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Monday, 27 October 2008

Whats going on?

referring to the above title, I would like to 'complaint' about several events happened at school and wherever I went, which I am not satisfied with.

1. my school will be putting up an event called "Hari Kokurikulum". I never attend this event for the past three years of my life in the school, so this will be my first (I wasn't active for the previous years). Ok, straight to the point, I actually involve in the kawad kaki thingy which generally the main show on that event. Fine, we did the first rehearsal about two weeks ago I think, and going to have another one this Wednesday. Well, before that we were supposed to be having some rehearsals too, but no one showed up, so we called it off. I really hope they show up on Wednesday, coz I am tired.

2. I cant believe Puan K did this to me!! She was supposed to hand over the task for completing the prefect's notice board to me, but I cant believe she made it herself. Maybe she wanna show that I cant do that job. Ok, fine, I may be not sttarting to be doing anything bout it, but I was busy, and still is busy with exams and etc. Geesh, cant she give me time for it. I am trying to make it work.

3."You didnt give commitment to the prefect's board"
A cruel-saying by Puan Hasnah. Ah!!! I hate this. She said I might not be able to conduct the prefect's team next year. I was almost fired!! Totally embarrasing. I just didnt show up for that stupid meeting, and that is so-not the reason she has to say like to me. Not fair!!

trying so hard to compose myself
calming the threated soul
my life...
just is dull
(dayana, face the fact hunny, i know its harsh)

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Raya in Me or Just me in Raya?

Well, ok while I'm having time, I think I better post some raya pictures here. Enjoy, its me with my raya celebration, simple and fun.

aina's house, cant recall when

i am fat!!:(

my family-dad's side

boys-dad's side.

my kampung!!


aina and me.

my bro asking for forgiveness...

actually, there are more, but, kinda tired, time to sleep, chow.
missing A and M
(who could they be?)

Thursday, 23 October 2008

end year exam


hOpe this hardships will last right now!
I never thought exam will be so hard and tickling the head and the brain I got (well generally I cant put the feel in words)

straight to the point: I am currently feeling so worried on the matters stated below::

1)I generally think and guarantee that i will only get 5 marks in the Biology Paper 3. Regretting for not preparing earlier is useless.

2)Math and addmath will surely no Aces in hands. No Aces is like having no money, no life, no soul and no food and no everything!!

3) Hoping English will come out good, even though I think I had wrote the essay out of the topic :((

4)chances to get A1 in at least 9 subject is 4%. This is very very sad. Chiam is winning and this make me wanna puke.

5)Online-ing becomes damn boring, chatting is no longer my drugs, just the blog to release what I engraved in mind

6)someone said I am "big"... well generally symbolizes how fat I have become. Yes, I eat too much. should i explain why>??

7)Missing 2 friends like hardy-cork. words are vulgar....:(

Friday, 10 October 2008

After raya 08:(

Eidul Fitri is NOW over for me. The meaningful raya will be the first 2 or 3 days then everything will come to the original state. Yes, to say the truth, hari raya this year brought much more laughters and fun, with delicious food and smiles plus, colourful and trendy clothes.

First raya, I went to Mak Teh's place in Taman Sri Andalas, Klang which used to be my second home. I used to stay there. It is still the best place I can head to whenever I reach Klang. In Klang, the fun started, where everyone was looking extremely joyous, smile all the way and the kids pending for the angpaws. My big cousins, now 20 something whom already earn money by themselves, took the big chance to give us some of what they can afford. All of the kids, including me, made a long queue, and we shaked hands, and kiss here and there, then we got what we wanted.

Dont try to mention about food here! There were nothing special than food during raya. The smell of rendang tok, and the lontong made me drooled. Yes, I ate so much till I blast. I think I'll have to get rid of some fatty acids here and there now.

Second raya, about at 11 am, my family and I rushed to go to Sungai Petani, Kedah. Mother's side this time on! We spent 5 days in Kedah, and the whole trip and experiences were great. This year, we even got our time to spend in Kuala Muda, the real kampung. Here, is where all the paddy field or bendang can be seen. I had the chance visiting my step grandmother, who happened to be my grandpa's third wife. Of course she cant remember me. Next, we went to Alor Setar to visit my granduncle. He just had an operation. Bypass surgery, but still looking young and energetic. Mom says he's nanyuk but he can still remember me. That's a bit weird, No?

Then, we also hooked by PakTam's house, Pak Jang's, Pak Long's and some of the family whom I dont really know. Yeah, fun, and no time to revise studies here in Kedah. Too many distractions.
Nevertheless, raya this time, more fun than last year, that totally sure.