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Friday, 8 August 2008

Hah? She came back?

yeah people, my friend MIMI came back to school today after her fake news about mobing out from school. I was not so shock...

The reason is because, the school's science stream students are now busy preparing for the Merdeka 2008 ceremony, presenting in front of the PM of Malaysia. so they wont be in class. Besides tht, they have already done with the form syllabus, great arent they?

She came back, and now at least i HAVE a malay-female prefect friend to be my company at school. yAY!! never been happier!!


winnie said...

hey, sayang, what's "mobing"? u salah type la.... hais~~~
*a bit geli mase call u "sayang" hahaha.....

Farah Ismail said...

you guys are whattt? preparing for what? experiment for the merdeka 2008 or what? haha LOL

okee, korang buat ape? rugi aku pinda skola