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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Meeting Old Classmate

Yup, here again. So, I just returned from a wedding reception, or u can say a wedding feast. A simple wedding with no brides and bridesgroom, as they havent arrived when we reached the wedding, so nothing much to brag.

Happily, it is a wedding of my friend's sister, and there I met a lot of my old classmates. Among them is my old buddy, Shakira. My god, she's big, I mean she has grown up. Besides, firstly I thought it was Maryam, but on second look. oh god, Shakira! She is totally pretty
{ok fine, I am jealous}.

Well, sadly, I havent had time to chat with her, since she is eating, and I already on the set to get home. So, it was a terrific time seeing her, I never thought she would still remember me though, but whatever it is, she is totally a beauty. Hahaha

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