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Tuesday, 5 August 2008 heart attack

mamamia! today, I had Physics, the first lesson this morning. And like what Puan Suzita had promised, she granted it today. The physic test on Chapter 4, namely Heat (*is it chapter 4 or 5*?)....

yesterday, after rushing home, I quickly open up my physic reference book, which almost look like a tempoyak now (*meaning: extremely bad-looking*). I studied the chapter 5 heat, and it ain't easy I tell u, what is heat capacity, thermal equilibrium, specific latent heat, gas laws, charles' law, Boyle's Law and Pressure Law?? Have mind on tht?

So, what the teacher asked us kids to do was easy and simple. Do the objective questions in the reference book and then, today, just this morning she did a little test. We were all have to stand still, and either one of us, have to answer a question, and explain why we get the answer like what we got. Haha...I, of coz, to be safe, chose the easiest one, but still had to show the calculation on the board, about how to find heat capacity.

Actually, it was nothing, from the lesson, I guaranteed that everyone of us, gets something useful. We can use the formula of heat easily now. And we know the type of questions that will always come out during SPM. So, this way of learning is actually more fun, and efficient, rather than writing notes and notes...until we have to buy pens almost every week.

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