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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Worry about my sister

Hah its sad you know, because school is reopening, and I haven't yet feel the real midterm holidays....its feels so quick, and now ready to go back to where I belong; books.
However, I just want to blab how fun was it to being able to join my mak teh, ibu and the rest for a family holiday in Bagan Lalang, last sunday till tuesday. It was a wonderful one I supposed. The place was nice, very nice, and we had great time doing the pocho-pocho dance-credit to ibu for this. I also glad that Khayra my cutest niece for following that holiday with us. She is never ugly, always the beautiful. I love u khayra baby:) We miss ya:)
Today, I just wanna blog something about my dear little sister. I really am guaranteed that now she is having an anorexic problem. Its not a myth nor a legend, but it's true. She is now a bone wrapped with skin, that's what mom called her. She won't eat any meat, just vegies, and no proteins made her wounds hardly to heal.
The worst of all is, she is now having like rash-kinda-wounds arounds her thighs and hands. They can't stop watering (not bleeding)-the haemolymph kept watering out...and it looked really disgusting. I don't know what happened to her. She changes tremendously, from an eccentric sister to an old nanny. She never went out to play, and just sit at home reading Quran and religion things. But, cmon, life is short, u can do that when u are old darling, enjoy ur youth a bit!!
I am really worried. She won't even tell mom that she has wounds all over her body, even around her waist, so that makes her hard to wear pants. She can't even walk properly. I just hope that she can eat more, and eat approriate meals....everytime when I saw her in her room, she was doing pumping and jogging...and sometimes she did more extreme stuff....did she think she's fat???!! I don't know what to do...all I know is that my beautiful sister has turned out to be a monster:O
Dear readers<>


xperlutahu said...

Salam Dayana..

haiya.. u have a very good sis ..
recite Quran and others..
well.. u have to tell her to eat.
Allah swt suka akan sesuatu yang cantik dan baik.. so ask her to eat some meat.. perhaps, u can bring her for dinner.. eat satey maybe.. tell her that this is for her own good.. she have to pray for herself to get healthy but she cant just pray.. she has to do something too.. not just sit there and wait..
im sorry if im not helping.. i hope ur sis will have a healthy life..
salam ^^

Anonymous said...

salam alaik dayana..
i want to say that i'm impress with ur sis...
recite quran n do other religious things can make our live feel better n meaningful...
get the fully barokah from Allah...
certainly good..
erm...suffering from aneroxia nervosa?- Raja
or bulimia nervosa? maybe she have low self esteem espically to her friends..maybe she get the peer pressure..who knows? better ask her..for her own good..