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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Not fair!

On Friday, we did our drama very well, and tribute to Hidayah and Nina who played their roles with excellence. But, I felt that it was not fair for the boys. who didnt did any rehearsal, but still can act under spontaneous for the Traditional Story, Fight between Hang Tuah And Jebat.

Get real baby! The girls sacrificed our time and willing to stay back after school, just because of the rehearsals. The boys, on the other hang, were just sitting back home doing their normally typical things boys do, and didnt care a thing for the drama.

The teacher, didnt punished them for being lazy bums, instead let them play the drama, although of course, it was so funny, because it was all spontaneously-done. Where is the justice people? Hard manship should be counted in this aspect. Ah...

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