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Thursday, 7 August 2008

At Last, I am FREE!~

I am free, since the cocuricullar activities had completed. There will be more responsibiLIties after this..YAY!!

Not that I dont like co-co, but for everyone's info, its tiring. As the president of Red Crescent Society, I felt like collapsing, coz I had to do tonnes of works, and some of them are very boring. And this year, sorry to say, most of the higher comunitee members didnt give the slightest awareness in this society club. The only persons who had been given full commitment were, I of coz, my friends, like Chiam, Chris, Daksa and Durrah, and only Kak Ayu, a form five student. Where are the rests? Besides tht, I've been so frustrated over a girl named Elaine whom has changes a lot since she befriends with the "cool" girls.

So, from right now on, no more duties, my last duty will be the Merdeka Sports Carnival on this upcoming Sunday...then I can continue with my studies...

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