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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Yeah! I met an old friend.

Fine, at least today isn't so boring after all, after an old friend of mine, named Vignaa came online, and had this little chat with me via Yahoo Messenger.

Here is his picture, he is an INdian guy, and he is also the nicest indian guy i've ever met, after Arvind in my current school. Now, he is schooling in SMK Jalan 4, Bangi (the prestigious school here in Bangi)

hate this photo

"these hot chicks are MINE!" Said Vignaa..

ok, thats all for now...

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Whats wrong with me today

(bahasa malaysia hari ini)

hari sabtu, 30 haribulan Ogos 2008,
saya bertanya kepada diri sendiri
"mengapa masih berada di sini?"
"mengapa masih berada di hadapan komputer?"
"apa yang masih boleh saya buat dengan streamyx ni?"

namun, soalan di atas. tidak dapat saya jawab dengan baik.
petang tadi, papa balik.
"cepat siap! ada tahlil malam ni kat surau", kata papa.
seperti biasa saya buat tak tahu je. malas benar nak siap.
-kenapa kalau bab agama mesti rasa malas?
-manakah keinsafan?

mama dan adik jugak pergi,
tadi dalam pukul 7;55 malam, mama ketuk pintu bilik saya.
"dena, dah solat maghrib belum?".
saya pun jawab...
"eh, belum lagila...tgh salin pakaian"
saya masih terhegeh-hegeh.
lepas dah salin pakaian, bentang sejadah, pakai telekung
saya mulakan solat.
lepas baca doa, saya bergegas keluar, saya memanggil mama
malangnya, mama dah pergi
mama dan adik dah pergi ke surau terlebih dahulu

saya agak bengang sebab mama tak tunggu saya
tapi, kalau difikirkan semula, memang itu salah saya,
saya terlalu lembap, saya mengeluh
saya menggapai tudung putih, lalu memakainya,
saya buka pintu rumah, kedengaran para jemaah sudahpun mula membaca surah yasin
saya mengeluh lagi,
mereka sudahpun hampir menghabiskan surah suci itu, adakah patut saya pergi sekarang?

tanpa lengah,
saya mengambil surah yasin,
dan membacanya sendiri, di rumah yang sunyi ini.
ah, sekarang walaupun ISHAK sudah tiba,
saya masih di sini,
menanti sesuatu yang tak pasti
menanti sesuatu yang tidak dapat dikenalpasti

adakah saya berdosa sekarang ini?
tapi, adakah patut saya ke surau sekarang, kerana para jemaah sedang solat ishak.
saya berdosa
saya pasti....

Friday, 29 August 2008

Trip To Melaka :)

Last Wednesday, several of my friends and I went to Melaka for a school trip. Puan Thava my darling teacher and Puan Mornisa came along with us. So, the overall trip was tip top fun. The first stop to the Bee Farm was no fun at all. Only little knowledge we got on the honey and so, but nothing really interesting anyway.

Then, the Hang Tuah's well, which looked like an abandoned well to me. Here is boring too. Nothing much to see. And the Traditional Malay House, it, too got nothing, just several ancient malay items which I had no fond to see. But the house was been taken care very well. Only that the plastic flowers as deco ruined the whole traditional look. Next, we visit Hang Li Po's Well, built by Sultan Mansor Syah for his beloved wife Hang Li Po from China. The well was poisoned by the Portugese Army back then in the 1400's, so to prevent anyone from falling into it, a gate is made to cover the open area of the well.
Puan Mornisa with some other kids with the well.

mimi in front of the temple's entrance

After that, we went to the town. I forgot where it was, but the place was stunning.

some hong kong's tourists

the wishing well, (i wish i can ....)

After done with some shopping at the hawkers, we headed off to the Ship Museum. While we were on the ship, there's a student on drugs, and he was totally in fantasy, so puan thava asked us to be extra careful.

daksayani and I on the ship.

chiam never bothers me

the upper deck of the ship

woah, pn mornisa scandal-ing with a doll?

me, cikgu thava and huda

Lunch time, we had at McD. Simple lunch yet fun!

mimi and huda in London?

chiam and chris at McD

woah big mouth u got there!

ok, this pie is mine!! its totally delicious-s0!

ok then other photos, (too lazy to story telling)

the A Fa-Mo-Sa

upper view of melaka city

the grave stone with lots of carving

WHat is IHS? bTW, This is another wishing well here.

can u see an old man sitting there? he's waiting for someone:(

and last but not least:)

mimi and I

(goodbye Mimsz)

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

How can we detect a good friend?

Simple (answer to the above Q).

