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Friday, 26 June 2009

What a day..

In school this morning, I went to chat with Chris, Huda and Aina. Then, came my other friend, Anne from 5 Adil, and her eyes were red. She was actually mourning, because today, the world had lost the king of pop star, nonetheless, Michael Jackson. Huda said his Muslim's name is Mustapha Kamal. Yeah right, u joker.

Of course people said he died too soon, as for me, who really aint any fan of his, would say that we should just accept the reality that it's not too soon. He was ill and having so many skin diseases won't make him able to play his role as the pop star we had known like old days. I just pity his little kids. Hmm...nevermind, they got much money that they can spend till they die.

Like always, school wasn't pleasing. It was tiring, especially when it came to sains pertanian. I must admit that this subject is bored, but nevermind, the teacher said this would be the last opportunity for us to have boredom with our mighty friends, 'the books', after this, we could enjoy....

Some of my friends even succumbed to terrible migrain because of the intense pressure. Nina went sick in a sudden, Chiam is having some cold meanwhile Hidayah were being told to be seeing a doctor for medical check-ups. We presummed them for having influenza H1N1. that the school will be shut down..

Saturday, 20 June 2009

last 2nd semester of high school {hopefully}

yeah people...holidays are over for the month of June. And, this basically means that we, I mean those who are the same age as mine, won't be having any leisure time to have more fun than we can ever have. Examination is looming, and it is not an ordinary exam, where you can simply roll the dice, and 'opps' the answer is A,B,C or D. It is hard, but in my case, I would rather said the examination to be tricky...its not hard because we had learnt it, so it's not hard.

Like always, upon sitting on the chair, we students received our marks for the recent papers we sat for. My marks were not that 'flamboyant' like those kids in have, but there are just nice to put me somehow or rather among the top in form 5. Not that I want to be a smug here, but really, since form 1, the tendency to get A is rather easy. Maybe because there aren't that many of the rivals and basically starting form 4, 75 % is already consider as an A1, so for those geniuses, whom would like to study here, you would not need to study I tell ya.

So far, I got a C for accounting and a B3 for my chemistry. The most highest mark I got so far, is for agama. Thank god for that. Anyhow, I must not be too full of myself. I am not perfect. I can flunk anytime by now if I kept on wasting time and dreaming a lot. Mathematics becomes harder in a sudden, so does English. I wonder why...? And the teachers become strict at times and that really annoy students.

As for the badminton tournament, the teacher keeps delaying it, whilst the "players" are already asking me when will the date be. It is so sad when the president of the club didn't know about the date of the game. I sometimes, a bit pissed off over Pn Rohana. She kept asking me to renew the proposal for the game, and I still wonder why we need a proposal for handling a small-in-school competition...duh..sometimes I like Pn Eliza better.

Ah, and one more thing, I am really bored staying at home...and still wondering why is the friends I have in the Yahoo list, never bother to have a chat, at least saying a hello or how do you do?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Worry about my sister

Hah its sad you know, because school is reopening, and I haven't yet feel the real midterm holidays....its feels so quick, and now ready to go back to where I belong; books.
However, I just want to blab how fun was it to being able to join my mak teh, ibu and the rest for a family holiday in Bagan Lalang, last sunday till tuesday. It was a wonderful one I supposed. The place was nice, very nice, and we had great time doing the pocho-pocho dance-credit to ibu for this. I also glad that Khayra my cutest niece for following that holiday with us. She is never ugly, always the beautiful. I love u khayra baby:) We miss ya:)
Today, I just wanna blog something about my dear little sister. I really am guaranteed that now she is having an anorexic problem. Its not a myth nor a legend, but it's true. She is now a bone wrapped with skin, that's what mom called her. She won't eat any meat, just vegies, and no proteins made her wounds hardly to heal.
The worst of all is, she is now having like rash-kinda-wounds arounds her thighs and hands. They can't stop watering (not bleeding)-the haemolymph kept watering out...and it looked really disgusting. I don't know what happened to her. She changes tremendously, from an eccentric sister to an old nanny. She never went out to play, and just sit at home reading Quran and religion things. But, cmon, life is short, u can do that when u are old darling, enjoy ur youth a bit!!
I am really worried. She won't even tell mom that she has wounds all over her body, even around her waist, so that makes her hard to wear pants. She can't even walk properly. I just hope that she can eat more, and eat approriate meals....everytime when I saw her in her room, she was doing pumping and jogging...and sometimes she did more extreme stuff....did she think she's fat???!! I don't know what to do...all I know is that my beautiful sister has turned out to be a monster:O
Dear readers<>

Saturday, 6 June 2009

summary of mid year:O

monday the 11th may-
I am having a complete headache, because it was time for physics paperII. Hard ke? Well it was not that so-hardy-hard, it was averagely our level, so now I am waiting for the marks. Hope it's not bad till I can burst:)

then biology paper I, extremely confusing, I already knew the marks, I only got 38 over 50....terukkan? yeah it pat on the shoulder this time.

tuesday the 12th may-
biology paper II and paper III strucked me. Paper II was my level, and I think I did pretty well. For paper III, easy but confusing, and I was blurred. Ah..when its too easy, it made a lot of scary feeling. Do u get me? No? Then nevermind:(

wednesday the 13th may-
what did I have on this date?? Wait, it was BM paper II, confusing again. I was like cmon, where is my portable dictionary, I am in need of it!~ I guess my BM literature was bad...:( and it was also Agama paper I, I re-mistaken my answers for the objectives, lame me:( Ustazah kept nagging about that, but what to do, I have overcooked the soup:(

thursday the 14th may-
ah I really forgot what I have on this I will just summarise everything down..

