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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Masalah Puncak Alam

Fine, happy birthday to me! Yesterday, the 3rd June was my 18th birthday, and nothing intriguing happened, but I was thankful to receive wishes on the very day. Thanks for those who really care while I was struggling overcoming boredom back here in Puncak Alam. T.T

It has been 2 weeks I turned into a hosteler, staying with other 8 girls as my housemates is something I call a new experience. The place where I stayed is comfortable, refreshing and somehow a good place to sleep. But, this is only the slight review on UiTM Puncak Alam - A baby with lots of craps. 

What are the craps about UiTM Puncak Alam? Wanna know?

1. Mismanagement!!

- I know it is a new campus, and the first time receiving such an enormous count of students, and the first time receiving foundation students, but please upgrade the management service. Everything was a chaos, including the process to buy our mighty heavy-thick textbooks and to find for our class as well as to find lab coats? *sigh* (I need a lab coat)

2. Technical Mishaps!!

-Oh please! I know UiTM is being established to help the Malays by offering cheap education facilities, but do you want to see us sweat all over just because the air conditioners did not function? *Bunyi jer kuat, sejuk tak terasa*, imagine! we in baju kurungs and formal wear all sweat in the poor ventilated rooms. Upgrade please!!

-Technicians must be alert in all lecture halls! When the lecture supposed to start at 8.30 a.m, it will only start at 9.00 a.m. Why? Because the projector always cause troubles since technicians are not on alert in every halls, making us all have to wait so long for it to function. Sigh.

3. Conducive-less. 

-Maybe from the outside everything looks terrific, but to be frank, the lecture halls are so small. Some of us need to sit at the stairs since not there are not enough spaces. The space for each seat is not as spacious as it supposed to be. You can't even get out to go to the toilet if you are already seated, you can't even put so many books on the small attached-table or even a bulky laptop on it. *Sigh* 

4. Coverage Problems and wireless sucks!!

- For the whole week, I had troubles receiving and sending messages via the phone to my loves ones and friends. Plus, whenever there were incoming calls, I couldn't answer. Line was so bad, I almost got fed up with it. Imagine, we have to cancel appointments with friends, and we can't contact our family at home. Such a problem must not be occurring again. Not to mention, the wireless connection sucks. I had registered my course over the student portal as well as for wireless connectivity package, but still, they said my username and password are invalid. *Sigh*

5. Bad services at the dine areas!!

-Slow, unfriendly, and expensive! I just hate when it comes to grumbling stomach due to hunger, since I despise eating at the Rafflesia College, or better called it the dine area. The food is tasteless and expensive, services are slow, imagine hundreds come at a time to dine, some waits like for two hours just to get their food done? Supposedly there must be more food stalls allocated to serve for the students. 

6. Hal Ehwal Pelajar? Where is it? 

- I also encounter problems to contact the HEP. I need to ask HEP for confirmation of the date to receive our matrix card, and to ask them what activities could I participated in for this one year course, just to strengthen my pointer at the end of the semester. However, until today, I still can't get them through. *Sigh*

>>>>Maybe people reading these, can straight away claimed me as ungrateful person, or a person full of excuses and maybe a whiner? But, these are the truth or dark sides about the campus, in which they have to improve as fast as possible to offer us a more better place to learn and grow.<<<<




PoJ@N said...

heheh sabar ye dayana...

Фахми ファーミ فهمي said...

post an entry about the good side ;D

AMY MATOTO said...

haha..ade dgar cerita pasal CHARLIE x kat sana?