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Monday, 31 December 2007

Hanging out On the daY Before New Year 2008!


I've just got a phone call from MR X. Happy new year mate!

SO, what is today's topic?

Today was a great day, a lucky charming day with a bright sunshine all day long. Every town in the world I bet, sure is busy will crowds who want to celebrate and make the countdown of HappyNew Year 2008! And my place, sure is busy too.

Ok, I am not sitting home alone. In front of my pc, trying to be brave. Hey! Its night k! WELL, I used to stay alone. I am imune to it. Good thing? Yeah, maybe. MY family went out to dinner, and I didnt follow them as I fell asleep in front of the television. That was just now.

At 3 p.m, recently, Huda, and I went to Metro Point a new lepak centre here in Kajang. Situated on the busiest spot in Kajang. Near the Kajang High School and of coz the KFC and Pizza Hut as well. Huda's dad. Mr Abd Razak, the coolest man ever, fetch me at home. I was as usual running catching up, and getting ready. So, whats the reason going to Metro point anyway?....

Actually, Huda wanna celebrate her result in PMR too, she got 5AS and I thanked her a lot of inviting me to have some good time together. Just two of us. Huda is very kind, and luckily she will stay in Kajang Utama. Yay! But maybe I ll leave. So, put that aside. We went to MP to have some game of bowling. And, guess what I meT Aliya with her gfs. Yeah, like always she turned up to be a diva. JUst like the way she dressed up with her straight hair.

We were right, it was damn busy. I mean the bowling spot. We had to wait for a couple of minutes before getting our lane, thanks God we got the first lane, I love it coz it gives more privacy. Hahahaha;D And it was so chilled and cold. I was shivering. PLus, the loud noise gave me sore throat and also a headache. Whatver!

The first game was kinda awesome, as I almost overtook Huda's. But sadly, it didnt work...I failed to succeed. Hahahah;D watever, Just a game anyway. I am smarter than it. Hahahah;D So, we added another game coz the the time is still young. Well, this one, I sucked ttoo, but worst. I dont care much, since, hmm I am kinda no mood to play. So, heres again, Huda won at last. Juara bertahan katenye. Thanks GOD, I am better in class. Hahahaha;D (SORRY HUDA)

Well, before I forgot, Aliya was bowling too. She must be a great player if she play rigidly. Hahaha;D so, we only took 30 minutes to finish the game. So, after tht, wat else waiting? We headed off to the lower ground. And thanks huda for treating me for the game. I really appreciate it. *_*


Our growling stomachs wanna some donuts so we went to Dunkin Donuts which is my favourite place to eat and hang out on the most comfortable seat ever. And again, thank u so much to Huda my best friend, coz she treated me again. Well, we ate and ate. Not greedily of coz. WATCH UR MANNERS YOUNG LADIES! And not to mention, the donuts were extremely fatty and sweet, and we can ruin our teeth if we get them often. So, dont eat donuts often ok? An advice from a girl who knows a lot. *__*

ok, after tht, we jalan2 I mean a bit like window shopping I guess. Its a bit devastating huh? We had a long funny and wacky chat. And it was great. I mean some privacy with my best friend was just a great thing to have. I was glad to have such a good friend like her. No one can replace her I bet. If I have an opportunity, I ll do anything to make her stay with me. But, sad to mention, people come and one day they will go, its a norm in life. Even if we sigh a lot, it still will happen. This is what people like me call fate.

Alright, the day was fabulous. So, at around 6 we headed home. Well, huda's dad sent me home of coz in his beautiful Camry. Wat a nice car ?!! Love it. So thanks again. May God bless u. InsyaALLAH murah laa rezeki kalian. Thats all for today. Now Its almost 1 am, And the date is

^__^1st JANUARY 2008^__^

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Last Sunday of being a form 3 kid!

alright everyone, tommorow is the countdown day to new year. I am a bit sad and axcited. As u see, I am actually typing or writing this story at night, at 11:35 pm. Which I am sadly to say that I am kinda a bit dissapointed as he who u know didnt show up, and his sis is using the pc, its alright I guess? AM I mad, not at all.....

Huh...I went to a kenduri this afternoon, and great we didnt take long hours overthere.I was glad that the dishes at the feast was just tasty and delicious. And the tapai! wah I just love tapai. I am a bit kampung. hehehehe....The chicken dish was extremely tasty, wish I can get the recipe.

FIne, done with tht, so, the next thing was that we headed to the SURAU in Bangi, which can resemble as a mosque for sure. 20 minutes, and we are done wtih the zuhur prayer. Thanks God. And please do remmber, to perform ur prayer wherever u go, and in whatever condition u re in. They are very important.

Then, we went to warta. Not crowded as I thought t would be. Its been so long since I went to warta. Hmm..mostly nothing change tht much. The reason I went there is to buy my new uniform, well blue baju kurung as a prefect next year of coz. Greatly, the price was damn expensive than at the recent shop I go. Dang it! Cekik darah betul!

Having a drink at the foodcourt was ok I guess, the price was cheap (the best thing I love). So, I had orange juice but dipped into my sis's ABC. HAHAHA. Well, just love to bother my sis. She s so cute when she s mad. MY bro on the other hand, he did his slacky wacky act and always make me on my nerve. Dang it!

Well, a time spent in Warta was not bad after all since I got a new mobile phone which I preffered to be called "cell". So, I got a new cell huh? Well, just a simple one. Need my number? Nah...I dont pick up calls from people I strangely dont know. So, hmm wat to say. Oh yeah, thanks a lot muchy to my beloved daddy who bought this gadget. What to say? I deserve it a lot. This is like one perangsang for me to succeed even better.

OK. thts all. Nice day. But kinda weird walking along in warta wearing baju kurung. Hahaha;D so...whateverlaa...

nice day? day plus ana is me...dayana

Saturday, 29 December 2007

unfortunate event?why today?

alright? how re ya guys? fine? well I hope all of you re fine and I mean really really fine!! Hang out people!!! 2007 is almost gone!!!

ok, today Saturday, for those who forgot, my family and I went to somewhere (cant say) to have some shopping for my presents and to celebrate my joy and excellent result in PMR. Well, of coz, I am happy, its been so long since I had my last enjoyable time with my family.

