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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Hulu Langat District's Career Carnival 2008

Last Tuesday the first of July, Chiam and I plus several other schoolmates of mine went to SMK Engku Hussein to represent our school for the Career Carnival Programme. This was my second time of joining, and last year it was held in UKM.

Chiam, Azmin, Umi (a form 1 kid) including me, were participating in the Folio Competition where the four of us need to send our folio for the judges to see, and they will call 15 of the schools who deserve to be presenting the issue on our folio. I have to say that, we were bored and tired coz' of 4 hours waiting to know the selection team then another an hour to present our part. I was so happy when our school, SMK Kajang Utama made it to the final. Yeah!! But, it didn't stop there, at about 12 pm we had to present our issue which was on The Career of A Dietician.
We were the 10th team to enter the room for presenting our issue, and damn it was freaking out. Our 2nd presentor Umi, made me mad, as she fogotten all her parts and that I had to just let Azmin the 3rd speaker to go with his part. And not to boast, but as a team captain I rock. Then, we went out, and just left it behind to God, and yes!! Alhamdulillah, We won the 2nd place, 1st runner up babe!! I was happy with joy so did Chiam. The grand winner was SMK Jalan Empat, BBB.

For poster competition, Suhana a 2 adil girl, came up as the 3rd winner, but for 'kain rentang' we didnt make it. Well, it involved art and its hard to judge between the best of the best. And below are some of the pictures captured:

(Bro Safwan {form 6} busy drawing and punching out ideas)

(wah so many participants!)

(SMK Kajang Utama's junior piece)

(cute prefects club amongst girls)

(Chiam detected, she captured me I captured her)

(one of the attractive booth at the exhibition)

(are you in stress? Follow this steps)

(SMK Engku school is much more cooler and spacious)

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