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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

How can we detect a good friend?

Simple (answer to the above Q).

In the hit series, that I am now so keen to watch, The Gossip Girl, the character Serena Van Der Woodsen is the one whom I can say as a good friend. Although she cheated on Blair, by having a one night stand with Blair's boyfriend, she finally realised what she had done, and so she ran away by going to boarding school out of Manhattan. A year later, when she came back to Manhattan, Blair's boyfriend found out that he actually loves Serena more than he loves Blair. But here what Serena told Nate (Blair's Boyfriend)

"sorry, Blair is my friend, and I didnt came back for you. I come back because of her"

See. Thats what friend is all about. Care for each other feeling. Serena is so nice to Blair, eventhough at first Blair couldnt accept her back as she ran away a year before without telling her. But then again, they become close friends.

Another example which I can happily extract from this series is when Serena is in trouble. Georgina, a bitch in this series, couldnt see Serena's changes, so she made some plans like stealing Serena's boyfriend, Dan. Georgina actually said that she is Sarah, and lied to Dan about who she really is. Serena wanted to tell Dan about the real person Georgina, but when she was going to tell Dan, that bitchy Georgina came into the spot, and ruin the talk. Serena went away crying, but Blair and Chuck with Nate helped Serena out. Blair, who is the Queen here, called Georgina's parents, who to my concern were looking for their daughter as their daughter actually escaped from a rehab centre. So, when Georgina's parents met Georgina, then on that moment only Dan knows who Sarah is. She is Georgina, who has been playing on his relationship with Serena. Cheers and thumbs up for Blair...!

For me, a good friend, can also be detected by how they react when we re in problems. How they could tell us that they can solve it for us. Thats the meaning of a true friend. And how Blair accpeted Serena's apologizing, is another thing that should be seen as what a friend should do, when her or his friend made something wrong to her. Be nice, forget the past. Thats the best thing to do. We re sisters, so what the need to be on the nerves? So, thats it for now. tata:=)

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