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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Happy : Praise by The Malaysian Red Crescent Society

Well I was glad that my mail had been replied by the PBSM of Malaysia behalf. They also congratulated me for being very committed in PBSM charity. About two weeks ago, I sent them an email, asking them whether they could lend SMK Kajang Utama's some help on showing the students on the emergency actions that need to be done when such accidents occured.

I want to thank Ali Amir, a forumer, from Shah Alam who kindly giving me the contact number of this PBSM organization. Plus, I first thought that my mail won't be replied, as I realised how busy these people in the organizations are. But today, everything went well

What I have to do now is calling the Selangor's branch of PBSM community and ask them myself. I hope this will be easy and also fast, I can't wait...

the mail I received:_

Salam Sejahtera,Email Sdri. Dayana Azhar telah diterima pada 2 Junlai 2008. Bagi Pihak Ibu Pejabat Kebangsaan Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia, saya ucapkan tahniah dan syabas atas usaha yang pihak saudari usahakan dalam meningkatkan kefahaman dalam ilmu pertolongan cemas di sekolah saudari.Untuk makluman saudari, semua urusan latihan di sekolah-sekolah adalah di bawah tanggungjawab cawangan negeri masing-masing. Memandangkan sekolah saudari berada dalam Negeri Selangor dan bagi menjayakan usaha murni pihak saudari, Pihak saudari boleh menghubungi BSMM Cawangan Selangor seperti alamat dibawah :BSMM Cawangan Negeri SelangorNo 41-3-1, Lorong Batu Nilam 1ABandar Bukit Tinggi41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsanup Pn. Ananti atau Pn. AziraTel : 03 - 3324 6920Fax : 03 - 3324 6935

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