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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Where are the teachers?

Tuesday, again it felt like I am schooling in kindergarten. Teachers were not around, so instead of 5 subjects that we should have learn that day, it kinda decrease to only 3 subjects that day. During physics, we already in chapter 5, last chapter alright. And the teacher said like this

"lepas bab 5 ni, kirenye kerja saya dah habis. korang nak buat apa lepas ni??"

and ok....sounded great? NO!! after this I am sure she will be torturing us with her blabbering and then she will ask us to do more and more exercises on physics.

Then we have English conducted by Puan Thava. I was so relieved that she actually stop teaching us literature, which to my concern, not a subject which I can create a fondness to. Next, she gave us our test papers. We were shocked when she said that, 5 students in 4 Amanah failed in English. I was like, "Ah, that can't be! English is the easiest among all"

The first name she called out was my friend, Daksayani who according to her got only 38%, we were shocked and made the big eyes. Then we know she was just joking, Daksayani go 83% for English. For mine, hehe, thankfully I got 98%. However, nothing much to be arrogant over this easy paper anyway, the level is so low compared to mid year's or end of the year's papers.

Yeah, I also asked Puan Thava if I could withdraw for the trip to Melaka tomorrow, but she said "You cannot go. You must follow!" Ah, terrible. Now, I can't save money. An expensive trip to Melaka this one, with RM 25 as the fees, and the money is just for the transport. {WHat she thinks we are so well-off?!}

During chemistry, Puan BADRIA pretended to be fierce, because she said we are too spoil. However, her fierceness was not on our line. We didn't feel anything, instead we laughed and laughed because she looked like a cartoon. Chemistry was fun as we did some exercises with her aid, so some of the missing information just stick up in our mind.

I think thats all that happened today. Not much, but its a well fine day I supposed. Besides that, I had a wonderful time chatting with Mimi today, on Ugly Betty next season. Too bad that she will be leaving for GOOD next week. Aww...pity me:( {sigh}.
Not only that, but Chiam also made fun jokes and funny stories about her life. She made me laugh a lot.

Ok. Thats all for now. I need to go to the clinic. Well, something not right with my left eye, so until then. sALAM~~:}


winnie said...

haha...cikgu bad kalo marah, memang x jd pon~~~sama cam cikgu fozida. Dier marah pon, kita gelak jugak, last2 dier pon x tahan n gelak skali...hehehe... cikgu suzita 2 memang la~~~ i makin lame makin geram n x tahan ngan kata2 dier 2... suke bandingkn kita ngan budak asrama, dier ingat budak asrama 2 pandai sgt ke...memang diorg pandai, xpi kita pon x la "bodoh"... ISH....

Dayana Azhar said...

yeah betul tu pooh, I really hate to see i mean to hear to pn suzita's harsh words, they re getting me annoyed each day