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Friday, 15 August 2008

August Test..

august test passed by, and the possibility to get good marks is only 40%. this is of coz thanked to my laziness that been invaded me since the last mid year exam.

*bm-few questions but still able to answer
*agricultural science-exactly like the book I had
*biology-i miss out on albumen experiment
*physics- first time I THINK I was able to answer with peace:)
*mathematics- "thanks" I hate math (only this time)
*add math - mamamia, hard but enable to answer, hope no careless mistakes.
*chemistry- Pn Badria tortured us!!
*english- no chance of getting the highest
*est - always with the bombastic words...hate them...

so here is my conclusion through out the whole papers i had, only agama was easy, but still not sure if i could mantain my shiny-A...

wish me good luck...and I dont know why I am so hectic over this ordinary test.

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