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Monday, 27 April 2009

This Is My Life, Rated
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Ok here is my result. I took this test in order to minimize my boredom. I had never thought that I could score so good on the body test. "Woots" (Whats this mean anyway?) Gosh and look at my love life. It is the worst and same goes to family and relationships. Am I living in a dessert or what?

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Hard works were wastes!

For the past two weeks I have been longing a nice-beautiful sleep without even think of anything that can make me feel depress. However, I did not get the beautiful sleep as I am not a sleeping beauty. I am again a WORKAHOLIC.

I am totally upset of this month of April. I had three cool competitions to compete, and all of them were held at the same time. Well, the history quiz was a HISTORY. The questions were not that hard but I weakened myself, and that was probably the reason that led to our lost. I fell asleep. Of course, who would not feel sleepy when answering some lame old boring history about Malacca and Selangor. Trust me, the selangor's history was kicking my butt. I rolled my dice, and *walla* answered them with all my might. The result: SMK KAJANG UTAMA's team only got 84 marks meanwhile the highest mark was 108. So, it meant we did not make it to the final round. Yeay!!*

We returned home empty handed after the history quiz on Tuesday. On the preceding Wednesday, again the same team, which comprised of Husnina, Chiam and I as well a new member, Fathin Syamimi, went to University College of Islamic Studies of Selangor or known as KUIS. This is basically not a renowned institution as no one really knows about it. Well, crap about that, anyhow, we went there to compete in the career folio, which we won the first runner up last year. The most disappointing part was that we lost it, and only made it in the 10 best folios. I almost burst. You readers did not know how I suffered from a sleepy marathon condition for 3 days just to finish off the folio. All our hard works were wastes! I had wasted my times that were supposed to be put on the studies just for that crap competition. Ah. Just to frustrated.

Yes, again we returned empty handed. After this, no more certificates as there will be no more competitions. I am just too tired. SPM is looming, less than 250 days and I am not even ready. Getting all A1 are very important, as Puan Thava said, A2 is like nothing. I am just afraid that I won't be getting any scholarships....

Pray for me my non-existence readers, please do pray for me....
To Frhana Zain and also the owner of EPITOME OF US, I am sorry, I didn't pay for the things I bought yet. Can't catch any free time to go to the bank. Occupied. Just too occupied.

I wish: Married to a rich man and goyang kaki. Hahahaha. (*what's wrong for being a materialistic for once?*)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Seriously always a SERIOUS CASE

Seriously, I am so tired and exhausted and suffocating of oxygen, I am doing an extremely borinG thesis on biotechnology-one word-gonna throw up :(

Seriously, I don't want to go to school and to the History Quiz on tuesday!!~ I am not prepared!

Seriously, I'll miss the kebangsaan certificate for the Anti Crime Club meeting held in Sabak Bernam, since I have to go to the BIOTECH folio competition-this is crazy!~

Seriously, I HAVEN'T done any of my piling and tones of homeworks...that is crazy either;{

Seriously, I'm sad coz the PBSM lost again for the marching competition in Sports day yesterday!

Seriously, I have lost a friend. Either he doesn't want me to be his friend or he just want to avoid me. GOOD isnt it?

Seriously, I am waiting for a long holiday....

Seriously, I am not ready for SPM, and I don't think I can even succeed in the upcoming trials...


