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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Forget the past, Live for the future

I am typing this as fast as I could, because my roommate will surely return and wanting to use her desk. I need a broadband seriously!

Why did I ever concern about updating? Not like I have those followers who will keep track on me, like Hanis Zalikha, nor Zack Zuhairi. Right? Plus, it is still not comfy to type down, something using this lappy. I haven't got the power to type it fast yet. Probably later.

It was a very overwhelming day, and it ended with Physics lecture by Prof Ahmad. I like Prof Ahmad, merely because his incredibly amazing sense of humor. I find him funny thus making I love Physics to the extend. ^_^

Prof Ahmad is a person who can sometimes gives good advice. "Forget the past! Go running to the future!" What have happened have been destined, take responsibility for every actions that you make. However, the future can still change, change accordingly, according to the efforts made. Once you said, you will fail, meaning you are the one who is at lost. Never give up.

He is true in 360 degree turnabout. Everything counts on our effort. He also mentioned that don't regret for what happened in the past, for example I always regret for having a BLOODY B for my biology paper in SPM, which in turn failing me to get any scholarships to study abroad in Medicine. Maybe this is good for me, only HE knows best. I almost cry, reminiscing how awfull I have reacted in the past, blaming the destiny that I have been given, and blaming myself for being weak. Perhaps because I was (still am) envying those friends who are just steps further from going somewhere better to learn what they wanna learn. Their destiny, their lucks. Just make things that way.


When my peers here took our pictures, they ask, why am I looking sad? Do they have to ask, seriously? And, maybe that will just be temporary. Hope I will find "light" here. That's all.

quizzes and tests

Mood: Nerd and Boring are ON.

Time to get in love with books.

It's time to get into discussions, even though I hate discussion.

and...It's time to really be "someone" instead of being a "nobody"

I wanna be an all-rounder. 

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Hoorah, I am in school again :| Which is somehow legends do return :|

But how come? By having troops who I can't or somehow have bad time to count on. 

Maybe that's why I choose to spend my weekends at home rather than staying at hostel because, I need some time to be alone. To be sniffing at my previous actions, and thinking of ways to stay optimistic about what have happened and will happen to me. I must grow, and mature.

Foundation studies, include too many works which I can't complain, since it is a pre-degree program, it supposed to train us how to deal with workloads in our degree during the next years to come. But, the most despicable of all, it of course, lab reports >.< especially physics and chemistry!

Physics like everyone knows, it's like the most toughest subject around. I can't mix with it very well, maybe because I lack of the sprint in thinking, and using the IQ power up to the maximum level to apply the knowledge to answer the questions and etc. We did an experiment on Newton's Second Law last Thursday, and I can't even interpret the whole experiment into the discussion part that needed to be done. Sigh!

Adding up with chemistry, not a very tough experiment, but when it comes to discussion the brain stops. References are needed regarding titration, and etc. The calculation part is easy but when it came to teamwork it became totally a chaos, since too many broth spoiled the soup!!

Ah. This is life I suppose to endure for another 8 months. Next week will be fully occupied with the nerd mood, since quizzes are on and so do the monthly tests before the mid-sem break. So, I better just have my body and soul stay cool and optimistic, by being there, and let the days passed. Right? Right....>.<

P/S: Seriously I missed the day when we laughed and study together, at college! Sadly, it is now a history

Monday, 21 June 2010

What does it feel to be a DAD?

Assalamualaikum peeps...

Again this monday, is somehow relaxing, I am done with today's physics and chemistry. Nothing funny nor intriguing happened, just the same-usual Mondays, the day where all the boys here looked smashing in their tucked in shirts with a tie, and black-shiny bally shoes. Hahaha:) My friends and I played 'flirt' in lecture hall, peeping which and who is the most handsome, and cute among them all. xD *gatal naaa* (Whatever:))

For the past weekends, it was Father's Day. A day barely called it, to celebrate a man called father, or dad. But for me it's for my beloved PAPA. Well, maybe it sounded childish to call my father papa, at this age, but to call him PAPA, reminding me of becoming his first baby girl again whom used to be in his cuddles, who used to play soccer with him, before my brother was born and who used to be his sweetheart. Haha.

