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Thursday, 23 October 2008

end year exam


hOpe this hardships will last right now!
I never thought exam will be so hard and tickling the head and the brain I got (well generally I cant put the feel in words)

straight to the point: I am currently feeling so worried on the matters stated below::

1)I generally think and guarantee that i will only get 5 marks in the Biology Paper 3. Regretting for not preparing earlier is useless.

2)Math and addmath will surely no Aces in hands. No Aces is like having no money, no life, no soul and no food and no everything!!

3) Hoping English will come out good, even though I think I had wrote the essay out of the topic :((

4)chances to get A1 in at least 9 subject is 4%. This is very very sad. Chiam is winning and this make me wanna puke.

5)Online-ing becomes damn boring, chatting is no longer my drugs, just the blog to release what I engraved in mind

6)someone said I am "big"... well generally symbolizes how fat I have become. Yes, I eat too much. should i explain why>??

7)Missing 2 friends like hardy-cork. words are vulgar....:(

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