We left home at 12 noon, and drove off from home by my pak jang's car (well he left his car overhere, meanwhile he performs his haj). Ok, it was a smooth journey, until suddenly, the car made this stupid crazy wacky act. Its temperature raised, and if we re unlucky it might explode as well. Dang it! The day was soo hot, and now the car ??? man!!!

30 minutes we waited like a log, waiting for the car's temperature to drop. Fortunately, it did dropped. Thanks to the kedai mamak who supplied us with some water for the car. Ok, we drove straight to our main destination, without having lunch coz' my siblings said they werent hungry.

Great! we arrived safely, alhamdulillah, and of coz I bought some stationaries. well school is reopening soon. The supermarket were full of people. Well, its a year end sale, what would u expect? I bought a sling bag worthed $$$, cool and trendy, love it damn much. Its big, and cool...well i took almost half an hour to choose. Sorry dad!

Having lunch at Laksa Shack Restaurant was a big mistake. Yes! It was! I cant believe the price, its was extremely expensive....well I oredered the most cheapest dish around. Its an Nasi Kuning, watever laa...well kinda delicious, the meat was fabulous. Love my dad's kebab, my mom, well she as a mee lover, she ate kari laksa? well I forgot. Its marvellous, The viscous kari is so chilled...and hot...!! my bro well he is a big eater. He ate tht nasi with otak2...sounds delicious aik? well it sis came the latest among all. and she kinda annoyed when my drink spilled on her pants. well it was not my fault ok!?

And guess whats the price for some lousy lunch? almost a hundred dollars!! dang it.That is the first and the last time I dine at that place. so, then, I went to Watson, and bought a lipbalm, my lips are worsen. Its so a dry leaf.=.=wanna buy something for my bff, but ran out of time, my bro insisted to go home, sorry! maybe later, insyaALLAH.


Friday, 28 December 2007

Holiday IN pangkor

fuh! holiday is almost gone! I can't believe it! Now, I am all nervous and shaking up to go to school. Damn it! No preparations at all, no books, and stationeries and uniforms. Dang it!

Last monday, my family and I, well my Pak Su's family was there with us too, went to Pangkor, this is the second trip to Pangkor in my entire 15 years of life. Well, sound a bit sad, coz my family dont go on trips so much especially during holidays. Pathetic huh?

The journey to the jeti, in Lumut, was so long, that I think I hurt my butt coz of sitting too long. We had a nice lnch in a crowded restaurant, where we had to queue up to get rice. Well, the food is nice not delicious, but the drink was so sweet and chill that I want more.

ok forgot about the lunch thingy. After we arrived at Lumut I mean the jeti, grabbed a parking lot and got off form our car, walked to the jeti, and went inside the boat. Well, sad to say the boat is sooo old and crappy. I followed my lil sis, to the back seat, and got the window seat. Yahoo! and I was grateful that I didnt get sea drunk. Well, we arrived at pangkor at about an hour. They were not so many people at the jeti.

Great! we got a van to drive us to the hotel. Well it was Puteri Bayu resort, not far from the jeti. I love this resort, coz its situated exactly on a beautiful beach. Hahahhahaha;DWe stayed in a chalet, I mean we booked two challets, as there were my family and Pak su's. So whatever! The challet was ok, good, nice, not lavish and not posh. But, its just nice and comfortable.

(name of the resort and my cousin whom acted up as a spidy)

At the beach, well, hmm, I got some photos here. But, I cant put them all as some of them are kinda personal, so just watch...hehehe.

(my feet and my nickname, for those who doesnt know)

(my bro and my cousin)

(my lil sis and I, in an edited version, back is the sunset)

(my lil sis, on a tree trunk)

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Wah! So Unbelievable!

right! today is the day, well at 12 mid day, just now, I went to school, for??? well, for taking my result of coz, I was damn happy wacky, when I got 8AS, straight As,!!! hahaha, praise to GOD ALLAH ALMIGHTY

as I walked in to school, my darling ustazah Puan Aminah or cik minah and the other teachers are all there. They congrated me, although on that time I still dont know what is my result anyway! Then, Ustazah told us, the name of the students who got 8as, they are 9 of them, 7 from 3 amanah, and the rest from other classes.

damn it! nine! so many huh? ok here're the list who got 8AS. most of them are my friends....

~first is of coz myself, Dayana Azhar, BD105K026
~Siti Maryam, our gorgeous Monalisa
~Nur Husnina, our queen of talking
~Amira Fatihah
~Asma, exbestfriend
~Marwan wel he is my neighbour

(my result)

well the others I dont know, what I know is Chiam got 7AS as well as Christina whom kept calling me asking for her result. Oh, and Izzaty, she got 7As, Yasmeen and Baqis each got 7as, and...Shakira poor her, she got only 4As nevermind, struggle harder and smarter next time.
I am bad in calming people down....

so, everyone was sending me messages asking my result, including my bff, well sweet huh, and aina she kept calling, well I cant pick up the call as I was so damn busy, and it was crowded u know. sorry~~

at home. I am so glad, got a kiss from my mom, and a congrats from my dad, what do I want? still undecided...hmmm....maybe later...then i Grabbed the pc right away got online, chat with my bff tht is huda azeem and pretty bad, azeem is kinda sad....why? dont ask! just dont.

aku bersyukur tak terhingga
pengorbananku akhirnya terbalas jua

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Mucho Graciaz!

today, well I was so in the mood to go to school, to do what? To help my dearest teacher to arrange all those free text books. And today, I didnt tagged along wth Chiam, coz she said she s not well, in the end I brought Quraibah, who was always as happy as a fairy godmother. wakakaka;D I always do, I was late, well, I promised my tacher to be at school at 9 am, but I turned up at 930 am....hehehe, I am so not punctual..punch me becoz I m late? Nah..the teacher didnt say a word, so I was safe. Ok great! there were a lot of lil kids, i mean The form2 's they were helping the teacher as well. hmmm.... (sad a bit)

then, my bff turned up, with his lil sis, who showed up as a missy elliot in making, wearing those red hoodle outfit, cute and charming. and well my bff, a bit messy (sorry to say) I really hate his hair today!, and, he was looking extremely nervous..its okay, its a norm for a boy lie be a bit shy.

