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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Seriously always a SERIOUS CASE

Seriously, I am so tired and exhausted and suffocating of oxygen, I am doing an extremely borinG thesis on biotechnology-one word-gonna throw up :(

Seriously, I don't want to go to school and to the History Quiz on tuesday!!~ I am not prepared!

Seriously, I'll miss the kebangsaan certificate for the Anti Crime Club meeting held in Sabak Bernam, since I have to go to the BIOTECH folio competition-this is crazy!~

Seriously, I HAVEN'T done any of my piling and tones of homeworks...that is crazy either;{

Seriously, I'm sad coz the PBSM lost again for the marching competition in Sports day yesterday!

Seriously, I have lost a friend. Either he doesn't want me to be his friend or he just want to avoid me. GOOD isnt it?

Seriously, I am waiting for a long holiday....

Seriously, I am not ready for SPM, and I don't think I can even succeed in the upcoming trials...


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