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Friday, 1 August 2008

Agricultural Science - ONe word..BORING~!)

The noble day of all, Friday, became extremely dull, when I had to attend the sains pertanian class 0r agro class. The class duration is so long, 2 hours non break, and it was BORING!~~

The text book is a lame one I supposed, long notes on agro which made my head dizzy. However, our old teacher Pn Haryati was a very good teacher, she is born to teach. So, we dont have any problems with the lesson..until...

One day came the nightmare, the practical teacher is now on duty to serve us all with boring teaching. All she did, was mentioning the same thing in the text book, I almost vomit of boredom. She turned on her laptop, asked us to watch her presentation and thats all. She talks and we write. What a bad luck...

Now, I started to hate agro science because of the teacher. Why in the world would the government give us such a lousy teacher who doesnt have any experience in teaching, to teach us who will be sitting for an important exam next year? That's the main question. I dont think I would be able to make myself available for that class ever again. I prefer teach myself by reading and making notes alone. Hahaha:0

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winnie said...

sabar je la~~~i boring jugak. Ari ni Titanic i dh hampir "collapes" pon.....kesian.......