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Friday, 8 August 2008

Puan K shock me till death?

what a very scary day yesterday. Puan K, the penolong kanan of my school gathered all the SMKKU's girls. She had to give a brief talk on little issue on girls thingy especially those relating to the toilets. She also warned us to report any incidents that evolves bullying amongst girls. Besides that, she also warned us not to get close to boys and report to her about any sexual harrassment happened. I, already expected that will be the issue, as the school is trying to condemn the coupling thing amongst girls and boys.

However, much to my concern, I didn't expect her to call my name in front of the girls. She screamed "DAYANA!!" and I was like, uh-oh. ah, what? and she asked me a very good question. That was, --> "Have u been touched by a boy?' and so, without failed I answered, "No!" and she asked me back.."Why u have not been touched?", so, again without wasting time I answered "coz..I have dignity..". and she goes...."see, dayana can keep her dignity up hold, why cant the rest?". And everybody was looking at me, like they were jealousing of my Prada shoes.

And...yes, a girl asked me when I returned home, "What does it feel to be asked about tht sort of question?". and I answered, " was scary after all!".

ok, I have been slightly a role model in school?? Ah, but i CANT...WHY? because....of certain reasons...I am ashamed...


Farah Ismail said...

whoaaaa, what really happen neway?

Ashraf said...

Yeah Puan K is a like that sometimes. She likes to think of me as the "player" of the Prefect comune (perasan tak she always points all the bf-gf jokes at me?). She's probably just joking so no need to worry lar.

Ashraf said...

Yeah, Puan K likes to do that. She thinks I'm the "Player" of the Pengawas comunity so all the bf-gf jokes are always pointed at me (Perasan tak?). I think that means she just likes you. No worries.

Dayana Azhar said...

yup she scared me but I love that coz tht means she simply likes me....