phew! so glad that there were not a lot of works to be done, just writing some numbers on the books, arrange them (i dropped some of them), and of coz, chopped it. ok, then, quraibah, aliya and I had some lousy chat. and we went to the nearest shop to get some goodies and drinks, man i was hydrating. alright, then got back from the shop, wat the heck! everyone was heading home. ah! my baggy,??!! it was still in the spbt room! dang it, I ran to the teacher to get the keys, open the door, and grabbed my baggy. wahahaha

well, then my bff i was talking about, was nowhere to be found, he was gone! fast huh! i was like stunned!? well, ok quraibah and I decided to head off to home, well her home, coz my house was locked up. we waved goodbye to aliya.

alright, was a boring day huh!In a sudden, he showed up, running of coz, so sweet of him, giving me that original TY soft toy, it was a cat, a cute one. hahaha, no name for it yet, maybe later. well, he said it is a limited edition toy-kind, so I must and have to keep it really well indeed, or else, I ll be dead meat.wakakaka;D mucho graciaz honey!

ok I'll post the pictur of it soon enough, just have to wait, and tommorow i mean 27th, the big day of my 15 years of life, wish me luck, insyaALLAH I ll get good result. ^_^

(cat, i mean the soft toy given by azeem)

(see, this is more cooler than Tyra Banks)

sweet? Nice? WHat to say?

fuh! just got back from a wonderful Holiday in Pangkor Island, damn it, it was tiring of coz, and a lot of laundries to be washed.....

Ok, actually, we didnt planned to go to Pangkor, it just came out from my Pak SU's mind. Before that, we were actually ..hmm..having a beatiful cool time in Cameron, well I was quite dissapointed coz I cant see the Tanah Rata. I wanna see it terribly u see....anyway, my day turned to be a rainbow, when I got to taste this sweet, red starwberry ice-cream, dang it, I am craving for more!

so, the whole day in cameron, was of coz shopping for some veggies, well u know, my mom, she wanted to bring along all those cabbages and carrots and chillies home. We didnt have our lunch, but we did have this cendawan goreng tepung, great, it was oily and gave me this stupid skin affections. (wah! this cndawan was amazingly delicious) oh, before I forgot, we did bought some strawberries and I turned up to be the one who finished them all, hahahah;D, hey! do u know, tht strawberries have a lot of vitamins?

Below are some photos in cameron, well some of them are pretty ugly, so I just put a few~~

(pose, jgn x pose strawberry)

(wah, my new masterpiece, luv this one)

(wah! a new strawberry model huh?)

(mom and shishin, where?)

(grab that ISLAND)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

ghost story~~sorry if its not scary!

Title might be in english but I think I am not in the mood to post this stuff in English, I am so in BM today.

Ok. tajuk crita ni ialah " A Belle In a Pair of Red Shoe". Mari kite mulakan critenya....baca bismillah dulu, nnti apa plak jadi....hehehehe

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Be cool, Be brave~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is a story which have been told by my own mom,. Well, it happened in Korea. She was in her room, hotel room, with her friend of coz, when she turn on the tv, and watched this beautifool ghost story.


Dalam sebuah muzium seni, seorang jurugambar bernama Gong, sedang meneliti dan mengamati sebuah lukisan yang dianggapnya sebagai "indah". Tidak pernah terlihat olehnya sebuah lukisan yang begitu hidup. Malahan, dia juga tidak mengerti mengapa dirinya bagaikan melekat kepada lukisan yang tergantung elok di bahagian kiri muzium itu.

Lukisan itu menterjemahkan, seorang wanita, a belle, yang mempunya rambut kerinting yang panjang sampai ke punggung, terbang mengikuti angin yang bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa. Wanita yang hanya menunjukkan sebahagian daripada mukanya itu, memakai sepasang sepatu merah dan juga sehelai gaun merah bersama gincu yang merah lagi menyengat hati. Gong merasakan wanita dalam lukisan itu seolah-olah rapat dengannya dan mahu dia bersama-sama.

Jam sudah pun menunjukkan pukul 7 malam. Gong masih lagi tercegat di hadapan lukisan yang besar itu. Rakan-rakannya entah ke mana. "Mungkin mereka dah tinggalkan aku kot",katanya. Gong tidak boleh dan tidak mahu berganjak. Hinggalah pada suatu saat, dia terdengar bunyi. Bunyi yang seperti bunyi kasut. Seseorang sedang berjalan di belakangnya. Anehnya, apabila Gong toleh ke belakang, tiada sesiapa. Hanya dia seorang di bahagian tersebut. Sekali lagi bunyi sepatu itu kuat. Malahan, dia turut terbau seseuatu yang harum semerbak dan dia tahu bau itu pasti datangnya dari belakangnya. Kepalanya ditolehkan lagi, alangkah terkejutnya Gong yang rupanya agak kacak itu, apabila ternampak, kelibat berwarna merah. Tanpa melengahkan waktu yang setiap kali pasti berjalan, Gong mengikuti kelibat itu.....

Gong meninggalkan lukisan tadi. Dia mengikuti kelibat tadi. Terkejut besar dia apabila melihat kelibat itu, menembusi di sebalik dinding. Namun, hanya satu kasut merah itu ditinggalkan. Ditinggalkan oleh kelibat tadi. Dia pasti itulah kelibat wanita dalam lukisan itu. Malangnya, dia tidak mampu melihat wajah wanita itu dengan jelas. Amat malang. Sepatu yang dijumpainya, diletakkan ke dalam beg sandang berwarna birunya. Kedengaran, security guard sudah memberitahu bahawa muzium itu akan ditutup, jadi dia mnuruni anak tangga untuk ke muka pintu. Apa yang tidak terlihat olehnya adalah kehilangan wanita bersepatu merah itu dari dalam lukisan tadi.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Di rumah Gong~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sesampai ke rumah, isterinya Zhin sudah menunggu kepulangannya. Mereka memang boleh dikatakan sebagai pasangan yang secocok dan amat bahagia. Zhin memberitahu suaminya yang dia terpaksa ke Jepun atas urusan kerja, selama sebulan. Gong hanya mengizinkan isterinya itu, kerana, dia tahu benar akan tanggungjawab seseorang eksekutif besar seperti isterinya terhadap kerjayanya.

Malam itu, Gong rasa matanya nakal. Nakal di sini bermakna terlalu asyik memikirkan wanita misteri dalam lukisan di muzium itu. "Aku mesti dapat tengok wajahnya"< katanya dalam hati. DIa rasa sukar untuk melelapkan mata. Sudah banyak kali dia menelan ubat tidur, tapi kesannya tiada.

