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Monday, 28 July 2008

Bad luck last week.

alright, for your information, my cellphone had been stolen last week, on wednesday. Pity me dont you think? Well, I dont mind if its just a lame old phone, but that was a gift from my dad, and not just any phone I tell you.
ok, the story begins like this. As you see, I had co-curricular activity at school every wednesday, and last wednesday, it was the prefect's meeting and also the uniform society time. After I had my chemistry class, I headed off to the discipline room, to pick up my "soil", well, the the prefects, the librarians and the PRS, had some garden project to be done, and thats why we need to have the soil.
at the discipline room, my dear Pn. Rokiah, a discipline teacher, asked me to look for Pn Normah, who will be in charge of the meeting. Chiam and I headed towards upstairs, and we put our bags at the library's bag rack, which is situated exactly outside of the library. My cellphone was in the bad, without being switched off, and I didnt have the slightest awareness to bring the phone to the meeting, so I left my bag there with my cellphone inside.
the meeting ended at around 3;20 pm, and I needed to have the bag, so I rushed upstairs, and bumped into my librarian friend, Chiam who looked pretty bad in her sour face and also my indian friend, Daksayani. I asked Daksayani to accompany me to the library. There the shock began. My bag was not on the rack. Only my blue small bag was there. I was panic, terribly panic. Where could it possibly be? I searched for it behind the rack, in the trash bin and along the corridor, as well in the fire extinguishers rooms, but my bad was nowhere to be found. Then, I realised, damn, hell me, my cellphone was in my bag!
I ran to the canteen to see Chiam, as I thought she might have brought along my bag with her. UH-Oh..she didnt took my bag, I told her what happen, she brought me back to the library, and searched for it again. Ah., totally a nightmare. At the same time, there was a treasure hunt competition between the uniform societies. So, as to not letting down my whole friends, I went down and carried on with the treasure hunt, and stop searching for the bag. Before that, I went to the office, and reported what had happened to Pn Rusdiana, the Cocurricular Teacher. She said she couldnt do anything, as it had happened hours ago and tell me to inform the discipline teacher. Badly, the discipline teachers were not on duty as it was already late in the afternoon. Argh...
My bad luck when terrificly worst when my team of the treasure hunt played foolishly. Plus, in the event when we had to set up a tent, two tents that we had been given broke, and so, my team was the last team to complete that event. Not to mention, the kawat kaki test, was a misery of course especially when the kids didnt had their ears on me. I was so frustrated with the whole day, and returned home alone, after hitting Nina's sister who was trying to mingle with me. Everyone was frightened of me.
At home, I didnt even said a word to my parents, and rushed to my room to pray and to bathe. After that, I cried, and told them what had happened. All they could do was to advice and lecture me. I was so fool to let my cellphone in the bag, and the next day I found my bag, the one who found it told me he found it at the school hall area. Two books went missing, including my bio report. I also lost my mechanical pilot shaker. Arhh...terrible....

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