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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sudden Tests

Yup. Sudden tests occured in school recently. Mainly for the science subjects, like Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Add Math. I was happy that there wasnt any test on Biology because the questions are on chapter5 and 6 which we haven't even take our glance at.
Yesterday, suddenly, there was a physic test. For the frank sake, it was not hard as I thought it would be, average questions overall. And we will have another test next week I think. Besides physics, we also had our add math diagnostic test, on the first chapter, and there were some questions that are slightly confusing, (*hmm*)
We had our chemistry last week actually, on the 3rd chapter, not so hard coz they mainly consisted of calculation type of questions (*I might say with calculator, everything came in handY*) So, I have no problem with that test, although several friends of mine kept complaining how hard it was. Today we had another test for chemistry, on chapter 4 and 5. Not so tough, (*yesyes! I admit that I already did some revision*).
Well, these test will not be on our scoreboard, but our results will be sent to the Ministry of Education, mainly to let the ministry's board of people to know how far we have understand the concepts in all of the subjects. So no worry, just before the exam took place, the stomach is full of butterflies....

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