I do not know exactly how does it feel to be a father. How does it feel hold the responsibility of taking good care of the kids, handling and knowing their essentials, work hard to pay for everything and so many other responsibility on his shoulder. A dad therefore must be the forth or fifth person, to be loved after mom. FIRST until THIRD, MOM is the one who needs the most attention, then it came to DAD. 

I remembered the day when I cried meticulously thinking of the fact that I will not be going to Russia to pursue medicine, since I got an offer from UiTM. Dad was the one who told me with his softest tone,

"Sorry darling, that I can't granted your wish. Maybe you want to be like me, studying abroad, but trust me, locally is much more better"

I admit I hurt my father a lot these days by muttering these and that, couldn't let go of my safe zone, taking him for granted, treating him bad, by raising my voice, sulk and so many things which obviously showed my weakness. I also being too demanding by asking these and that showing my disrespectful whatsoever. To cut it short, DAD! I've sinned! Maybe my dad and I do have some arguments since we do not share the same opinions and etc, but I believed, the difference between him and I is the factor which makes our relationship as father and daughter strengthen. Thanks daddy or papa for everything you've done for me! 

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Never been so amuse:)

For the past a week, I've found this so amusing video in Youtube, specially made by a troop of asian gang, called nigahiga. TEHEE

Movies in Minute..TITANIC, think you have watch the titanic, watch it again :)

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Lopek is again just giving birth...until now, where did she put her kittens, entah2 dah kene makan dak? hahahahhaah:D

Friday, 18 June 2010

It just feel like it was school again:|

Hey, I don't think blogging would bring me anywhere, if I kept on posting the same thing. Seriously, I lack of ideas, I lack of subjects that would attract any of my readers. Sigh. So here once again, what will u here from me is my hanky panky life back here in Puncak Alam.

People mostly put their reasons for not going to Matriculation because they said, it would be tough back there. Perhaps? But, if it was tough, how come, even those with poor results got to go to Matriculation, and still they can say it was fine there? Or do people think being a university's student is so much fun? Well, I just couldn't get any of its fun. For me everything seems undefined, blurred, confusing, and at the same time tiring.

The real life of being a foundation students only came to a realize the these days. Starting with tons of lab reports to be submitted, where we have to do research to find the solutions, where we have to gather until late at night to make something came to final point of the answer and where we study like mad dog to make sure our reports are acceptable. Reports are the toughest thing I find here in university, since I am not YET a person who can co-operate very well, not YET a person who can actually tell people what I have in mind unless we are close enough and not YET find ease to mingle with people here. Yeah, probably I might be a slow poke when it comes to networking unless we have so many things in common to talk about. >.< Thankfully, I did manage to get some good friends, who some of them I met online, like Naqib and Rina, however, in a fortnight, Naqib will leave UiTM for good, since he will pursue medicine in India. Seriously, I am envying him:( At least Rina is here, which I think it's comfortable to be around her.

 For example for lab chemistry, the group representative is my permanently partner, whom I can't get along so well, so making me having hard times during laboratory report preparation. It's so hard to be the one, who keep on thinking for ideas for others.....I can't be somebody else's pillows.....gee....


So, yeah, my partner is the one I can't cooperate with, which I myself don't know why? I am so pessimistic am I? I supposed to do discussion with her regarding the experiment we did last monday, but I ignored it, since I actually thought I could do mine alone T.T. When it comes to disliking a certain person, sometimes, no reasons are needed :(

I just finished mathematics tutorials on function, which I thought was easy, but SERIOUSLY it was tough. I think I took lectures on function just for granted, and didn't actually focused during the lectures. Now, blaming myself for being ignorant. I took the whole day finishing it off.

Oh shoot! Feeling extremely unsatisfied with what I've done these something is missing...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Facebook has been blocked?? NO!

