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Friday, 28 May 2010

UiTM adakah ia di hati?

So, yeah bloggy world, I am home...yipee...>.< Seriously, being at home was no fun like I had expected. I mean, it's like living in a gloomy hunted house, so quite, so boring, crap I am muttering again. I apologize. 

Well, at least, I am away from Puncak Alam. The UiTM campus. I must admit, the new campus is a beauty baby. Very futuristic, and the concept is somehow awesome. On 23rd  of May recently, it was the big day of registration process. Over 2000 new students arrived at the very place to register as foundation students, whether it be engineering or science. More than 2000 students came along with respective family members, so you must imagine how congest the place was! Some parents who were selfish, inconsiderately parked their cars in the middle of the road, causing the others to stuck in the traffic. Haih. Malaysians have to change!

Since the place is still a baby, I got a comfortable room. Every building has 9 floors, every nine floors consists of 6 apartments/house, and every house there is 4 rooms, every room equips 2 persons. Hahaha. So do the math. I can be considered lucky, since I got the room at Raflessia 4, which gives me a nice view of the campus from the top, especially at night, and very close to the mighty stairs. Did I mentioned the stairs consist of 232 baby steps? No? Okay now you all know. So, yes, everyday, I will have to survive going up and down the mighty stairs to go to classes, tutorial, lab and quizzes. Yey!!! I will be damn tired, damn exhausted and damn thin by I finished the one year course. I really wish I can be thin, because I am fed up of being fat and plump. Arghhh!

For the past 6 days, there was orientation week, or they called it Minggu Destini Siswa. The orientation was no fun exactly, more like the real process of registration. A lot of times, we listened to speeches, conducted by the dean, the lead of the programme, tazkirah, and about integrity and so on. And now it had finished, what a relief, but thoroughly the seniors were so cool and kind, not as fierce or snobbish like I had heard from others. >.<

Like you all should know, the students stay at the apartments located on a hill. To avoid hunger, there is a place called Kolej Raflessia, mainly a food court and I had already post the photo here a couple of weeks ago. There are only a couple of stalls on function, the others are still closed. The minimart has every essential that one needs, but I must say it's too small. Just imagine over 2000 students gathered at the Raflessia College to dine. What a crowded place. I can't even imagine what will happen during the fasting month. Haih.......>.<

As for transportation, well, there will be an hourly RapidKL bus, to send students outside of campus, like to the nearest Meru Town or Kapar town or even to the Klang Sentral. >.< This make it hard for me, and I really miss the KTM and LRT in KL. OH KL, you are still my baby! Then, as for classes, everyday, class starts at 8.30 a.m, but it depends because, my class on Tuesday, starts on 10.30. The time to return to our room also depends on the schedule given. But, for a day, it will be hectic, since, the location of tutorial, lectures and also laboratory work are different, and far from each other. Sigh. Will be Very busy after this. 

Now we go into the deeper part. The requirements to pursue a degree programme is at least 3.5 CGPA in hands. But, since there are too many students, I bet the competition is quite high, since most of the students in asasi sains wish to pursue medicine. So, this means I have to score 4.00 flat. For this 4.00 flat, a student must at least attains a A- for Mathematics and Biology, and B+ for Physics and Chemistry. Besides that, a student must also score a band 3 in MUET, plus to make the requirement fulfilled, a student should have participated in 8 activities to achieve the maximum 10 marks. I am very worried here. 8 activities? Hoolala...>.<

The problems in UiTM Puncak Alam is that, is hard to dine around here. The Raflessia College could not equipped that too many students. Plus, the hourly bus, should be upgraded at least 15 minutes each right? To be frank, in UiTM, we're treated just as the same as school kids, the only difference is we can bring our own laptop, and handphones, or MP3 alike. And, I just have to buy more baju kurung, since I will be wearing them often. :( I really hope I could fine my cliques as soon as possible. Cliques like Nina and Aida I am hoping for like really bad. Haih....with 200 students in a lecture, please give me strength!!! 

Ya Allah, for only You know what best for your slave, show me the right path, show me strength, give me the strength. Please!!


Anonymous said...

you can do it deena! go go go! :(

Фахми ファーミ فهمي said...

setiap benda yang berlaku ada hikmahnya..nice place to study ;)

Megat Azfar said...

wah!! suke la dengar ko melalut. asyik membacanya..up8 la lagi..

IN-faz said...

as salam...
tumpang pinjam gambar ya...=)