Keesokkan paginya, isterinya Zhin sudah bersiap sedia utuk ke Jepun. Gong menemani isterinya sampai ke lapangan terbang. Kucupan sayang diberikan. Namun, hati Gong masih lagi terimpi-impikan wanita bersepatu merah itu. Selepas itu, dia segera pulang. Dia terus menuju ke bilik pejabatnya yang terdapat di dalam rumah. Beg sandangnya dibuka dan diambilnya kasut merah yang "dicurinya".

Tatkala, Gong meletakkan kasut itu di atas meja, dia terdengar akan bunyi tapak kasut seseorang. Sudah pasti itu bukanlah isterinya kerana dia sendiri telah melihat isterinya berlepas sewaktu di lapangan terbang tadi. "Wey! Siapa tu!", jeritnya, ingin mendapat kepastian. Namun, tiada siapa menyahut. Dia terdiam. Jantungnya berdebar-debar. Dahinya mula dibasahi peluh. Bunyi tapak kasut itu semakin kuat, seolah-olah sedang menuju ke arah pejabatnya. Gong tidak tahu siapakah gerangan orang di luar pejabatnya itu. DIa menjadi semakin takut, bulu romanya meremang. Dingin terasa.

Alangkah terkejutnya Gong, apabila, melihat kelibat berwarna merah itu lagi. Namun pada kali ini, kelibat itu mengalunkan suara merdunya. Kelibat itu menyanyikan sebuah lagu classic. Wlaupun suaranya merdu, namun ia amat menakutkan. Sungguh menakutkan. Ia bagaikan memukau Gong. Gong mengikuti suara itu. Pada saat itu juga, Gong dapat melihat wajah kelibat itu, seorang wanita, atau lebih boleh dikatakan sebagai hantu. Hantu yang amat cantik, pipinya gebu, bibirnya merah bagai delima, susuk tubuhnya menggoda, rambutnya yang kerinting panjang itu melengkapkan lagi pakej keseluruhan. Sesiapa yang melihatnya pasti terpukau dan terpesona.

Wanita itu tidak berhenti mengalunkan suara merdunya. Malahan, dia mendekati Gong, dan cuba untuk menggoda Gong. Gong terlanjur, malangnya dia terlanjur bersama seorang wanita hantu yang misteri. Wanita dari dalam lukisan di muzium itu. "Ambillah saya seperti kamu mengambil sepatu saya, ambillah saya bersama...", kata wanita itu. Kali ini, Gong betul-betul terpukau. Dia sudah melupakan Zhin, Zhin yang menjadi isterinya yang sah.

Hantu itu, atau lebih senang dipanggil perempuan bayangan, itu, kini tinggal bersama Gong dan menyebabkan Gong lupa diri dan tidak sedar akan hidup realitinya. Dia terjerat dalam kehidupan fantasi bersama perempuan itu. Malahan, kini, Gong tidak akan keluar dari rumahnya termasuklah untuk ke tempat kerja. Hal ini berlarutan sehinggalah sebulan....

Genap sebulan, isterinya pulang, pulang sendiri menaiki teksi ke rumah daripada lapangan terbang. Sesampai di rumahnya, dia membuka pintu rumahnya sendiri menggunakan kunci pendua yang disimpan bersamanya. Kehairanan membelenggu jiwanya. Di manakah suaminya, adakah di dalam rumah? Tapi, mengapa pintu berkunci, sedangkan kereta suaminya ada di luar rumah? "Terkkk.", bunyi pintu....

Alangkah terkejutnya Zhin apabila mendapati, rumahnya amatlah berselerak. Seolah-olah baru sahaja dirompak. "Gong! Awak kat mana!!", Jerit Zhin memanggil suaminya. Namun, tiada sahutan. DIa berasa pelik. Dia terus ke kamar tidurnya, sekali lagi, dia tersentak melihat Gong di atas katil, tanpa pakaian, sudah berjanggut seperti orang tidak terurus. Di meja tepi pula, kelihatan 10 botol arak, yang berselerak. Gong seperti tidak sedarkan diri. Zhin mendapatkan suaminya....tiba-tiba...

"Pergi kau dari sini!!!" jerit Gong. Dia menjadi gila? Itulah yang menjadi persoalan. "Aku tak mahu lihat kau lagi, aku dah ada Mia (hantu itu)...dia di sebelah aku kini", kata Gong dengan nada tinggi. Namun, siapakah Mia? Apa yang Zhin nampak di atas katil itu ialah suaminya yang kini sudah gila, tiada sesiapa di sebelah suaminya itu. "Hah! Saya tak nampak sesiapa pun, apa abang cakap ni!!??" tanya Zhin, air mata bergelinang di kelopak matanya.

Zhin, memeluk suaminya erat. Dia menangis apabila Gong menolaknya. Gong berubah menjadi ganas. Gong bangun, angkat Zhin, dan dia campakkan Zhin ke ruang tamu. Menutup pintu kamarnya. Tidak begitu lama selepas itu, Zhin mendengar alunan suara merdu yang memukau, tiada perkataan boleh menerjemahkan suara itu.


Wednesday, 19 December 2007

huh! work out a bit!

(gambar hiasan)

today is wednesday, well yeah tommorow the 20th of Nov will be hari raya korban. yay!!! I am soo happy coz only during hari raya korban tht I can taste this wonderful marvellous lamb soup. ish2.....sedap nye..I am craving for it!! (but i am not bunting)

so continue with our main topic for the day. Well, I woke up early for subuh and also to jog with my ex classmate Quraibah. We went jogging at 8 am, well, we cant go out after subuh coz we cant get early. zzzzz...

