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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Its good if I have a manager

Today is the 6th June, and it is the Royal Highness, Tuanku Mizan's birthday. Daulat tuanku. But, I was suprised, because this year, the royal highness birthday was a bit dim. Not like those previous years, every king's birthday will be celebrated with end wits ceremony. I guess this happened due to the global economy downturn.
And yeah, I forgot to announce that I am already 17. Not sweet, not bad, just average. Mom still call me baby since I am the laziest girl in the house. What to do mom? I am just too lazy and I think I've been cursed by some Garfield. Ok crap that superstition, because today, I just wanna blab how hard for me to make my days organized. I just hope to have a manager. Well it is a lame old dream of mine to have one, since I often finish off my days with non-end sleep. I am just too sleepy to do anything.
Today is the end of first week of first semester's holiday, but wait, I still haven't make it done for my homeworks, and not to mention my folio. I persevere to finish them, but ended up watching that sweet korean drama. And yeah I am still the stupid-fan-maniac of korean drama, how lame am I right?
Gosh it is so boring to stay at home and accompanied by books. I am so tired in everything. But, I love life. Just hope that it can be fulfilled in a much approriate way, like not being so boring. Television is the worst human invention ever. I have been defeated by the numerous indonesian and korean soap operas. I wonder why there aren't any english-US sitcoms around, like old days. I miss My Wife and Kids and still standing. But all I have here, is stupid Shin Chan. T_t
Mom on the other hand is very very vusy (*busy*) as ever. I never met any mom whom as busier as her. She is like always work and work, nothing else. I must tell you that days are boring without mom. No one wants to cook lunch, no one would peel the mango, no one would nag if I were asleep during revising session. See...its boring. For lunch, we just had that stupid mcdonald...gosh, I hate mcdonald already, never had those innovations that could defeat the tastebuds of mine. *SIGH*
Only if I were to have a manager, whom could manage my time wiser. I used to be good at managing times, but as we get older, we just don't want to run after the time, because we are weak. Becomes older is a misery after all. And my eyes keet itching every second I breathe, and I don't even know the reasons. I am wishing for a more cold season. It has been a hot sunny day, and I burnt every inch of my skin, and that's hurt ya know? Well of course, nobody knows. Hahaha.
Well for anyone who feels boredom you can contact me and see if you could be my manager. It is a chance of a lifetime I tell ya. So why wait? Contact me fast....:)
*(see I am blabbering because its boring)*

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