Monday, 6 April 2009

Funny and wary

Well, I don't really expected to be blogging right now because, I have a plenty of works to be done upstairs but still delaying them. I don't quite have the mood to actually hold a pen and start writing. I am upset about something.
Actually, I admit it was not something that I should be upset about. It was just a non-important sport event at school. To brag the story, just a while ago, I went to school, to participate or in other word to compete in the shoot puter competition. Huda was supposely to be playing either. However, she just did the same lame attitude, in which she didn't make herself on the spot plus didn't answer any of my calls or reply any of my messages that try to recall and remind her about the competition.
I was a bit late for the competition, in which many of the competitiors had already started their turns. But, still the teacher gave me my chances. And there I went. Trying to show how good I am in the game, unfortunately, I must say that I am not. I may have an athletic figure, but sorry my hand is too weak to do the best. At last, I lost. It's not just a lost. I was at the last place among the 7 competitors. How fun is that? This had really proven that I am a soft bone after all.
While I have dissapointed the yellow team in the event, Dinie Zulhafiz who happens to be Durrah's brother had just missed his chance in the long jump event. Not that he lost, but he actually did not come on time. CAN U be punctual?! I am so angry. I mean, he is the yellow team's hope to win that event, but at last the winner was my brother. Well at last my brother won something, for the first place.
So the funny part was that when I came on the shoot puter's spot, everyone was like seeing someone cool. They actually thought I am good at the game. Man, they have been fooled by my baggy pants I supposed. Haahaha =D. Oh yeah, today is Huda's 17th birthday. Girl, I thought it was on the 8th. Sorry. Anyhow, Happy Birthday. Long life may u have.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Happy Mother's Day

**(Mom and sis)**

I am grateful to be born alive and "perfectly" created as a complete human. I am also grateful to be having such a wonderful family, which comprises of a mom and a dad, and two siblings. What makes me more grateful is that I have a mom. A mom whom gave birth to me, a mom whom I can call 'mama'.

When my childhood friend, Shahrul Izwan, lost her mother when we were 12 years old because of breast cancer, I started to realise something. I started to think twice the importance and significance of having a mother. What if one day someone came to school, to pick me up earlier than it supposed to be to tell me that something has happened to my mom? That was the exact thing happened to Shahrul.

Even though I didn't attend his mom's funeral, but what I heard from my mother who attended it, was that, Shahrul was crying while reciting the Surah Yassin in front of his mom's cease body. It sounded terrible, and I myself burst into tears upon hearing the scene. He lost his mother at such a young age, and I myself knew his mom really well. She was a caring and beautiful woman. I miss her for now and after.

One day, I said something terrible to my sister. I told her that I don't really need mama by my side. Maybe because I already a teenager right now, and I can't feel how much I need her. I regret for saying that, I was stupid and a fool. I can't live without my mother, seriously. Even if she went to attend a course, like when she flew to Paris last year for a week, I missed her like crazy.

Mom is the one who listens to my problems, and the best thing is she always agree of what I am doing. She worries when I injured my feet a couple of weeks ago, she worries when my head knocked to the bed's frame and bleed.She just worried about everything. And since she loves me as a daughter, I must love her as my mom. We could never had more than one biological mother whom can care for us whenever and wherever we go. So, I must make her proud in everything I do. Without our mom, we will be no one. Mom is the queen of my heart.

I'm back to my old style

It's so great to be like normal. Normal here generally means that we don't have to force ourselves to the extra limit, and get ourselves busy until we have no ample time just to "beautify" our lives.

Well, what happen to me was that, I skipped sports practice twice already. Maybe it wasn't a big deal to brag about, however, I must say that it's the old thing I used to do. I never joined any clubs and sports at school when I was Form 1 and Form 2. And now I am repeating the same incident over again.

Sports at school is not that great of having great events or whatsoever like that. I never interested in sports day at school. It only brings me to extreme tiredness. And, in the matter of fact I don't really do sports {which means I'm a soft boned-but what d I care}, so I don't like to join sports day.

It feels good when I skipped those stupid practices. At least I can have myself pampered by watching t.v and finishing my homeworks on time. Not like a couple of months ago, when I was extremely exhilarated and suffocated because I was too busy entertaining people's demands. YeaY! Now I am free!!~

What I'm gonna do now is to enjoy myself and focusing on the way to answering SPM questions. If you think SPM is easy, well you're wrong. SPM is the only way to make your head start to blast and you will start regretting of not revising earlier and regretting for considering your form 4 years as honeymoon in Paris. I'm telling this to my juniors. Watch out!~ It will be extra harder and sickening when people start relying on you to get good grades.