Iwent to Qu's house, well not far, just around 5 minutes I think. and then she came out, and we started to jog. Man..jauh tuh...from persiaran damai, up the hill, then we went down the hill, to jalan aman. pass the townhouses and the schools, and also the quarters. haiyaa....and we had this roti canai for breakfast at fatimah ghous restaurant, which is located in taman bukit mewah. (sorry qu, aku x blanja kao)

heh! so tired. then....quraibah who has a very good appetite wanted to buy a nasi lemak. wagh! kuatnya makan!well, I didnt buy it, coz I hate nasi lemak sooo much. after tht, we went to see the awana bukit mewah which is actually a cool, modern townhouses. damn it! if i have a lot of money, I am surely to buy it right away! Theres no doubt tht, the houses around taman bkt mewah is bigger and more cooler than those in tmn kajang utama.

as we continue our breese walking, I ran up into Sasi the DON, well he is my junior, and a very rude kid who turned out to be nice. He was helping his dad i think. and I greeted him with a hello and a beauiful smile, wakaka:D

ok thn, quraibah and I went to a playground, wakak; get on the swings....well it was no fun, coz, the swings are a bit short for us. so we dcided to leave the playground and ronda2 at the cemara apartment. to see a good view of kajang utama from there.

soon after tht, we had a small time rest at a bus stop, aiya! then came a man, who is I dont know..a jawa man? I think. He was very selekeh, and he asked us abt the bus. Well, I dont know much, coz I dont take up bus . wakaka;d Well, we got scared off, at first, coz he came in a sudden, totally shock tht time.

and at last, we went home. well, I rejected quraibah's offer to hang out at her place, coz, I wanna help my mom at home. Huh! lega dpt balik rumah, well I think I have a sore foot right now. nevermind, I am imuned to it now. ok see ya later.

bye ^_^
(27th Dec, not Nov, 10 am, man I am dead)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

New nephew, named Syakir.

well, last week, i think, my cousin who is now staying in Manchester, had just given birth to a cute lil' hero name Muhammad Syakeer. He was adorable and very cute. Well, yeah, we cant see his original face yet, coz he is still a small boy. But, he is cute. Hhe weighs around 2.4kg, so light, I was 3.5 kg back then.

Wanna see his photos, wait up, I need to upload them. Well, I grabbed this photos from my cousin, Delliya's profile, 2 days ago (Delliya is Syakeer's mom). She is gorgeous, and sometimes she's cool. Her hubby is fair, and good looking. Cool huh! She is an architect overthere.

(this is syakeer, with my cousin Delliya, he is making faces)

(syakeer, in his pyjamas, he likes to make faces)

cool babies, hope I ll get cooler babies than my cousins


SLave in school ~~

today, Tuesday, the 18th of December 2007, Chiam and I (well chiam is a good friend of mine and the one and only chinese friend I have) went to school because of a reason. Well, not attending class, but actually to help Pn Arisah (my ert teacher) to organise the spbt books. Dang it! There were tonnes of books, nasib baik la hanya organize the form 4 books, if not boleh pengsan. Ni semua gara2 inisiatif kerajaan untuk menyenangkan para ibubapa die malaysia. adeh!

I was actually, a lil' bit mad, coz, Chiam and I had to work at this small-poor ventulation store room. It is smaller than my toilet (I think). Damn it was so hot, that I then suffered from a stupid cramp foot. There were dust all over, between the book racks, on the floor, everywhere. Its not a good place to hang out I tell ya!

Porr Chiam whom actually has asthma, she couldnt barely able to breathe in the room which had to make her staying outside to take fresh air. Ish2....well and thanks god, azeem was there and so were pn arisah lil' kids. Unfortunately, they didnt help much though. The kids were just playing around, and its kinda annoying. Meanwhile, azeem helped us out just for a couple of minutes I guess, coz he had something else to do in ERT room. So, I dont want to bother him, lol.

Then, after we felt so so tired carrying up the books and arranged them, we did some cool work in the spbt room which is quite nicer, with on ventilation so that we dont feel uncomfy. HUH! Relieved! WELL if i count back, there were abt 600 books tht we had organized and arranged. damn, it was exhausting. Thanks back to azeem, who is sos so sweet. He bought chiam and me, a gardenier bread, cool huh! ^__^

so thts it, well, quite fun if i think abt it. and next week I'll probably go to school again to continue my unfinish works. PLus, PMR result will come out next week too. So, kinda nervous u know. I hope I can get the 8AS, well tehy re so many poeple hoping me to get tht, and I HAVE to get it of coz. If not, damn I'll be very frustrated.

life is good, when we have companions.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

My real BFF with photos

Here, as u can all see, I am gonna post some photos of my real BFF whom I respect and I love with all my heart. Well, of coz, I have so many friends out there, but below, are several people who I see the best choice to resemble this title.

First, is of course, my beloved Nurul Huda Abd Razak. She is cute, adorable genius, fantastic friend. No one can replace her. I love her more than I love myself.

(huda the one who covered everyone wakaka:D)

2nd, is of coz, my walking monalisa, maryam. she is gorgeous, fantastic, funny, a bit blur but she is one true friend, we re together everytime in school. Unfortunately, she might transfer into another school, somewhere in Bangi, and I will surely to miss her a lot. Smiles in her face never fades away:D

(maryam in a pink scarf)

3rdly is sofiah, I am crying here while I am writing about her. She is the most fun and understanding girl alive. One true friend she is, but I am kinda dissapointed coz, when she was here I didnt treat her like the way I treated maryam and Huda. Now, I feel so empty without her.

(sofiah the one with yellow dress)

and lastly, will be my only one bff. his name? I dont know, u tell me. I forgot already la. Hehehe. He is cool, tall, dark and handsome:P. He likes j-POP, hip hop and anything. Well, he is a Dj. And he is an old man. So good in english and I love to be his friend.

(mr azeem, currently a DJ)

ok, I admit, azeem is not my last BFF, well, there are some other kids who I wanna put them here.

ok, now I am writing abt Quraibah, well, I wanna confess something, Actually, last time, I dont like her tht much, coz I think she is annoying. Now, after three years, she is my best friend during school holidays, she is alive lol, well my other gfs were not alive lol. They re somewhere else.

(Quraibah Abd Razak, she is mulut murai, and now getting so big)

Then, it must be my wonderful chinese friend, Chiam Win Nee, well I called her Winnie the Pooh sometimes. She is brilliant, and in class, I love to sit besides her, coz she s so smart, but cant beat me though. wakaka;D. She is cool, a good badminton heroin but a bad bowler, :P. She is a librarian at school, and very matured, ehm...

(Chiam is wearing that khaki brown dress, on your left sitting, with my other friends and Cikgu Nini)

Whole Day was boring!

Ok, semalam bersamaan hari Sabtu 15 haribulan Dis 2007, aku sekeluarga, I mean without my mommy, went to UTM in KL, sbb apa? sbb sepupu aku iaitu anak mak lang aku yang bernama abg azrul nak further studies kat sana, nak ambik master katanya, so aku dan family aku pon tolong la die ke sana, and we waited like a log for him!