In the hit series, that I am now so keen to watch, The Gossip Girl, the character Serena Van Der Woodsen is the one whom I can say as a good friend. Although she cheated on Blair, by having a one night stand with Blair's boyfriend, she finally realised what she had done, and so she ran away by going to boarding school out of Manhattan. A year later, when she came back to Manhattan, Blair's boyfriend found out that he actually loves Serena more than he loves Blair. But here what Serena told Nate (Blair's Boyfriend)

"sorry, Blair is my friend, and I didnt came back for you. I come back because of her"

See. Thats what friend is all about. Care for each other feeling. Serena is so nice to Blair, eventhough at first Blair couldnt accept her back as she ran away a year before without telling her. But then again, they become close friends.

Another example which I can happily extract from this series is when Serena is in trouble. Georgina, a bitch in this series, couldnt see Serena's changes, so she made some plans like stealing Serena's boyfriend, Dan. Georgina actually said that she is Sarah, and lied to Dan about who she really is. Serena wanted to tell Dan about the real person Georgina, but when she was going to tell Dan, that bitchy Georgina came into the spot, and ruin the talk. Serena went away crying, but Blair and Chuck with Nate helped Serena out. Blair, who is the Queen here, called Georgina's parents, who to my concern were looking for their daughter as their daughter actually escaped from a rehab centre. So, when Georgina's parents met Georgina, then on that moment only Dan knows who Sarah is. She is Georgina, who has been playing on his relationship with Serena. Cheers and thumbs up for Blair...!

For me, a good friend, can also be detected by how they react when we re in problems. How they could tell us that they can solve it for us. Thats the meaning of a true friend. And how Blair accpeted Serena's apologizing, is another thing that should be seen as what a friend should do, when her or his friend made something wrong to her. Be nice, forget the past. Thats the best thing to do. We re sisters, so what the need to be on the nerves? So, thats it for now. tata:=)

Where are the teachers?

Tuesday, again it felt like I am schooling in kindergarten. Teachers were not around, so instead of 5 subjects that we should have learn that day, it kinda decrease to only 3 subjects that day. During physics, we already in chapter 5, last chapter alright. And the teacher said like this

"lepas bab 5 ni, kirenye kerja saya dah habis. korang nak buat apa lepas ni??"

and ok....sounded great? NO!! after this I am sure she will be torturing us with her blabbering and then she will ask us to do more and more exercises on physics.

Then we have English conducted by Puan Thava. I was so relieved that she actually stop teaching us literature, which to my concern, not a subject which I can create a fondness to. Next, she gave us our test papers. We were shocked when she said that, 5 students in 4 Amanah failed in English. I was like, "Ah, that can't be! English is the easiest among all"

The first name she called out was my friend, Daksayani who according to her got only 38%, we were shocked and made the big eyes. Then we know she was just joking, Daksayani go 83% for English. For mine, hehe, thankfully I got 98%. However, nothing much to be arrogant over this easy paper anyway, the level is so low compared to mid year's or end of the year's papers.

Yeah, I also asked Puan Thava if I could withdraw for the trip to Melaka tomorrow, but she said "You cannot go. You must follow!" Ah, terrible. Now, I can't save money. An expensive trip to Melaka this one, with RM 25 as the fees, and the money is just for the transport. {WHat she thinks we are so well-off?!}

During chemistry, Puan BADRIA pretended to be fierce, because she said we are too spoil. However, her fierceness was not on our line. We didn't feel anything, instead we laughed and laughed because she looked like a cartoon. Chemistry was fun as we did some exercises with her aid, so some of the missing information just stick up in our mind.

I think thats all that happened today. Not much, but its a well fine day I supposed. Besides that, I had a wonderful time chatting with Mimi today, on Ugly Betty next season. Too bad that she will be leaving for GOOD next week. Aww...pity me:( {sigh}.
Not only that, but Chiam also made fun jokes and funny stories about her life. She made me laugh a lot.

Ok. Thats all for now. I need to go to the clinic. Well, something not right with my left eye, so until then. sALAM~~:}

Monday, 25 August 2008


Fine, midterm break had blew off, now school session started again. Crap, today, I was so glad, coz my bahasa malaysia teacher wasn't around at school. Hence, so no homeworks, yeay!!! but physics, the moment we came in, the teacher started to blab. She said this

u all ni kalau nak pandai, cube la belajar mcm budak sekolah asrama tu. kamu semua ni tak faham ke apa yang saja ajar selama ni? saya tak reti ajar ke? saya dah tak tahu mcm mana nak bagi kamu ni pandai.

well is not her, if she doesnt blab. ok, i'm actually getting annoyed of the teachers tht always compared us with the boarding school students. they always say that kajang utama's students are lazy and bla bla bla. not our fault that we cannot answer the questions well. they re so hard. physics is hard. even if I got the formulae right, I must have some slight incorrect way of answering due to my careless mistakes.

ok, forget about Physics. For history, my marks are getting lowered. From 88 to 78? Ah, bad, but nevermind, teacher is still satisfied. Biology is another paper which I got the highest mark. Yeayy!! I got 80, but its not good isnt it? so more hard work after this.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ah, men. are always men...