-bm paper 1- was an okay paper-glad I could do it.

-math paper 1- awesomely-inadequate time to recheck, just got 36 over 40....:(

-math paper 2- I'll pass...its hard.

-physic paper 1- what the heck ??? I'll pass.

-physic paper 3- I hate drawing the ripple tank :0

-chemistry 1- tembak je padah sebab nnti kertas koyak, but it was hard after all...

-chemistry 2- erk....I think I wasn't me when answering:(

-chemistry 3- I sucked for everything:( (*boleh lak hilang pemadam waktu ni*)

-english 1- Me love it:)

-english 2- essay, good just good nothing else.

-agama 2- totally heaven:)

-accounting 2- I hurt my butt, and I hate it!~

-accounting 1- It was hot and blazzing in 5 AMAL. And the questions were unbearable:(

-addmath 1- very nice:)

-addmath 2- I got 89 over 100...yay!~ alhamdullillah, hard works paid off.

so thats all for now....
maybe I won't be blogging for long after this...
and I guess no one would be longing to read any of my daily or weekly craps...
so nevermind, have ur days great...and I will have mine:)

Its good if I have a manager

Today is the 6th June, and it is the Royal Highness, Tuanku Mizan's birthday. Daulat tuanku. But, I was suprised, because this year, the royal highness birthday was a bit dim. Not like those previous years, every king's birthday will be celebrated with end wits ceremony. I guess this happened due to the global economy downturn.
And yeah, I forgot to announce that I am already 17. Not sweet, not bad, just average. Mom still call me baby since I am the laziest girl in the house. What to do mom? I am just too lazy and I think I've been cursed by some Garfield. Ok crap that superstition, because today, I just wanna blab how hard for me to make my days organized. I just hope to have a manager. Well it is a lame old dream of mine to have one, since I often finish off my days with non-end sleep. I am just too sleepy to do anything.
Today is the end of first week of first semester's holiday, but wait, I still haven't make it done for my homeworks, and not to mention my folio. I persevere to finish them, but ended up watching that sweet korean drama. And yeah I am still the stupid-fan-maniac of korean drama, how lame am I right?
Gosh it is so boring to stay at home and accompanied by books. I am so tired in everything. But, I love life. Just hope that it can be fulfilled in a much approriate way, like not being so boring. Television is the worst human invention ever. I have been defeated by the numerous indonesian and korean soap operas. I wonder why there aren't any english-US sitcoms around, like old days. I miss My Wife and Kids and still standing. But all I have here, is stupid Shin Chan. T_t
Mom on the other hand is very very vusy (*busy*) as ever. I never met any mom whom as busier as her. She is like always work and work, nothing else. I must tell you that days are boring without mom. No one wants to cook lunch, no one would peel the mango, no one would nag if I were asleep during revising session. See...its boring. For lunch, we just had that stupid mcdonald...gosh, I hate mcdonald already, never had those innovations that could defeat the tastebuds of mine. *SIGH*
Only if I were to have a manager, whom could manage my time wiser. I used to be good at managing times, but as we get older, we just don't want to run after the time, because we are weak. Becomes older is a misery after all. And my eyes keet itching every second I breathe, and I don't even know the reasons. I am wishing for a more cold season. It has been a hot sunny day, and I burnt every inch of my skin, and that's hurt ya know? Well of course, nobody knows. Hahaha.
Well for anyone who feels boredom you can contact me and see if you could be my manager. It is a chance of a lifetime I tell ya. So why wait? Contact me fast....:)
*(see I am blabbering because its boring)*

Friday, 5 June 2009

why do villain ever exist?

In my theoretical views, I think villains exist in nature because GOD wants to balance the 'ecosystem'. Have you or we ever wondered, what if, all people are good and there aren't any villains? Could it be balanced??

Another view of mine is that, villains exist because of the nature they live in. The environment to be frank. Mostly, people do bad because they love to as they could see the risk of the consequences. Like, oh what will I have to suffer if I steal my friend's charm bracelet? Maybe I could end up in jail. Or maybe she would not be my friend for the rest of my life. But, if we do good, the consequences can easily be detected. Because we have been learnt since infancy, that good deeds deserve good payments while do bad get bad things.

Peer pressure could make it possible in creating villains too. Dealing with the numerous behaviors and pressure from friends could be hard. Feeling isolated and estranged make people into villains either. Not being accepted by peers because of bad look, no talents could be harsh, and these are the main factors nowadays contributing to the increasing in the population of villains.

So for not being or creating a villain, we just have to avoid peer pressure. Be what we really are and always remember that we get shame if we do bad why need shame?? hahahha:D