I am so frustrated, why? Because, my physics lab report isn't completed, and I haven't study anything for mathematic quiz which is tomorrow, and I haven't finished my physics tutorial on scalars and vectors. Boo! me..for being lazy and somehow or rather, in the holiday mood >.<

this kitty is frustrated just like I do...zzzz
At night should have been the best time to you know cyber networking, or let me get it straight, the facebook? Who doesn't know facebook must be some kinda...erkk...I can't type it down. But, apparently, the environment I am facing here, in the campus restricted me from being a night cyber walker. >.<, since most of the girls here, study at night like there will be the biggest exam for the next day, and using the ethernet yellow cable, also making me hard to come online, which has been my drug, due to the fact that I can only use the cable at my roommate's table. So at night, she will be using her table to study, and you can imagine how my heart scream for an internet walkabout. GEEE....I am sick, am I?

Class or lecture starts late at 10.30 a.m today, which definitely means I can use the lappy for an internet surfing. The first thing on my mind was of course facebook! Ahhh...I quickly got into an email, and saw a lot of messages from that facebook of mine, click it and.....FACEBOOK got blocked!!!

Facebook is blocked! Shoot!

Can you just believed it? I don't mind if they wanna block youtube, cucirca or other porn sources, but facebook? Come on! Maybe they just want to get rid of students who tend to start playing truant and got online on facebook? Perhaps so...but this is so irrelevant....

Now, living here is like "making learning, studying and discussion your lifestyle" T.T But why am I muttering? I was the one who wants to pursue my studies to be a medical doctor? This is only the beginning....however, I can't let go of my life....I can't study 24/7....argh!

Ah shoot, there's no use of crying or muttering now, better get ready to lecture...and starting the day with some good moments here in Puncak Alam:)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

they're going.....only when i started to know them well

Fine, yesterday, the people who pledged JPA got their results.

Happy to say, Naqib got it at last, and he's going to INDIA. Deep inside, it's kinda knowing him will go:( Why?

Mainly because we started to be friends in UiTM.

Another person is Akmal Farhan got canada! AWESOME!!! and he's going to...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

killing time zz

tag from haniiiii:D

1. Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
yEP:) I'm HOT!

2. Upload wallpaper yang anda guna sekarang.
- As desktop wallpaper? - A flower?

3. Cerita pasal wallpaper tersebut.'s just a wallpaper

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
Just a few months ago:C

5. Lagu paling latest anda dengar.
Sewarna-magik.....I cair dengar lagu ni

6. Ringtone dalam phone anda.
New Nokia Remix...ang tau ke?

7. Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
Nigahiga youtube!! and pearson etext..duh T.T

8. Selain nama sendiri, anda di panggil nama apa?
DAYANA AZHAR:) dayang? yana? dena? da?
8. Tag lagi lapan orang. Fahmi, Fawzan, asfan, aida, huda, naqib, akmal farhan, nina, aida
9. Siapakah orang no. 1 kepada anda?
my bestie yang sama2 akan jadi doktor nnti:)
10. Katakan sesuatu kepada orang no.5
huda thanks call saya:)

11. No. 3 ada hubungan dengan sapa?
dengan icecream new zealand die

12. Bagaimana pula dengan no.4?
dengan boy band korea yang jambu lol

13. Pesanan kepada orang no. 6.
jangan pergi india!! T-T

14. Kata kata cinta untuk orang no. 2
OH daku cinta tak rasa apa2 padamu! zzzz

15. Adakah no.7 dan no.8 mempunyai persamaan?
dua2 pandai tahap dewa!

16. Perasaan anda semasa buat tag ini.
biasa....bosan....nak pergi holiday

17. Gay or less?
undefined? LOL..mestilah STRAIGHT....TEKNIK REBONDING lol

If I am not your first love, then you can always bother making me your last.
jiwang mode

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Days on Puncak Alam

Hello bloggyworld and people who amazingly spend some time reading my blog, thanks a lot. As I am posting this down, I am actually sitting in my room at Puncak Alam UiTM and not in Moscow like I've planned. Maybe Puncak Alam is the place where I deserved to be, no?

the view from my room:)
Class starts at somehow 10.30 a.m, late huh? I think I have finished all the physics tutorial given, so why don't I have sometime by myself, with the blog, right? The wind here blows gracefully, over my face, making my hair flew according to rhythm. Hahaha. The wind here is nice and refreshing.

