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Friday, 21 May 2010

It's pathetic since last time

Hello bloggymania, it seems like today, is the saddest day of my life. At 3 o'clock, I was online, and asked everybody I know who seemed to be online about their luck in JPA. Some of them are pretty lucky, and will somehow, get the chance to go overseas and some just, have to stay in the country. Everyone has their own luck, life is like a ball, it's sphere, sometimes at the top sometimes at the bottom. At 4 o'clock, I tend to be more energetic just to hear my best friends Nina and Aida's luck in MARA. Alhamdulillah, happy for them as they have embark the joy in getting full sponsorships to pursue medicine in the Europe region. They have wanted this badly, and now they have it, they must be dancing in the clouds aren't they? 

Here are the list of my friends in Presco who actually gain the triumph in what they have been dreaming of.

  1.  Fahmi Faisal - Kolej Mara Banting for IB
  2.  Nina Zulkifli - Kolej Mara Banting for IB
  3.  Aida Nabila - A-level
  4.  Fatin Tamimah - JPA-India
  5.  Zaki Anwar - ACMS-Kepala Batas, Penang

and another friend Tan Sri Iqbal for getting Kolej Mara Banting as well.

So far I heard only for these six. Hoorah!! And I? I got nothing. Sad? Pathetic to be sad. I just can't describe how I feel after seeing and knowing those I am close with got better opportunities, could gain great experiences overseas, and I ? Maybe after I graduated? That would be like 8 years from now. Just praying for the best. People asked me, why didn't you get any? Well, sorry guys. The fact that when a critical subject like Biology was just a B+ and I put a hope so high for scholarships, is like I've been hoping for something called uncertainty. MARA? Well, thanks to the foolishness, after applying for JPA, there is no chance for MARA. That is the reality. The aim to go abroad, like PAPA, who used to be studying in UK is now a fairy tale. 

Why did I want to go so far? To gain experience of course. Even if the grass on the other side is greener, this side is always the better grass. However, being a student abroad, is like a chance of a lifetime, and so, people who are gonna take SPM, study super duper hard, if you want a scholarship for medicine, don't wasting around during Biology, if not, you will turn up to be like this pathetic person posting the blog right here. Understood? Good, if you do.

Now, who says academic and Aces aren't important, need to be slapped on the face =.=


lanun terlampau said...

tak mengapa. ada la tu hikmahnya ya. ;D

Anonymous said...

deena.. insyaallah ade can nanti.. Allah knows what's best for us.. tp kita jgn lupa doakn agar Dia bg yg terbaik pd kita..

ARC™ said...

life isnt fair. Ive gone through that