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Monday, 18 August 2008

Lee Chong Wei fails the Malaysians

No Gold Medal for Malaysia. Yes, everyone, wake up from fantasy. The probability for a malaysian athlete to achieve at least a gold medal in the Olympic Games, is almost zero. Pity it may seemed. The only hope, Lee Chong Wei, our beloved single player in badminton lost to Lin Dan, the hearthrob of China yesterday with sad results.

The first set only lasted for 12 minutes resulting in Lin Dan's triumph in winning 21-12. As we thought Chong Wei was able to defeat Lin Dan in the second set, the thought was brought to the ultimately impossible line, when Lin Dan who is also the world's number one player won the second set too, with points of 21-8.

Obviously, Lin Dan didnt give any chances for Chong Wei to show his skills. Although Chong Wei had defeated Lin Dan five times already in other championship, but I guess that doesnt mean Lin Dan has to lose this time. Lin Dan is very tough especially during front-net smashing, and of course he was able to get all the serves given by Chong Wei with fast momentum. So, first Gold Medal for Lin Dan in the Olympic as he lost to Indonesian player, Taufiq Hidayat 4 years ago in Athens, Greece.

Now, Malaysia can only be satisfied with one silver medal through Chong Wei. Nevertheless, he had given all he could to bring Malaysia to the final stage of the Olympic Game of Badminton. Try again CW!!

1 comment:

winnie said...

relax a...dpt jugak silver. Ni da 1st olympics' medal for malaysia since 1996 o. Actually, dier dh kira Ok la. Dier pon pressure sgt 2, sume dh out, tinggal dier je yg fight 4 da gold. lin dan pon power jugak la... ni 1st time da 1st n 2nd seed jumpa kat final kat olympics o... Dier nak dpt "datuk" la ni...