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Monday, 28 July 2008

Bad luck last week.

alright, for your information, my cellphone had been stolen last week, on wednesday. Pity me dont you think? Well, I dont mind if its just a lame old phone, but that was a gift from my dad, and not just any phone I tell you.
ok, the story begins like this. As you see, I had co-curricular activity at school every wednesday, and last wednesday, it was the prefect's meeting and also the uniform society time. After I had my chemistry class, I headed off to the discipline room, to pick up my "soil", well, the the prefects, the librarians and the PRS, had some garden project to be done, and thats why we need to have the soil.
at the discipline room, my dear Pn. Rokiah, a discipline teacher, asked me to look for Pn Normah, who will be in charge of the meeting. Chiam and I headed towards upstairs, and we put our bags at the library's bag rack, which is situated exactly outside of the library. My cellphone was in the bad, without being switched off, and I didnt have the slightest awareness to bring the phone to the meeting, so I left my bag there with my cellphone inside.
the meeting ended at around 3;20 pm, and I needed to have the bag, so I rushed upstairs, and bumped into my librarian friend, Chiam who looked pretty bad in her sour face and also my indian friend, Daksayani. I asked Daksayani to accompany me to the library. There the shock began. My bag was not on the rack. Only my blue small bag was there. I was panic, terribly panic. Where could it possibly be? I searched for it behind the rack, in the trash bin and along the corridor, as well in the fire extinguishers rooms, but my bad was nowhere to be found. Then, I realised, damn, hell me, my cellphone was in my bag!
I ran to the canteen to see Chiam, as I thought she might have brought along my bag with her. UH-Oh..she didnt took my bag, I told her what happen, she brought me back to the library, and searched for it again. Ah., totally a nightmare. At the same time, there was a treasure hunt competition between the uniform societies. So, as to not letting down my whole friends, I went down and carried on with the treasure hunt, and stop searching for the bag. Before that, I went to the office, and reported what had happened to Pn Rusdiana, the Cocurricular Teacher. She said she couldnt do anything, as it had happened hours ago and tell me to inform the discipline teacher. Badly, the discipline teachers were not on duty as it was already late in the afternoon. Argh...
My bad luck when terrificly worst when my team of the treasure hunt played foolishly. Plus, in the event when we had to set up a tent, two tents that we had been given broke, and so, my team was the last team to complete that event. Not to mention, the kawat kaki test, was a misery of course especially when the kids didnt had their ears on me. I was so frustrated with the whole day, and returned home alone, after hitting Nina's sister who was trying to mingle with me. Everyone was frightened of me.
At home, I didnt even said a word to my parents, and rushed to my room to pray and to bathe. After that, I cried, and told them what had happened. All they could do was to advice and lecture me. I was so fool to let my cellphone in the bag, and the next day I found my bag, the one who found it told me he found it at the school hall area. Two books went missing, including my bio report. I also lost my mechanical pilot shaker. Arhh...terrible....

Thursday, 24 July 2008

TO my real world friends

currently doing...
~mesmerizing thoughts?
~study and revision which cant resist
~being angry and mad
~acting scruplously snobbish
~busy over something

p/s: i've lost my handphone. to those who wanna contact me pls IM me..

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


how hard could it be,
put your ears on me,
and stand still or sit peacefully..

u turn ur head away from me,
but i couldn't understand why,
i have done the best i could,
to save the memories we had.

as i try to search for who i am,
people said i change from time to time,
please do,
i might change a slight or two,
but my heart is still the same,
the wounds still bleed,
the smiles still shine...

oh, i wish, i can stop all these,
these things that always
make me worry and sad,
all i want is glad,
and nothing more could i wish for,
just that....

Sudden Tests

Yup. Sudden tests occured in school recently. Mainly for the science subjects, like Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Add Math. I was happy that there wasnt any test on Biology because the questions are on chapter5 and 6 which we haven't even take our glance at.
Yesterday, suddenly, there was a physic test. For the frank sake, it was not hard as I thought it would be, average questions overall. And we will have another test next week I think. Besides physics, we also had our add math diagnostic test, on the first chapter, and there were some questions that are slightly confusing, (*hmm*)
We had our chemistry last week actually, on the 3rd chapter, not so hard coz they mainly consisted of calculation type of questions (*I might say with calculator, everything came in handY*) So, I have no problem with that test, although several friends of mine kept complaining how hard it was. Today we had another test for chemistry, on chapter 4 and 5. Not so tough, (*yesyes! I admit that I already did some revision*).
Well, these test will not be on our scoreboard, but our results will be sent to the Ministry of Education, mainly to let the ministry's board of people to know how far we have understand the concepts in all of the subjects. So no worry, just before the exam took place, the stomach is full of butterflies....

Sunday, 20 July 2008

This One Nice....

