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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tips To Travel and what to bring *ehem-ehem*

Hahaha. As if I travel a lot la kan? It actually has been like em 10 years ago whereby I took my first flight. I was around 8 years old when the whole family migrated to Tanzania, Africa because my dad worked there. But it lasted only 2 years, and yeah the journey of far travelling stopped up till now. Surely miss Tanzania and it's low level modernity, I miss the school there which is by far the best thing ever happened in my life-bayangkan dapat pi sekolah berkawan with kids of many races, many religions, many eye colors and many hair colors. :p

Yep, here I wanna brag that I just got back from the other side of Borneo, Land Below The Wind, Sabah. It was a plan early made whereby my friends and I were just like making things up and it didn't mean to become a reality. We are lucky enough to have Dina Syafiqah osman who would kindly enough to look up for travel agents, hotels and etc. And mostly our tours are planned by her, well I interfered a little and I wasn't that much of a help either. *coughs*

Here some tips from the amateur traveller-something I learnt while I was away from home and regret to not have packed them in my luggage. I admit I am a bad packer even during the time when I packed for college. So let's see what I have in mind to help you guys out there. *ehem*

1. Bring more clothes to wear if you are about to have wet activities while on your trip. My trip to Sabah was 5 days but I brought lesser clothes and some weren't appropriate. I don't have a swimsuit because the I have no money to buy one, but if you care buy one pair for yourselves. If you wear t-shirts to swim or to play with sea water, it would be a nuisance as they would get heavy when they're are soaked-wet.

2. Please and please wear sneakers or sport shoes to travel. Bring a pair if you don't wanna wear shoes on board. It would be hard to walk around especially when you would experience trekking the jungle, and lotsa shopping. 

3. Don't forget on extra underpants and undershirts and lingeries. Especially girls. 

4. Bring along moisturizer cream and sunblock if you are about to go to beaches.

5. Bring some snacks like biscuits, breads or nuts to alas perut, because you would tend to be super hungry when you have nothing to do inside the room

6. For those who wear head scarves, bring two or three shawls along. Recommended are pashminas which are easier, no need to iron and easy to wear.

7. It would be better if one has smart phones. T.T Well, I don't but when with friends, it would be easier if one of your friends has the apps to check out for kiblats, nearest ATM and etc. 

8. Don't be conned with photos in the net of your hotels room. My friends and I were extremely shocked to see how different the hotel we stayed in compared to what we saw in the Internet.

9. If it is a domestic flight, don't be carried away with the rules to should not bring along more than 100 ml liquid because it's false. The officers at the terminal would just let you in even though you bring gallons of drinking water or shampoo or lotions. T.T

10. Bring along a large plastic bag to pack in your wet clothes, swimsuits and smelly wears. I didn't bring any and it difficult. T.T

11. Before boarding, take some time to check your wallet/purse to ensure you have enough cash with you. Otherwise, you would always need to reach the ATM  everytime you are out of money 

12. Bring Vaseline to prevent your lips from drying out especially when you are going to tropical hot countries.

13. Bring along some hangers and clothes clips so that you could hang your clothes, tudung easier.

14. Bring extra thin towels which are easy and fast at drying.

15. Bring your camera and recharge first before going anywhere.

16. Don't forget your bagpack. Easier to travel.

17. Maggie cups in case you are lazy to look out for food venues.

18. Don't forget some kain batiks. They helped you to feel more comfy to sleep in.

19. Novels to read. One is enough. in case you are bored.

20. TOOTHBRUSH and TOOTHPASTE...but you can find nearby stores to buy some -.-'

21. Plastic Mug in case you're staying in a budget hotel. 

22. Praying mats and praying clothes as for ladies.

23. Cardigans and Jackets- if you are about to visit chill and cold places like Gunung Kinabalu or Kundasang. T.T



>>>p/s: My tips seem like you should bring the whole wardrobe with you kan? But trust me pack your things well to go for a holiday. Especially for a long one. Photos will be uploaded soon....InshaAllah<<<


Sarah Mohd Ritha said...

lepas baca tips u niy teringat pulak last week i pi camping.semua benda i nak bawak sampai akak i kata, " ni mcm beg untuk 5 hari je." padahal sbnrnya camping tu 3 hr je pun. tapi, i tak menyesal la packing banyak2 mcmtu. sbb takde la risau tak cukup baju segala. haha. anyway. thumbs up. >.<

dayanaazhar:) said...

terima kasih kerana sudi baca. tu la saya rasa sy slalu ada masalah nak pack barang