I am so sad, and dissapointed with my own father. Not that I like to tell bad stories abt him, but lately he has been so annoying and frustrating. Maybe he has to buy and read a book called 'How to be a good Dad to ur daughter'.

Fine, today he promised me to bring me to the mall to do some shopping spree, as I dont have any girlfriends who can do tht with me. And he couldnt made it in the morning, because he had scommunity work called gotong royong at a wedding so i dont mind about tht. He said tht we all can go after asar.

After Asar, I waited and he was still not home. And when he got home, he said there's a friend invited him to go to watch football match of selangor versus kedah team. And much to my suprise they got VIP seats. He asked my bro to come along, and of course my bro couldnt reject tht offer. So, they re already off, meanwhile me? He never cares!

Meeting Old Classmate

Yup, here again. So, I just returned from a wedding reception, or u can say a wedding feast. A simple wedding with no brides and bridesgroom, as they havent arrived when we reached the wedding, so nothing much to brag.

Happily, it is a wedding of my friend's sister, and there I met a lot of my old classmates. Among them is my old buddy, Shakira. My god, she's big, I mean she has grown up. Besides, firstly I thought it was Maryam, but on second look. oh god, Shakira! She is totally pretty
{ok fine, I am jealous}.

Well, sadly, I havent had time to chat with her, since she is eating, and I already on the set to get home. So, it was a terrific time seeing her, I never thought she would still remember me though, but whatever it is, she is totally a beauty. Hahaha

How the brain has its holiday?

Ok. fine now there's time to be blogging. As I currently on a holiday, which will end tomorrow, but here what I've got during my so-lame sitting at home holiday. I've found out that my brain too, had its own holiday. Well not like I am making a joke out of this, but for me, its simply is real.

Why I said its real? Well, to be honest, I used to be brilliant in Chemistry, as I used to be able to answer the questions easily. But the previous days, when I tried to answer the chapter 3 Q, I was totally black out. My brain wasnt functioning like it used to be. I was worried.

And I was about to be completing my rocket, well a bottle rocket project with Chiam. Unfortunately, both of us dont have any interest on it, so I guess I will be making it alone. Sadly, I am not born to be an inventor, so, I could not think of anything for my rocket.

Not only tht, for the Prefect's Board Team, where I am in charge for the notice board, I think I will just put up the board of prefects, the names of blacklist students, the duties' timetable and anything...that I think suitable for the prefects.

Alright see, my brain isnt functioning, it already flew to new york I think...

Monday, 18 August 2008

The Rose by Westlife

i love the guy band, but despise the name, what with the "Westlife". {Sigh}

so here's the lyric, soft and quiet, peaceful tone to hear to...


Some say love it is a river
That drowns the tender reed.
Some say love it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love it is a hunger
An endless, aching need
I say love it is a flower,
And you it's only seed.
It's the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance
It's the one who won't be taken,
Who cannot seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live
When the night has been too lonely
And the road has been too long.
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong.
Just remember in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
In the spring, becomes the rose.
oh that is sweet, a poem of love a song of meaning

Lee Chong Wei fails the Malaysians

No Gold Medal for Malaysia. Yes, everyone, wake up from fantasy. The probability for a malaysian athlete to achieve at least a gold medal in the Olympic Games, is almost zero. Pity it may seemed. The only hope, Lee Chong Wei, our beloved single player in badminton lost to Lin Dan, the hearthrob of China yesterday with sad results.

The first set only lasted for 12 minutes resulting in Lin Dan's triumph in winning 21-12. As we thought Chong Wei was able to defeat Lin Dan in the second set, the thought was brought to the ultimately impossible line, when Lin Dan who is also the world's number one player won the second set too, with points of 21-8.

Obviously, Lin Dan didnt give any chances for Chong Wei to show his skills. Although Chong Wei had defeated Lin Dan five times already in other championship, but I guess that doesnt mean Lin Dan has to lose this time. Lin Dan is very tough especially during front-net smashing, and of course he was able to get all the serves given by Chong Wei with fast momentum. So, first Gold Medal for Lin Dan in the Olympic as he lost to Indonesian player, Taufiq Hidayat 4 years ago in Athens, Greece.

