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Saturday, 23 August 2008

How the brain has its holiday?

Ok. fine now there's time to be blogging. As I currently on a holiday, which will end tomorrow, but here what I've got during my so-lame sitting at home holiday. I've found out that my brain too, had its own holiday. Well not like I am making a joke out of this, but for me, its simply is real.

Why I said its real? Well, to be honest, I used to be brilliant in Chemistry, as I used to be able to answer the questions easily. But the previous days, when I tried to answer the chapter 3 Q, I was totally black out. My brain wasnt functioning like it used to be. I was worried.

And I was about to be completing my rocket, well a bottle rocket project with Chiam. Unfortunately, both of us dont have any interest on it, so I guess I will be making it alone. Sadly, I am not born to be an inventor, so, I could not think of anything for my rocket.

Not only tht, for the Prefect's Board Team, where I am in charge for the notice board, I think I will just put up the board of prefects, the names of blacklist students, the duties' timetable and anything...that I think suitable for the prefects.

Alright see, my brain isnt functioning, it already flew to new york I think...

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winnie said...

aiyoo....jgn la marah...i really x minat buat roket ma...