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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Days on Puncak Alam

Hello bloggyworld and people who amazingly spend some time reading my blog, thanks a lot. As I am posting this down, I am actually sitting in my room at Puncak Alam UiTM and not in Moscow like I've planned. Maybe Puncak Alam is the place where I deserved to be, no?

the view from my room:)
Class starts at somehow 10.30 a.m, late huh? I think I have finished all the physics tutorial given, so why don't I have sometime by myself, with the blog, right? The wind here blows gracefully, over my face, making my hair flew according to rhythm. Hahaha. The wind here is nice and refreshing.

Today, I only have lecture for physics which will last for 2 hours and then at 2.10 pm until 3.00 pm, tutorial physics starts. Not a very hectic schedule, only on Wednesday and Thursday will it be damn busy. Hehehe:)

with Prof Ahmad on physics lecture. He is SOOO! HILARIOUS 

the purple box as you can see, it the library:) I've been there to meet Naqib:)

this was snap in Biology lecture with the awesomely gorgeous lecturer:)

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