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Saturday, 6 June 2009

summary of mid year:O

monday the 11th may-
I am having a complete headache, because it was time for physics paperII. Hard ke? Well it was not that so-hardy-hard, it was averagely our level, so now I am waiting for the marks. Hope it's not bad till I can burst:)

then biology paper I, extremely confusing, I already knew the marks, I only got 38 over 50....terukkan? yeah it pat on the shoulder this time.

tuesday the 12th may-
biology paper II and paper III strucked me. Paper II was my level, and I think I did pretty well. For paper III, easy but confusing, and I was blurred. Ah..when its too easy, it made a lot of scary feeling. Do u get me? No? Then nevermind:(

wednesday the 13th may-
what did I have on this date?? Wait, it was BM paper II, confusing again. I was like cmon, where is my portable dictionary, I am in need of it!~ I guess my BM literature was bad...:( and it was also Agama paper I, I re-mistaken my answers for the objectives, lame me:( Ustazah kept nagging about that, but what to do, I have overcooked the soup:(

thursday the 14th may-
ah I really forgot what I have on this I will just summarise everything down..

-bm paper 1- was an okay paper-glad I could do it.

-math paper 1- awesomely-inadequate time to recheck, just got 36 over 40....:(

-math paper 2- I'll pass...its hard.

-physic paper 1- what the heck ??? I'll pass.

-physic paper 3- I hate drawing the ripple tank :0

-chemistry 1- tembak je padah sebab nnti kertas koyak, but it was hard after all...

-chemistry 2- erk....I think I wasn't me when answering:(

-chemistry 3- I sucked for everything:( (*boleh lak hilang pemadam waktu ni*)

-english 1- Me love it:)

-english 2- essay, good just good nothing else.

-agama 2- totally heaven:)

-accounting 2- I hurt my butt, and I hate it!~

-accounting 1- It was hot and blazzing in 5 AMAL. And the questions were unbearable:(

-addmath 1- very nice:)

-addmath 2- I got 89 over 100...yay!~ alhamdullillah, hard works paid off.

so thats all for now....
maybe I won't be blogging for long after this...
and I guess no one would be longing to read any of my daily or weekly craps...
so nevermind, have ur days great...and I will have mine:)

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