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Wednesday, 13 August 2008


If Olympic 2008 has FU WA, the cute dollies which look like Panda, I want my FU REN. What's the meaning? And how did I find this weird word?

To be honest, one day while Chiam and I were chatting online, I saw her icon, which resembled the dolly of Olympic, or better said it as mascot of Olympic 2008, called Fuwa. Since the Fuwa looks like Panda Bear, so I made a conclusion myself, that Fuwa means "panda". However, I guess I am not so clever huh. My conclusion was wrong, Chiam said it means 'patung yang membawa kebahagian' or happiness dolly.

So, I asked her what will it be in chinese, if it is "the one who brings happiness". She said it will be called as "FU REN". Sounds nice? Well...for me yes it does sound nice, but Chiam said its weird.

So where can I find Furen, and who will it be? I still cant find the furen I want.

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winnie said...

hahaha....."Fu-Ren"...panda dlm Bahasa Cina is "Xiong-Mao" o...