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Friday, 26 June 2009

What a day..

In school this morning, I went to chat with Chris, Huda and Aina. Then, came my other friend, Anne from 5 Adil, and her eyes were red. She was actually mourning, because today, the world had lost the king of pop star, nonetheless, Michael Jackson. Huda said his Muslim's name is Mustapha Kamal. Yeah right, u joker.

Of course people said he died too soon, as for me, who really aint any fan of his, would say that we should just accept the reality that it's not too soon. He was ill and having so many skin diseases won't make him able to play his role as the pop star we had known like old days. I just pity his little kids. Hmm...nevermind, they got much money that they can spend till they die.

Like always, school wasn't pleasing. It was tiring, especially when it came to sains pertanian. I must admit that this subject is bored, but nevermind, the teacher said this would be the last opportunity for us to have boredom with our mighty friends, 'the books', after this, we could enjoy....

Some of my friends even succumbed to terrible migrain because of the intense pressure. Nina went sick in a sudden, Chiam is having some cold meanwhile Hidayah were being told to be seeing a doctor for medical check-ups. We presummed them for having influenza H1N1. that the school will be shut down..

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