WHEN U LOVE SOMEONE, BUT U CAN'T....(oh..there goes the emo)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Not fair!

On Friday, we did our drama very well, and tribute to Hidayah and Nina who played their roles with excellence. But, I felt that it was not fair for the boys. who didnt did any rehearsal, but still can act under spontaneous for the Traditional Story, Fight between Hang Tuah And Jebat.

Get real baby! The girls sacrificed our time and willing to stay back after school, just because of the rehearsals. The boys, on the other hang, were just sitting back home doing their normally typical things boys do, and didnt care a thing for the drama.

The teacher, didnt punished them for being lazy bums, instead let them play the drama, although of course, it was so funny, because it was all spontaneously-done. Where is the justice people? Hard manship should be counted in this aspect. Ah...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Puteri Gunung Ledang or Puteri Gunung Longkang?

Haha, please, dont take the title above seriously. What I'm going to say is that, my class is now busy with drama rehearsal and the drama we will gonna play is called 'Puteri Gunung Ledang'. This drama of ours is not something that we really willing to do, but this is mainly because to please our Bahasa Melayu's teacher, Pn. Suzi. Let's make it short that this drama only consists of females actresses. Why? Because the boys are LAZY BUMS AND USELESS!
We have to play it on this Friday, but sadly, we just had our rehearsal once. Huda, is the lucky-one chosen as the ms. director, and the co-director is gladly, ms Christina. Sorry to say, that we dont have any food and costumes sponsor. Well, Nina is the Sultan Mahmud, who is also the character of the lusty king who want to win the heart of the mysterious and magical princess, Puteri Gunung Ledang, which is played by Hidayah. I, on the other hand, become Sang Setia , pls note that I am Setia or Loyal, hehe:)
Sang Setia is one of the pembesar-pembesar or better known as the king's right men, to be handling the process of winning the princess ledang's heart. It is a very short drama of course, and I am now in charge of the script, baby:-) Plus, I hope we will do it well, Chiam who is the Bendahara or better known as Prime Minister, said its hard eventhough her script is only a line. Hahaha, she's funny.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Agricultural Science Experiment

I'm back from my dearest school. And the day was lovely, we did fun things at school. There was a Sport Carvival held at school for prefects, PRS and the yellow librarians (*plz note that they aren't digi yellow things*)

Plus, for us 4 Amanah and several of 4 Amal's, had this experiment done called TUT reproduction for plants. Each of us needed to have a big stem, then cut of its skin, get rid of its cambium layer, and put a mixture of chicken poop's compose which was added wth a little amount of water to the part we had cut earlier on the stem. Here is something interesting, we added and mix all the composition of chicken poop and water with BARE HANDS!! and the smell of the chicken poop is still on air baby...

We have to wait till next month to see what would happen to our stem. Can't wait definitely. And after the experiment, we went off to see the game of netball between the lovely girls of SMK Kajang Utama. The winner is PRS (they wear purple outfits).

For the boys, they have futsal and I just got a news from my dearest brother who claimed that PRS and prefects had their draw in the match. AH, what happen to prefect team...

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Science and Technology Carnival

Today, July the 1oth, the entire classmates of mine, were excitedly participating in the rocket launching competition, in conjunction with Science and Technology Carnival. The 2 days carnival was held at SMAP (SM Agama Persekutuan, Kajang).

Actually, only four of my classmates who took the gut to enter such competition. Nonetheless, they were Nina, Luqman, Madihah and Amir. Luqman and Amir, did many of the designing meanwhile Nina and Madihah, did the supplying job. (Lol) The others including me, did the other 3 rockets, as there must be rockets for each school.

The participants were many, and the event was a boring one I supposed, plus our rockets....??? Really wanna know?? Well, they didnt fly like what we were expecting. Maybe because there was a limit of pressure given to each team to give to our rockets.

Below are pictures:

(nina pushing the pump, damn she's strong)

(the men busy with the rocket and up: Luqman and Irwan having a good discussion or rockets)

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Ash Tree (Ambition) -- extremely attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with fate, can be very egotistic, reliable, restless lover, sometimes money rules over the heart, demands attention, needs love and much emotional support

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Happy : Praise by The Malaysian Red Crescent Society

Well I was glad that my mail had been replied by the PBSM of Malaysia behalf. They also congratulated me for being very committed in PBSM charity. About two weeks ago, I sent them an email, asking them whether they could lend SMK Kajang Utama's some help on showing the students on the emergency actions that need to be done when such accidents occured.

