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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ah, men. are always men...

I am so sad, and dissapointed with my own father. Not that I like to tell bad stories abt him, but lately he has been so annoying and frustrating. Maybe he has to buy and read a book called 'How to be a good Dad to ur daughter'.

Fine, today he promised me to bring me to the mall to do some shopping spree, as I dont have any girlfriends who can do tht with me. And he couldnt made it in the morning, because he had scommunity work called gotong royong at a wedding so i dont mind about tht. He said tht we all can go after asar.

After Asar, I waited and he was still not home. And when he got home, he said there's a friend invited him to go to watch football match of selangor versus kedah team. And much to my suprise they got VIP seats. He asked my bro to come along, and of course my bro couldnt reject tht offer. So, they re already off, meanwhile me? He never cares!

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