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Monday, 6 April 2009

Funny and wary

Well, I don't really expected to be blogging right now because, I have a plenty of works to be done upstairs but still delaying them. I don't quite have the mood to actually hold a pen and start writing. I am upset about something.
Actually, I admit it was not something that I should be upset about. It was just a non-important sport event at school. To brag the story, just a while ago, I went to school, to participate or in other word to compete in the shoot puter competition. Huda was supposely to be playing either. However, she just did the same lame attitude, in which she didn't make herself on the spot plus didn't answer any of my calls or reply any of my messages that try to recall and remind her about the competition.
I was a bit late for the competition, in which many of the competitiors had already started their turns. But, still the teacher gave me my chances. And there I went. Trying to show how good I am in the game, unfortunately, I must say that I am not. I may have an athletic figure, but sorry my hand is too weak to do the best. At last, I lost. It's not just a lost. I was at the last place among the 7 competitors. How fun is that? This had really proven that I am a soft bone after all.
While I have dissapointed the yellow team in the event, Dinie Zulhafiz who happens to be Durrah's brother had just missed his chance in the long jump event. Not that he lost, but he actually did not come on time. CAN U be punctual?! I am so angry. I mean, he is the yellow team's hope to win that event, but at last the winner was my brother. Well at last my brother won something, for the first place.
So the funny part was that when I came on the shoot puter's spot, everyone was like seeing someone cool. They actually thought I am good at the game. Man, they have been fooled by my baggy pants I supposed. Haahaha =D. Oh yeah, today is Huda's 17th birthday. Girl, I thought it was on the 8th. Sorry. Anyhow, Happy Birthday. Long life may u have.

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