I want to thank Ali Amir, a forumer, from Shah Alam who kindly giving me the contact number of this PBSM organization. Plus, I first thought that my mail won't be replied, as I realised how busy these people in the organizations are. But today, everything went well

What I have to do now is calling the Selangor's branch of PBSM community and ask them myself. I hope this will be easy and also fast, I can't wait...

the mail I received:_

Salam Sejahtera,Email Sdri. Dayana Azhar telah diterima pada 2 Junlai 2008. Bagi Pihak Ibu Pejabat Kebangsaan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia, saya ucapkan tahniah dan syabas atas usaha yang pihak saudari usahakan dalam meningkatkan kefahaman dalam ilmu pertolongan cemas di sekolah saudari.Untuk makluman saudari, semua urusan latihan di sekolah-sekolah adalah di bawah tanggungjawab cawangan negeri masing-masing. Memandangkan sekolah saudari berada dalam Negeri Selangor dan bagi menjayakan usaha murni pihak saudari, Pihak saudari boleh menghubungi BSMM Cawangan Selangor seperti alamat dibawah :BSMM Cawangan Negeri SelangorNo 41-3-1, Lorong Batu Nilam 1ABandar Bukit Tinggi41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsanup Pn. Ananti atau Pn. AziraTel : 03 - 3324 6920Fax : 03 - 3324 6935

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Hulu Langat District's Career Carnival 2008

Last Tuesday the first of July, Chiam and I plus several other schoolmates of mine went to SMK Engku Hussein to represent our school for the Career Carnival Programme. This was my second time of joining, and last year it was held in UKM.

Chiam, Azmin, Umi (a form 1 kid) including me, were participating in the Folio Competition where the four of us need to send our folio for the judges to see, and they will call 15 of the schools who deserve to be presenting the issue on our folio. I have to say that, we were bored and tired coz' of 4 hours waiting to know the selection team then another an hour to present our part. I was so happy when our school, SMK Kajang Utama made it to the final. Yeah!! But, it didn't stop there, at about 12 pm we had to present our issue which was on The Career of A Dietician.
We were the 10th team to enter the room for presenting our issue, and damn it was freaking out. Our 2nd presentor Umi, made me mad, as she fogotten all her parts and that I had to just let Azmin the 3rd speaker to go with his part. And not to boast, but as a team captain I rock. Then, we went out, and just left it behind to God, and yes!! Alhamdulillah, We won the 2nd place, 1st runner up babe!! I was happy with joy so did Chiam. The grand winner was SMK Jalan Empat, BBB.

For poster competition, Suhana a 2 adil girl, came up as the 3rd winner, but for 'kain rentang' we didnt make it. Well, it involved art and its hard to judge between the best of the best. And below are some of the pictures captured:

(Bro Safwan {form 6} busy drawing and punching out ideas)

(wah so many participants!)

(SMK Kajang Utama's junior piece)

(cute prefects club amongst girls)

(Chiam detected, she captured me I captured her)

(one of the attractive booth at the exhibition)

(are you in stress? Follow this steps)

(SMK Engku school is much more cooler and spacious)

That's all....

Friday, 4 July 2008

I am grateful but something is wrong again...

Grateful to Allah Almighty for letting me obtained 10 As in my recent mid year's exam, and the first place in science stream form four. My parents were proud of course, just they didnt know how to show their "proudness" I guess especially my dad whom was so quiet during the open day last friday, till I think I was the one who became the parent and he became me....

Alright July striked the moon. In July, there will be no opportunity to have a slight rest, busy the whole months with school programmes and homeworks. Yeah, yesterday, I was almost being punished by Puan Suzi because I didnt completed my notes on Bahasa Melayu Literature. Fortunately, I succeeded in distracting her from checking my notes, if not, God, I'll be returing home with a slight red face of shame.

This whole week, I feel something wrong in the class. I couldn't be complaining on the matter of no friends to talk to, because Chiam, Chris, Mimi and others were occupying with me happily. But, then, something missing I felt. The desk beside me was emptied. Huda, who was supposely to be sitting next to me, grab the empty place beside Christina's. I have some problem with her.

This happened due to my foolish-kidly manner during our weekend game of badminton on last Saturday. I was suddenly taking seriousy the matter that they didnt let me play, although that was not true. So on that day, I "merajuk" or sulking like a baby. Maybe Huda was tired of my boresom attitude and so she decided to just let me be.

The next Monday, I thought she is okay, but I was wrong. She didnt uttered a word to me and in science classes, she happily went to go to the back table, whereas her place was next to mine. I saw her happily making jokes and laughing with the other girls in class and she didnt even bother about me. When I asked her some questions, she just say yes and no. I was like talking to a mere mute person. Or did she even knew or notice that I am exist.

I tried to share this problem with Mimi, but she said, Huda is fine now, and that she has regained her normal feeling towards me. However, I didnt see any truth in that statement. Until today, our friendship was looking like an almost sinking big titanic ship. What is my fault? What have I done? I want to reminisce them all but I couldnt.

I hate this situation where good friend of ours suddenly pulling themself out of our window. She treated me like I wasnt exist.....