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Friday, 1 August 2008

I lost my best gf, my tears almost drop, but I keep them for another day...


-I am sadly to announce that today, I lost another best girlfriend of mine, namely Mimi. What can I said about her is that, she is just adorable, cute, nice, and girlish. She had enlighten my day since the day I had been thrown away by some people.

-I firstly thought she was joking on the news that she will be moving to KL, but it was not. Now, she had left me alone, the only malay-female prefect in class. Pretty lonely now, as I will not have any companion to mingle with me with the latest fashion in town, the synopsis on gossip girl, ugly betty, and desperate housewives. Ah, I will miss her thoroughly...

-The bad thing is that, from now on, I will be having recess time alone. Going to the prefects meeting alone and many things have to be done by myself. Thanks god, Chiam is here. Her jokes will always be on my mind, our gossip on how arvind likes to touch boy's hands will be just a memoir. Her confidence, her fantastic presentations in class and her humbleness will be encraved in heart. Bye mimi, I wish u good luck.

p/s: mimi took 13 papers in her spm

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