actually SECURE you for a place in the medical faculty but I feel so lucky to been selected. AlhamDulillah.

Only another week to watch Asmara, Marimar and Glee and doing the house chores. I wonder why I didn't go to driving lessons when I have time to do so. This is the major problem and bad habit I possessed, procrastination -.-', I thought I would have time to have my driving license. Sadly no, or maybe I am the one who too lazy to see the auntie who instruct me. Bad at planning and this is how everything turned out sucks.

So here I go, going to living in a hostel but still no license to drive my own car. Would be a super nuisance to my family to pick me up when I rant wishing to return home. Because home is the only place I feel at peace. And yeah I am a spoil brat. But hey Dayana, this year is the last year when you got to be a 'teen', next year, already 20 years old. Old enough to get married. Ok I must stop mentioning on marriage because it's sensitive. Lol.

I would count on train and KTM again . I miss taking rides on the train though but haven't had experience taking one from Shah Alam. Ok dah merepek. Time to do some laundry and reheating soup for dinner. Anyhow, I wish and hope and pray I can do good at the place I am gonna be. 

>>>p/s: avoiding my aunt before she asked me anything on driving. she really is mad if I tell her I haven't got my P yet. So lame la me :(<<<

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