Now, Malaysia can only be satisfied with one silver medal through Chong Wei. Nevertheless, he had given all he could to bring Malaysia to the final stage of the Olympic Game of Badminton. Try again CW!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

August Test..

august test passed by, and the possibility to get good marks is only 40%. this is of coz thanked to my laziness that been invaded me since the last mid year exam.

*bm-few questions but still able to answer
*agricultural science-exactly like the book I had
*biology-i miss out on albumen experiment
*physics- first time I THINK I was able to answer with peace:)
*mathematics- "thanks" I hate math (only this time)
*add math - mamamia, hard but enable to answer, hope no careless mistakes.
*chemistry- Pn Badria tortured us!!
*english- no chance of getting the highest
*est - always with the bombastic words...hate them...

so here is my conclusion through out the whole papers i had, only agama was easy, but still not sure if i could mantain my shiny-A...

wish me good luck...and I dont know why I am so hectic over this ordinary test.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


so, here what I did after those blushing-hot moment revising Physics. A nice cute picture of my brother and I.... is it?? cool bro looks soo cute and 'hot'with the panda hat...
be back on saturday...

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


If Olympic 2008 has FU WA, the cute dollies which look like Panda, I want my FU REN. What's the meaning? And how did I find this weird word?

To be honest, one day while Chiam and I were chatting online, I saw her icon, which resembled the dolly of Olympic, or better said it as mascot of Olympic 2008, called Fuwa. Since the Fuwa looks like Panda Bear, so I made a conclusion myself, that Fuwa means "panda". However, I guess I am not so clever huh. My conclusion was wrong, Chiam said it means 'patung yang membawa kebahagian' or happiness dolly.

So, I asked her what will it be in chinese, if it is "the one who brings happiness". She said it will be called as "FU REN". Sounds nice? Well...for me yes it does sound nice, but Chiam said its weird.

So where can I find Furen, and who will it be? I still cant find the furen I want.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Saturday, and its school...:)

Fine, as a very hardworking lady, I make myself available for school today and the schedule will be the same as friday. Ok, in the morning, for the first 2 periods, we had aerobics exercises, which was extremely fun-to the MAX!! Oh, yeah I want it more!! All of us were in sweat, and Nina, my friend, were very eccentric over this exercise and did it like a disco dance, wahaha:) So, Puan Yati, my class teacher felt proud of nina and several others who showed full commitments during the exercise.

The bad part was, we skipped our math period, which was my favourite subject. So, we continue with Bahasa Melayu. It was suprising that Puan Suzyana seemed to be like my mom today, so nice and softer than she used to be. After BM, English lesson strucks us. Puan Thava said I am a wicked witch after I said I will seek for revenge if she slap me in the face. Wah, that IS an AWESOME compliment! Like that!:)

Next, the muslims had Islamic education, but ustazah was too exhausted to teach as she had also participate in the aerobics, so she let us watch the show on dosa and maksiat. The show was scary, I repent now from my previous mistakes. Astaghfirullahalzim. The scariest of all was this scene, that showed an American soldier who slaughtered a man. I dont think I can eat chicken after this though...scary, believe me!

After Islamic Edu. we had Agricultural science conducted by Puan Yati, and it was a sleepy lesson, but still ok, compared to the one we had on Friday. Now, the main aim to stay at home is to


Friday, 8 August 2008

Puan K shock me till death?

what a very scary day yesterday. Puan K, the penolong kanan of my school gathered all the SMKKU's girls. She had to give a brief talk on little issue on girls thingy especially those relating to the toilets. She also warned us to report any incidents that evolves bullying amongst girls. Besides that, she also warned us not to get close to boys and report to her about any sexual harrassment happened. I, already expected that will be the issue, as the school is trying to condemn the coupling thing amongst girls and boys.

However, much to my concern, I didn't expect her to call my name in front of the girls. She screamed "DAYANA!!" and I was like, uh-oh. ah, what? and she asked me a very good question. That was, --> "Have u been touched by a boy?' and so, without failed I answered, "No!" and she asked me back.."Why u have not been touched?", so, again without wasting time I answered "coz..I have dignity..". and she goes...."see, dayana can keep her dignity up hold, why cant the rest?". And everybody was looking at me, like they were jealousing of my Prada shoes.

