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Friday, 29 August 2008

Trip To Melaka :)

Last Wednesday, several of my friends and I went to Melaka for a school trip. Puan Thava my darling teacher and Puan Mornisa came along with us. So, the overall trip was tip top fun. The first stop to the Bee Farm was no fun at all. Only little knowledge we got on the honey and so, but nothing really interesting anyway.

Then, the Hang Tuah's well, which looked like an abandoned well to me. Here is boring too. Nothing much to see. And the Traditional Malay House, it, too got nothing, just several ancient malay items which I had no fond to see. But the house was been taken care very well. Only that the plastic flowers as deco ruined the whole traditional look. Next, we visit Hang Li Po's Well, built by Sultan Mansor Syah for his beloved wife Hang Li Po from China. The well was poisoned by the Portugese Army back then in the 1400's, so to prevent anyone from falling into it, a gate is made to cover the open area of the well.
Puan Mornisa with some other kids with the well.

mimi in front of the temple's entrance

After that, we went to the town. I forgot where it was, but the place was stunning.

some hong kong's tourists

the wishing well, (i wish i can ....)

After done with some shopping at the hawkers, we headed off to the Ship Museum. While we were on the ship, there's a student on drugs, and he was totally in fantasy, so puan thava asked us to be extra careful.

daksayani and I on the ship.

chiam never bothers me

the upper deck of the ship

woah, pn mornisa scandal-ing with a doll?

me, cikgu thava and huda

Lunch time, we had at McD. Simple lunch yet fun!

mimi and huda in London?

chiam and chris at McD

woah big mouth u got there!

ok, this pie is mine!! its totally delicious-s0!

ok then other photos, (too lazy to story telling)

the A Fa-Mo-Sa

upper view of melaka city

the grave stone with lots of carving

WHat is IHS? bTW, This is another wishing well here.

can u see an old man sitting there? he's waiting for someone:(

and last but not least:)

mimi and I

(goodbye Mimsz)

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