On the same day, ada lak majlis cukur jambul buat anak sedara aku yang tercomel takat ni, iaitu Khayra, yang baru 4 bulan berada di dunia ini. Man, she is gorgeous like her mother. (Well, her mom, is Kak intan, who is the best cousin ever) wanna see her photos? wait up!

^khayra in ladYbird costume ^

Ok, continue to our main topic, ass u can see our comel Khayra was actually wearing this beautiful gown, and masa aku sampai kat rumah mak teh aku (di mana majlis itu berlangsung), she was sleeping soundly in a craddle, which was designed by her own mak uda (whom I called her kak wani)

Guess what!? The food was incredibly marvellous, especially the lamb soup. man, I am gaining more weight now!And then kak wani said something which offended me a bit, she said, I am becoming more fat??! what!!! wargh! I am a total shock tht time. So, I decided not to take dinner, from today onwards, and to work out a bit.

After the cukur jambut feast, my evil cousin name Fiqasha, held her 5th birthday party, well I hate it, coz its little children party. Nevertheless, I love the surroundings, coz everyone was looking happy and joyful, and we got some goodie bags lol. We spent at least 4 hours there at mak teh's house, and I tell ya, it was crowded. Then we headed off to my step aunt's house in Meru, Klang, not far from tmn sri andalas (where mak teh's house was located)

At mak cik timah's house (my step aunt who can resemble as my grandma), I was a bit pissed off, why? coz, mak cik timah asked us to sleep over her place. well, I rejected the offer, why? coz x selesa laa, sbb rumah die ramai anak2 sedara lelaki, and besides, we didnt bring along any spare clothes. When she asked "tidurla sini!" I was suddenly said "No! x nakla!" and she heard it, and she became like "sampai hati anak ni". laa..sakit hati la pulak. ish2

so we went home at 10 pm, padahal kami sampai ke rumah die at 5 pm. so it was 5 hours ! man! I hated staying too long at someone house. argh...lega bile dah sampai rumah, then i watched asian Idol on tv. and now, I am online of coz, but azeem is not here and so is HUda, where is she??

letih ^0^

Friday, 14 December 2007

hari ni JUMAAT!

ape punye tajuk daa! aku meh buat je, skrang ni kalau korang nak tau, aku tgh tulis blog ni memalam buta, baru habis tgk Anugerah Skrin yang tidaklah best mana, kata ala Hollywood Glam, tp baju2 artis 2 kite macam Kampung Glam. ish2....

back to the topic, hari ni aku sebenarnya, tak taulah terlebih rajin. Maklumlah mak lang dr Kelantan mari maa...oleh itu, aku terpaksalah menunjukkan belangku dlm membuat housechores. Mak lang aku ni walaupun dah tua, die sporting, pandai masak and kelakar. Walaupun dia dilahirkan di Kedah (I mean she was from Kedah), skrang ni korang mesti xleh cam die sama ada dia org Kedah atau org Klate, sbb apa? sebab slang die the whole day, I was speaking in Kelantanese dialect....wakaka:D

hari ini encik azeem pi funeral at Selayang (condelence ya). so, aku x ler terperuk di hadapan pc je. Pagi2 aku meh aku cerite apa aku buat:

~1ST turun bawah, pegh! cawan belambak, pi basuh cawan2
~2nd pi bilik air, cuci muka, gosok gigi, kumur with Listerine
~3rdly, aku kemas ruang tamu sbb mak lang nak dtg, kelam kabut jugak
~lipat baju, banyak giler, ish2....kalau mak aku nampak mcm mana gaya aku lipat bj tuh, mesti kena penendang..wakaka
~breakfast, nasi lemak, tak habis! knapa? xsedap and I never like nasi lemak!! makan kuih talam apa ntah, pergh x sedap gak. ish2
~and kemudian sidai baju di ampaian
~tgk Twitches..bst laa gak jer la aku buat..yang lain tuh main carom kat hp papa aku, perg COM main tipu...pastuh aku borak ngan mak lang, buat2 jer laa mcm mak aku...walaupun agak kebosanan. mak aku xdak mmg laa susah...

pastuh nak dkt 3 o clock baru nak makan lunch=-=online nak download adobe photoshop, pergh pc buat hal, habis aku download hilang!!!!pergh....penat

and then bukak ym, en azeem ada lak, and juga cik LINI. chat ngan mereka. share photos with en azeem and then he s out to tesco. and I pon bla, pi solat asar, and then hang out ngan satu2nya gf aku yang masih "alive" iaitu cik que. naik motor ngan die, ronde2 kajang. borak2 kosong. walaupun aku sebenarnya kena banned dr naik motor. aku mmg anak derhaka ek?

hari ni episode last for my Favorite korean series couple or trouble at 8TV...aku x tau pon apa jadi sbb sibuk ngan itu ini....
ada anugerah skrin layan jelaa..
ada lak "I NOT STUPID TOO"
alamak mana satu nak tgk.....
pastuh skrang aku online chat ngan cik mira and ada lah sorang penyibuk dr India
and skrang as u can see tgh tulis blog,
and esok sure ada eyebags as well as low brain function
lupelak! esk nak pi jogging dgn cik que kite pkl 8 pagi

ok tu je aku nak kongsi
bye assalamualaikum
have a nice day!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

wat! mom gone to seoul?

aiyoma sedihnya..kinda sad, why??

my mom ...she had left to Seoul, Korea. I am sad.....coz I ll miss her damn much muchie....sound like a lil girl huh? well, I might be old but I am young at heart..hahaha

I hope she ll be fine there, I hope she can do her job well overthere, I hope she leave safely and arrive soon safely. Its winter there, I hope she doesn't forget to wear he gloves and sweater. I hope the food there is nice so that she can eat easily.

and more importantly, I hope she will be here soon, and still love me. hehehehe

I am mom's wat

sleep tightly mom!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

PC Fair brought to u by PIKOM

(my first masterpiece of KLCC)

I just return from PC fair at KL Convention Centre. Well, I went there with my wonderful handsome dad and my lousy-noisy-naughty-genius lil' bro. My mom and sis, hmm, they prefered to be at home I guess. We started our journey at abt, 9 am, after I had taken my bath and also some marvellous breakfast.

