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Saturday, 20 June 2009

last 2nd semester of high school {hopefully}

yeah people...holidays are over for the month of June. And, this basically means that we, I mean those who are the same age as mine, won't be having any leisure time to have more fun than we can ever have. Examination is looming, and it is not an ordinary exam, where you can simply roll the dice, and 'opps' the answer is A,B,C or D. It is hard, but in my case, I would rather said the examination to be tricky...its not hard because we had learnt it, so it's not hard.

Like always, upon sitting on the chair, we students received our marks for the recent papers we sat for. My marks were not that 'flamboyant' like those kids in have, but there are just nice to put me somehow or rather among the top in form 5. Not that I want to be a smug here, but really, since form 1, the tendency to get A is rather easy. Maybe because there aren't that many of the rivals and basically starting form 4, 75 % is already consider as an A1, so for those geniuses, whom would like to study here, you would not need to study I tell ya.

So far, I got a C for accounting and a B3 for my chemistry. The most highest mark I got so far, is for agama. Thank god for that. Anyhow, I must not be too full of myself. I am not perfect. I can flunk anytime by now if I kept on wasting time and dreaming a lot. Mathematics becomes harder in a sudden, so does English. I wonder why...? And the teachers become strict at times and that really annoy students.

As for the badminton tournament, the teacher keeps delaying it, whilst the "players" are already asking me when will the date be. It is so sad when the president of the club didn't know about the date of the game. I sometimes, a bit pissed off over Pn Rohana. She kept asking me to renew the proposal for the game, and I still wonder why we need a proposal for handling a small-in-school competition...duh..sometimes I like Pn Eliza better.

Ah, and one more thing, I am really bored staying at home...and still wondering why is the friends I have in the Yahoo list, never bother to have a chat, at least saying a hello or how do you do?

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miranabila said...

aaaargh!! im really stress ya know...bout these EXAMS!!! for me ..sabar...thats the key.. :)