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Wednesday, 8 January 2014


When there is the intense feeling of hardness to breathe in air, what this could possibly be?

When there is tightness in the chest, what could be the cure of this all?

In the midst, when little children, of innocence, who were being trashed, slaughtered to death; how could Dayana, possibly be so weak?

How can you be weak when you have God by your side?

Always. Eternally.

Sometimes I ponder, where goes all the happiness?

Why do I feel tightness in chest when the day goes by?

Why am I not feeling this right?

This life. It is short. But what make me care so much of its contents?

Ya Rabb, teach me to let go. Guide me to let go.

Guide me to cry when I make sujud.

Guide me to feel how the Companions had felt when they embrace Islam.

Guide me steadfastness. In everything.