I was exactly, a lil' u know, pissed off, coz my dad parked the car way way far away from KL Con.Centre. Argh, it was tiring I tell ya to walk all the way to the KLcc although my feet had just recovered from some sort of illness, after walking 10km, from PTM to home on Friday. sob2 =.=

Ok, to reach to the first hall was exhausted, the journey was so complicated. Well, I am complaining much huh? Well, sorry for tht! Of coz like I ve expected, the hall was GOD crowded, and chinese were everywhere. well they were the one with lotz of money. daa ^^, ok continue k?

my first thing to grab was this printer, scanner, and copier maschine from Epson, hmm..the price is very2 affordable of coz, and so what the heck waiting, grab it will ya! 2nd, was a thumb drive 1 GB from Sandisk, well this one, hmm u dont need to worry abt misplacing the cover on top coz it doesnt have any cover! hahah:D

WAAA! then I found something "SPECTACULAR" a new brand NEC Hybrid PC. man its so cool, but u know the price is a bit expensive. I wanna upload its pic here but I guess later coz, I have to expand it a bit. This hybrid pc had just been lauched to the Malaysian market abt a month ago, and it doesnt need to a big cuboid CPU. the resolution is wonderful as well as the design. man, I fell in love with it already.

After tht, we went to another hall, forgot what it calls, whatever, and I got a headset, a cheap one. wakaka:D. and my bro got his webcam to chat with his friend who is now in Kuwait. Well, I dont use the webcam so much coz, a bit...scary??!whateverla....

3 hours passed like lightning, and we were all tired, we went to the masjid to perform our obligation of coz, meanwhile I stayed outside, why? dont ask?! and guess what! We were very hungry and craving for food! so we went to KFC, to grab some bite of chicken. Alhamdulillah!

ok thts all I think

see ya all alter

with much more suprises!

dayana azhar? who? me?

Saturday, 8 December 2007

huda I m sorry

OK kat sni aku nak kenal kan huda, kepada mereka yang enggak tau. huda is a very good friend of mine, I mean we have been friends for the past 5 years! sejak primary skool. and I love to be her friend.

semalam, ada skit kes antara huda and I. dan ianya berkaitan dgn tuisyen di PTM. ok aku tarik balik kata aku smlm. sebenarnye huda pon tak dtg class hari khamis so die tak tau klass ada ke x on friday. I was wrong, well very wrong, td aku dpt email drp die, die tanya aku ikhlas ke x, pi klas tuh, well, aku admit laa yang aku mmg agak tidak suke ke klass tuh..why??? becoz aku malas nak attend pada yang sama aku joined the clas sbb nak mengisi kekosongan waktu and to improve my grammar and also my communicating skills.

aku mmg slap ok? aku salah. aku mintak maaf bebanyak. aku x nak friendship beween huda and huda I jadi renggang mcm dulu dulu. so sorry k?

insan lemah iaitu dayana azhar. I am melt when I confront with her. She's strong & I am weak.

Friday, 7 December 2007

melecet kaki aku!

hari ni siot aku bengang tahap cipan, korang tau x tahap cipan ni mcm apa? maksudnye teruk laa!!! ok contnue with my story.....

hari ni jumaat kalau sapa yang tak tau, aku hari ni sepatutnya ada workshop BI. where?! kat PTM Kajang....jauh gak dr rumah...sbb ada highway..siot nyr highway....ok, hari ni class start lambat skit laa...sbb apa?? sbb boys have to go to sembahyang Jumaat. start pkul 230 pm. aku seperti biasa....melengah-lengahkan waktu, sampai hampir terlewat...x sempat pon lucnh..siot.

ok, so papa aku hantarlaa ke PTM. Aku kata kat die, aku akan balik pukul 530pm. ok aku pon sampai, aku terkejut, class tutup, mak cik kat stu kata hari ni xder class. aku bengang sbb huda kata ada. ade ke patut. ponat ponat aku mai, x der lak, aku rasa mcm nak pengsan. ayah aku lak, dah x der kat bwah, pi mana? pi tesco beli barang. aiyoma, aiyopa! aku lagi laa mcm nak menangis, lps tu aku call huda, aku pakai telefon kat PTM, sbb aku xder henfon..zzzzz, aku maki hamun die, die gelak!? wat! ish2.....mcm mana die tak tau yg hari ni takdak class, sedangkan yesterday she came to the class. aiyaa..apa lorh

so, aku pon blah, papa suruh pi czip lee, but, aku x gi?? Y??? sbb aku malaih, nak tgk buku, no mood no money....wat the!!sko aku jalan..walaupon pakai selipar je....ish2...sampai haus tau x. aku jalan2 jalan2 jalan2 bukan utk cr makan. aku xdak selera. aku pelik nape sume pandang je aku. lawa sangat ke aku??? ntah....baju aku biasa nasib baik td x kena ragut. moto tu selambe je menyelinap masuk, lalu je tepi aku.,.ish....

sampai je kat jejantas..aku dah lelah..penat doh. xdak sapa nak bagi aku tumpang. aku jalan, x lalu skolah, lalu shortcut, malaih nak citer shortcut mana. so aku jalan lagi jauh n!!!! sampai je kat kajang utama puyer apartmen thts is the cempaka block, i m so tired ike hell!!! i was sweating!!!!! aku ttp pelik org pandang je aku. so dalam masa 15 minutes aku berjaya alhamdulillah sampai rumah! aduih fuh! lege! aku lepas geram kat pagar, tendang pagar, marah adek aku tak tentu pasal. then aku trus grab the pc from my cousin, and trus chat ngan si dia.. ehem2...


well, might sound devastating ( i love this word) but the truth is I am afraid of clowns. Really! Not bluffing overhere. I am afraid of clowns since I was a small girl. Wahahahhaha.....

Here I wanna jot down some of the reasons why I hate them so much. People kinda feel wierd abt this, coz most people LOVE clowns, but seriously I am not the kinda person. So look at the list below, my reasons why I hate clowns.

~their white-weird make-up scared me off

~their stupid red striking lip stick, god, I hate it

~stupid big shoes.

~scary alfro hair.

~look at their eyes aren't they scary, full of mascara.

~their stupid and foolish behaviour

~their ugly outfits.

~last but not least their VOICES.

ok thats y I hate clowns. Do not ever let me see one, or do not ever be one!

true story from Dayana Azhar

Thursday, 6 December 2007

where is HE!

