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Friday, 11 July 2008

Agricultural Science Experiment

I'm back from my dearest school. And the day was lovely, we did fun things at school. There was a Sport Carvival held at school for prefects, PRS and the yellow librarians (*plz note that they aren't digi yellow things*)

Plus, for us 4 Amanah and several of 4 Amal's, had this experiment done called TUT reproduction for plants. Each of us needed to have a big stem, then cut of its skin, get rid of its cambium layer, and put a mixture of chicken poop's compose which was added wth a little amount of water to the part we had cut earlier on the stem. Here is something interesting, we added and mix all the composition of chicken poop and water with BARE HANDS!! and the smell of the chicken poop is still on air baby...

We have to wait till next month to see what would happen to our stem. Can't wait definitely. And after the experiment, we went off to see the game of netball between the lovely girls of SMK Kajang Utama. The winner is PRS (they wear purple outfits).

For the boys, they have futsal and I just got a news from my dearest brother who claimed that PRS and prefects had their draw in the match. AH, what happen to prefect team...

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Ashraf said...

Voila! Found your blog. Good to know your still posting. Well, I got exams this year so any postings from me will probably be on the 20 of Oct. Tulis lar pasal aktiviti hari ni. Masukkan sebanyak mungkin gambar.

p.s: Apehal comments have to be approved? People spamming this blog ker?