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Friday, 20 May 2011

Miscellaneous & Dilemma *again*

One day my sister asked me for some points that she could add into her essay entitled 'Why obesity must be prevented?'. I am almost like her teacher at home except for Bahasa Melayu because when she inquired me on Hukum DM, I failed to answer. Yang lain boleh aje nak tolong, but sorry for BM. Malu nak mengaku anak watan Malaysia macam ni. :(

I told her the simplest thing why obesity should be prohibited, like easily to get harmful diseases, short lifespan, low level of social activities and everything that I can relate to. And yes, I also added the fact that obesity will cause you hard time and more time to search for appropriate clothes to wear and will have hard time socializing (did I just said this?) ...and well that's what happen to me by the way.

Don't think I am underestimate myself but seriously after high school ended, I almost reach obesity. I stopped gaming sport even though I am not the kind who would go to the court or to the field every afternoon to sweat myself, but at least I did go out to get some stamina. Maybe most of you who 'follow and read' my posts would know how terrible the dismiss of Chiam, my closest friend bring an impact to me. She was the one who would always persuade me to play badminton every morning, and now it's all history. To go play alone is impossible, to ask other friends seem in a dream and thus, should I stop playing things around?

And then, came this great pembuka mata. One day I went shopping with mom, to buy new clothes but you know what happened? All the clothes of the recent sizes I wore, seemed unfit. It tears me down the hell. And don't label me as being and feeling insecure but it is bad when you are just 19 but your body looks like a mother of 3. T.T

I knew I must start working out to be in perfect shape again. Not that I was in perfect or ideal shape, but at least, I am not as 'large' as I am now. Obesity is hazardous and pathetic, but no one asks to have it. I admit that I have been bulge eating, eating without thinking, eating for fun and this is the repercussions to endure. Healthiness is a treasure for oneself. It brings you a deeper happiness and the feeling of confidence. To add up the dismay, it has been quite a long time since I ever feel confident, especially to speak or to confront the opposite gender.

I am afraid that with this insecure fitness, other sickly diseases will start to embark me. I have enough of Bronchitis already which has driven me crazy for the past 3 weeks. The 2nd doctor I sought out after told me to avoid eating chicken to prevent more infections, and that amazed me how chicken got to do with respiratory tract problem. Been consuming a lot of Antibiotics and hopefully this time it heals. What scares me off is the relation between having spare tires and diabetes. Ya ALLAH YA RABBI, avoid me from that deadly illness please. 

And if you think I am being over the top or over reacting, please note at this age, its NORMAL for a lady like me to be extra careful and super concern on her physique. After all, I am not only gonna merge as a WOMAN, but as a WIFE and a MOTHER too inshaAllah. Therefore, it's my compulsory and an emergence must for me to find a way to look good inside out so that I could be those PERSONS better. Ya ALLAH helps me please. 

So, if you are concern on your future, and want to change for the better, do confess. When you confess something like this, it will somehow bring an urge for you to start rather than keeping them by yourselves. First impressions are vital you know in whatever circumstances. Imagine, to dakwah itself, impression is highly seek upon to. That's why I must do the same.


Unimas ke Unisza. For both I opted for Medicine. It has been my keenly first choice among trillions other options. UniMas has been established, had their own medical graduates meanwhile Unisza is still a baby. Even my mom told me to not choose Unisza. UniMas has its other drawback, the distance. Staying in Sarawak for years? Can I adapt that? But if the intention to study why not? Hendak Seribu Daya, Enggan Seribu Dalih... 

So in the end, with all my might (chewah), I opted for UniMAS. Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang. Mana tau boleh enjoy sana pulak, after Sabah that day kan? Hahaha.

And yeah, my mom told me UiTM served the best medicine studies because most of the best of UKM'S doctors migrated to UiTM, maybe due to internal problems. She didn't let me choose Unisza, InshaAllah this is the best decision. 

>>>p/s: emm on the 13th May, got a text message inviting me to Pre-Med course at UiTM Shah Alam. Will be conducted for 5 weeks. Registering this 30th May. Bye-bye home sweet home, I have enough of sitting like a king. Time for brain squeezing. But I did hope for some closest friends to get the same chance though, anyhow still bersyukur tidak terkira, ALHAMDULILLAH:)<<<

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