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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Saturday, and its school...:)

Fine, as a very hardworking lady, I make myself available for school today and the schedule will be the same as friday. Ok, in the morning, for the first 2 periods, we had aerobics exercises, which was extremely fun-to the MAX!! Oh, yeah I want it more!! All of us were in sweat, and Nina, my friend, were very eccentric over this exercise and did it like a disco dance, wahaha:) So, Puan Yati, my class teacher felt proud of nina and several others who showed full commitments during the exercise.

The bad part was, we skipped our math period, which was my favourite subject. So, we continue with Bahasa Melayu. It was suprising that Puan Suzyana seemed to be like my mom today, so nice and softer than she used to be. After BM, English lesson strucks us. Puan Thava said I am a wicked witch after I said I will seek for revenge if she slap me in the face. Wah, that IS an AWESOME compliment! Like that!:)

Next, the muslims had Islamic education, but ustazah was too exhausted to teach as she had also participate in the aerobics, so she let us watch the show on dosa and maksiat. The show was scary, I repent now from my previous mistakes. Astaghfirullahalzim. The scariest of all was this scene, that showed an American soldier who slaughtered a man. I dont think I can eat chicken after this though...scary, believe me!

After Islamic Edu. we had Agricultural science conducted by Puan Yati, and it was a sleepy lesson, but still ok, compared to the one we had on Friday. Now, the main aim to stay at home is to


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