(aku tgh marah, akan ku buat potion untuk diri aku)
well skrang ni aku agak kebengangan, knapa? sbb si dia yang JANJI nak mucuk x kluar 2 lagi. siot penat aku tunggu. sat lagi aku akan out. bye2 then.

kenapa aku obses sgt ngan die? ntah aku x tau! mungkin aku ni bodoh. selalu mcm ni. ergh...I must be evil. dah dkt 1 JAM aku tunggu. x kluar gak. masya ALLAH. tertido agaknye. wateverlaa...aku nak tgk ANTM jap lagi...

aku harap jumpa die next time. tak pon bile2 laa....well I understand that he too has his right to be on or not. but jangan laa janji kalau x leh grant it. apa laa! typical boys. zzzzz...
kemarahan melanda tahap gaban....

my designs

tension aku......

memikirkan gigi aku yang akan tumbuh x lama lagi (gigi kekal)

memikirkan workshop BI aku.....

macam2 lagi....

so tadi, lepas chat ngan azeem, aku buat laa kerja buang masa aku. aku x rasa mcm buang masa, tp mama aku asyik kata ia membuang masa. zzzzz...kali ni aku pakai paint je. celik gak mata kau nak buat benda alah nie...x la lawa kinda cool. untuk org emo.

benda ni sebenarnye menceritekan, kehidupan seseorang yang cintanye tidak terbalas,, sorry laa kalau ade yang terase. x ada kaitan antara yang hidup atau yang mampos. cume...hmm aku saje buat..ikut mood aku.

aku menceritakan bagaimana die disisih dan kemudiannya die tahu bahawa masih ada segelintir insan yang sayang akannya...mcm drama telenovela lak...watever u can say laa...

aku pakai org lidi untuk meng-ekpreskan apa yang aku ceritakan. sapa yang tak faham tuh buat laa mcm faham. zzzz...

jap aku upload...tu die kat atas tuh..tgk laa...
hahahaha...penat tau aku buat....
ok tu je...
dan katakan best...
hidup ni teruk kenapa? sbb takdir

my damn bored work

(sorry x dpt jumpa maggie curry maa)

ok title mmg la dlm english, but aku akan tulis dalam BM. BM tu apa ek? BM tu bahasa melayu laa ngok.

hari ni aku tak tau mengapa aku rasa badan aku macam sakit semacam je, nak kate man badminton x jugak....hmm pelik bin ajaib...kepala berserabut..hati berkecamuk.....semua x kena. hari ni jugak hujan je memanjang..daaa.....raining always. but i love rain because x yah sidai kain..ahaks.

hari ni jugak papa aku seharian pi KL pi LOW YAT. nak beli printer baru katenye, printer aku skrang ni buat merengek. siot tul. tp last2 tak beli sbb die kata nak beli kat PC Fair. entah betul entah tidak. so hari ni, lunch, apa pon takdak untuk aku dan adik2 aku jamah. well, mmg lapar laa tp x lapar sgt, sbb kiteorang adik-bradik bukannye makan sangat. nasi 2 pot pon x habis...selalu membazir.

jadi hari ni aku masak laa maggie special pedas lebih. ahaks. tu je aku pandai. malas nak buat yang complicated buat pening lagi je. lagipon aku nak cpt, x suke lambat2. so, aku pon masaklaa maggie walaupon aku teramatlah tahu akan risiko mendapat otak tersumbat. ni aku nak bagitau, ataupon dalam bahasa utara, habaq mai. aku nak habaq mai yang maggie tu ada wax. wax tu mcm salutan lilin kalau nak masak maggie, masaklaa pakai boiled water jgn makan sangat maggie dalam cup tuh, tak elok. aku cakap je, kalau korang nak makan gak apa aku susah. ahaks. ^0^

ok, aku masak 2 paket maggie, untuk aku tiga-bradik makan. ada ke patut dorang langsung x tolong aku. zzzz...yang dorang tau lepak je. aku angin betul. tp x laa angin sangat. hmm..lpas dah! haruman menyengat hati, aku pon apa lagi, isi laa kedalam mangkuk hayun..ahahks. aku isi lebih untuk aku, adik aku sibuk merengek kata tak adil laa apa laa...apa aku kisah, aku yang masak. zzz...

mmg kaw laa maggie aku..aku ni pandai masak maggie, expert tuh. tambah lak ngan bawang goreng ohGOD! sedap nyer!!!! tapi aku x makan sangat kuahnyer yang berminyak..sbb apa??? sbb x elok laa..apa lagi.

so tu je laa...lunch aku...kesian kan?? nak call MCD...siot MCD kajang lambat mcm siput. hmm....pastuh makan malam, kiteorang makan tomyam..zzz..aku makan 2 pinggan!!! siot..bertambah laa kilo aku =.=

dayana azhar

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I am back with a smile (I guess)

well it has been a month since I last updated my blog.
nothing new though, but I am finally recovered from my tragic depression,, the u-know-what
school will reopen in 3 weeks time, and I must say that I am kind of nervous. yeah...I'll be in form 4 which also means that I am going to be an upper form kid, can I be a BULLY NANNY?

Although this year, I felt like the school holiday is damn LONG and forever. but I too felt bored..bored to death I tell ya. Luckily, I have some good friends of mine whom kindly chatted with me in Yahoo Messenger. Well, now I am kinda hurt coz no one is basically here to chat with me, well there are several people whom I called BORED BOWLS.

Oh god I waited for so long for HE who U KNOW to be online, but I guess he would not be ON after all. Yah..he got his friends and so do I. but, its kind of ironic, because my friends are very BUSY with their won activities that they don't have time to spend some diamonds on me.

TO make an effort, I now, joined an english workshop at PUSAT tuisyen mewah which costs a LOT! Thanx to huda who registered off my name there. I havent paid the fee yet...maybe later....well, I must say that my parents looked a bit shock when I told them how much it cost for the workshop.daaaaa

Fortunately, Puan Zaywah the tuitor is so nice kind and polite and funny. but i hate the narrow-space class, which u know, kind of uncomfortably fit the 25 students well. Yesterday, I was damn late for the class....well its a cliche' for me to be late..I can't be punctual....zzzzz &__&

I sat at the back of the class with my so long friend HUDA ESTRADa, and I was the 2nd student to introduce myself to the entire class. I admit that the class teaches us to be confident to speak in public, and what I have seen is this boy name zakaria, he is ON THE SPOTLIGHT.!!!!zzzzz

hmmm....its late now....and I m kinda bored......well see ya later.