Today, I only have lecture for physics which will last for 2 hours and then at 2.10 pm until 3.00 pm, tutorial physics starts. Not a very hectic schedule, only on Wednesday and Thursday will it be damn busy. Hehehe:)

with Prof Ahmad on physics lecture. He is SOOO! HILARIOUS 

the purple box as you can see, it the library:) I've been there to meet Naqib:)

this was snap in Biology lecture with the awesomely gorgeous lecturer:)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Masalah Puncak Alam

Fine, happy birthday to me! Yesterday, the 3rd June was my 18th birthday, and nothing intriguing happened, but I was thankful to receive wishes on the very day. Thanks for those who really care while I was struggling overcoming boredom back here in Puncak Alam. T.T

It has been 2 weeks I turned into a hosteler, staying with other 8 girls as my housemates is something I call a new experience. The place where I stayed is comfortable, refreshing and somehow a good place to sleep. But, this is only the slight review on UiTM Puncak Alam - A baby with lots of craps. 

What are the craps about UiTM Puncak Alam? Wanna know?

1. Mismanagement!!

- I know it is a new campus, and the first time receiving such an enormous count of students, and the first time receiving foundation students, but please upgrade the management service. Everything was a chaos, including the process to buy our mighty heavy-thick textbooks and to find for our class as well as to find lab coats? *sigh* (I need a lab coat)

2. Technical Mishaps!!

-Oh please! I know UiTM is being established to help the Malays by offering cheap education facilities, but do you want to see us sweat all over just because the air conditioners did not function? *Bunyi jer kuat, sejuk tak terasa*, imagine! we in baju kurungs and formal wear all sweat in the poor ventilated rooms. Upgrade please!!

-Technicians must be alert in all lecture halls! When the lecture supposed to start at 8.30 a.m, it will only start at 9.00 a.m. Why? Because the projector always cause troubles since technicians are not on alert in every halls, making us all have to wait so long for it to function. Sigh.

3. Conducive-less. 

-Maybe from the outside everything looks terrific, but to be frank, the lecture halls are so small. Some of us need to sit at the stairs since not there are not enough spaces. The space for each seat is not as spacious as it supposed to be. You can't even get out to go to the toilet if you are already seated, you can't even put so many books on the small attached-table or even a bulky laptop on it. *Sigh* 

4. Coverage Problems and wireless sucks!!

- For the whole week, I had troubles receiving and sending messages via the phone to my loves ones and friends. Plus, whenever there were incoming calls, I couldn't answer. Line was so bad, I almost got fed up with it. Imagine, we have to cancel appointments with friends, and we can't contact our family at home. Such a problem must not be occurring again. Not to mention, the wireless connection sucks. I had registered my course over the student portal as well as for wireless connectivity package, but still, they said my username and password are invalid. *Sigh*

5. Bad services at the dine areas!!

-Slow, unfriendly, and expensive! I just hate when it comes to grumbling stomach due to hunger, since I despise eating at the Rafflesia College, or better called it the dine area. The food is tasteless and expensive, services are slow, imagine hundreds come at a time to dine, some waits like for two hours just to get their food done? Supposedly there must be more food stalls allocated to serve for the students. 

6. Hal Ehwal Pelajar? Where is it? 

- I also encounter problems to contact the HEP. I need to ask HEP for confirmation of the date to receive our matrix card, and to ask them what activities could I participated in for this one year course, just to strengthen my pointer at the end of the semester. However, until today, I still can't get them through. *Sigh*

>>>>Maybe people reading these, can straight away claimed me as ungrateful person, or a person full of excuses and maybe a whiner? But, these are the truth or dark sides about the campus, in which they have to improve as fast as possible to offer us a more better place to learn and grow.<<<<