And...yes, a girl asked me when I returned home, "What does it feel to be asked about tht sort of question?". and I answered, " was scary after all!".

ok, I have been slightly a role model in school?? Ah, but i CANT...WHY? because....of certain reasons...I am ashamed...

Hah? She came back?

yeah people, my friend MIMI came back to school today after her fake news about mobing out from school. I was not so shock...

The reason is because, the school's science stream students are now busy preparing for the Merdeka 2008 ceremony, presenting in front of the PM of Malaysia. so they wont be in class. Besides tht, they have already done with the form syllabus, great arent they?

She came back, and now at least i HAVE a malay-female prefect friend to be my company at school. yAY!! never been happier!!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

At Last, I am FREE!~

I am free, since the cocuricullar activities had completed. There will be more responsibiLIties after this..YAY!!

Not that I dont like co-co, but for everyone's info, its tiring. As the president of Red Crescent Society, I felt like collapsing, coz I had to do tonnes of works, and some of them are very boring. And this year, sorry to say, most of the higher comunitee members didnt give the slightest awareness in this society club. The only persons who had been given full commitment were, I of coz, my friends, like Chiam, Chris, Daksa and Durrah, and only Kak Ayu, a form five student. Where are the rests? Besides tht, I've been so frustrated over a girl named Elaine whom has changes a lot since she befriends with the "cool" girls.

So, from right now on, no more duties, my last duty will be the Merdeka Sports Carnival on this upcoming Sunday...then I can continue with my studies...

Tuesday, 5 August 2008 heart attack

mamamia! today, I had Physics, the first lesson this morning. And like what Puan Suzita had promised, she granted it today. The physic test on Chapter 4, namely Heat (*is it chapter 4 or 5*?)....

yesterday, after rushing home, I quickly open up my physic reference book, which almost look like a tempoyak now (*meaning: extremely bad-looking*). I studied the chapter 5 heat, and it ain't easy I tell u, what is heat capacity, thermal equilibrium, specific latent heat, gas laws, charles' law, Boyle's Law and Pressure Law?? Have mind on tht?

So, what the teacher asked us kids to do was easy and simple. Do the objective questions in the reference book and then, today, just this morning she did a little test. We were all have to stand still, and either one of us, have to answer a question, and explain why we get the answer like what we got. Haha...I, of coz, to be safe, chose the easiest one, but still had to show the calculation on the board, about how to find heat capacity.

Actually, it was nothing, from the lesson, I guaranteed that everyone of us, gets something useful. We can use the formula of heat easily now. And we know the type of questions that will always come out during SPM. So, this way of learning is actually more fun, and efficient, rather than writing notes and notes...until we have to buy pens almost every week.

Friday, 1 August 2008

I lost my best gf, my tears almost drop, but I keep them for another day...


-I am sadly to announce that today, I lost another best girlfriend of mine, namely Mimi. What can I said about her is that, she is just adorable, cute, nice, and girlish. She had enlighten my day since the day I had been thrown away by some people.

-I firstly thought she was joking on the news that she will be moving to KL, but it was not. Now, she had left me alone, the only malay-female prefect in class. Pretty lonely now, as I will not have any companion to mingle with me with the latest fashion in town, the synopsis on gossip girl, ugly betty, and desperate housewives. Ah, I will miss her thoroughly...

-The bad thing is that, from now on, I will be having recess time alone. Going to the prefects meeting alone and many things have to be done by myself. Thanks god, Chiam is here. Her jokes will always be on my mind, our gossip on how arvind likes to touch boy's hands will be just a memoir. Her confidence, her fantastic presentations in class and her humbleness will be encraved in heart. Bye mimi, I wish u good luck.

p/s: mimi took 13 papers in her spm

Agricultural Science - ONe word..BORING~!)

The noble day of all, Friday, became extremely dull, when I had to attend the sains pertanian class 0r agro class. The class duration is so long, 2 hours non break, and it was BORING!~~

The text book is a lame one I supposed, long notes on agro which made my head dizzy. However, our old teacher Pn Haryati was a very good teacher, she is born to teach. So, we dont have any problems with the lesson..until...

One day came the nightmare, the practical teacher is now on duty to serve us all with boring teaching. All she did, was mentioning the same thing in the text book, I almost vomit of boredom. She turned on her laptop, asked us to watch her presentation and thats all. She talks and we write. What a bad luck...

Now, I started to hate agro science because of the teacher. Why in the world would the government give us such a lousy teacher who doesnt have any experience in teaching, to teach us who will be sitting for an important exam next year? That's the main question. I dont think I would be able to make myself available for that class ever again. I prefer teach myself by reading and making notes alone. Hahaha:0