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Monday, 19 November 2012


Been editing the post of my recent expedition in Kudremukh, Bangalore. Couldn't make it interesting. Not just yet. How pathetic. Probably because after a hiatus, it took me a longer time to make it nice to be read. AHHHH...ideas do come and piling up, but then they are just hard to be written. T.T

Actually, for the hiking thing, each group was commanded to do a travelogue. Sad is sad when my group didn't really stay put altogether, and we don't have that much of the picture/photos showing we were in a team. Most of the photos, in other cameras, whom it felt like so frigging embarrassed to be asking for. And I am not that sure if they keep that photos.

The problem is here is of course photos. Travelogue is consider a success when photos are great since you all know how photos can speak a thousand words. No one like too many words unless they are really a keen reader and read everything. But reality, is the percentage of such people is low. 

My teammates, 3 guys and another girl is so helpful during the journey up to the mountain. Sadly, the goodness only stops there I think. No one really cares about the travelogue now. Or should I just pray and dream that someone already make it done and voila don't have to waste time sitting at mess and discussing it?

It was masyaAllah beautiful. Those greens you think were grass are as tall as you.UIndescribeable journey

The hiking was great. Will be posting A to Z about it in another post which I have been editing for the past three days. I didn't bring my cameraphone along because the battery was only 60%. Maybe you see this as an excuse of mine, but I really was saving the battery so that I could receive call from dear teammates of the World Diabetes Day back in Belgaum. Another sad story. My friend hazu, did let me lend her camera. But I gave it to Anis because I was hypoxic at one point, then she rushed off away to the peak leaving me behind with two other guys. T.T

I was really really hypoxic for the whole journey. Other fitters took only 5 hours to go and return, whilst I took the whole day. Never could repay kindness of a few MSU guys who helped me go through all the pain to hike and to climb down till the base camp, at exactly 10 pm. Only Allah could repay them. 

But still...deep down, a noxious feeling of disappointment for not being able to reach the last pit stop of Kudremukh, for intoxicating other guys in the my team especially whom had to wait patiently when I need to take a rest every 30 minutes walk, disappointment for not having great outlook at Allah's superb creation and not to have captured it digitally, all these really truly could let me punch myself. 

<<p/s: When you're about to go for an expedition, please don't boast. What happen to me is not fun. I did wish I was dead on top of that mountain. And certainly not fun when you have to become a nuisance to others>>

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Really really wanna write

Gosh. How long has it been since I last stop here to write something, to start typing? It has been quite some time off from blogger due to certain issue where I think I will to express it out her. The reason why I stop posting things for some time. 

It also has been quite a busy start for being a 2nd year medical student. I must admit, it isn't as easy as people said. Of course, for USM medical students, being 2nd year students can be denoted as honeymoon years where you shouldn't be worried for having to face for your pro exam by the end of the year. However, happiness is short termed. We have to sum up all the things we learn NOW and during our third year, and go die for 2nd pro exam. Clap clap clappp.

Been opening the tab for blogger for a lot of time. Just do not know where to start. Just feel too afraid that my post will cause butthurt in some people here who come and read what I posted. And actually I really WANT people to read what I wanna post right here, that's why I didn't make it private. Some things are better expressed through words for people who only have words as their swords, but of course I don't expect everyone to understand this. Again, why should I be a coward? This is my space, and I think I deserve the every right to be as outspoken here even though nothing is being heard.

Clinicals have begun people! And as freshie medical students, the eagerness to 'touch' the patients are always there, every single time I step into the hospital door. I wish this last till I die, as medicine is a life-long career. InshaAllah ameen it will. Only that, I have been too bad in my studying lately. Couldn't focus and always got distracted by things I do not know what they are. Hahaha. I just need to face more books, but the more I read the sleepier I've become. Hahaha. 

That's all I wanna write I think. Sleepy now. And yes, juniors are here! 7 has yet to arrived (rumor said). But we are hoping that USM will finally realized we had enough of this year's intake. Hahhaha. Events held and gonna be held for this year and next year, would be great and BIG. Juniors are really sporty! I like that.